The Apex of Power

At the apex of evolution there is a tremendous test of power; a threshold that all must cross if they wish to become masters of Divine intention unfolding.

It is access the power of creation and allow it to flow through you, but not to claim it as your own.

To make it that “I” am powerful, but to witness in awe and humility and the purity of a newborn babe the miraculous power of All That Is, which we may be privileged to become a conduit for by clearing ourselves out utterly.

This is the Divine Destiny of the family of 144,000.

The exact cause of the Fall was when individuals began to look at themselves and each other, and forget in arrogance (and false humility – seeing others as more) their Source.

To imagine that the individual could “create”, without being the pure instrument unfolding the will of the One True Creator.

This test is a gate to make it that only the pure of heart may cross into the realm of true Divine Influence, and for all those who are missioned for a service role, crossing the gate is the only way your work will be successful.

If you want to build a business for personal gain and whatever you do desire, go ahead and do whatever practices the mainstream teaches.

If you want to fulfil the calling that you know deep down is yours, practice devotion until nothing is left of your personal identity and your whole being is surrendered only to being a servant of God as your singular wish and intention.

This is what we teach in The Blazing Heart Foundation Temples, because it is the only way for us ❤️

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