Overcoming Distorted Feminine Templates

Recently I’ve reflecting on the vast change I’ve been through in the years since I’ve been serving clients publicly through the vehicle of my business, and how my business journey has effectively walked from the mega distortions of the old lightworker paradigm and all its trappings, right through to an expression of New Earth templates where “lightworking” at is core has fundamentally changed and evolved to exponentially higher levels.

In the past, the nurturing of my clients took a Mothering form that was very much rooted in distortions around mothering that is all I’d ever known, and that I thought was the best way to support those I cared for. It is the story of the wounded and dysfunctional Inner Nurturer that lives exiled from the sovereignty of home within and puts caretaking of others before self – a role that most mothers and mother figures and those in mothering roles of all kinds still play until they have done their own healing work, and that certainly mainly lightworkers still harbour as if it’s in some way noble. 

This is a crucial area whose healing must be addressed, because it truly serves nobody – it only perpetuates the age-old illusions we claim we’re trying to shift life beyond.

For me this meant unconditionally loving and accepting no matter what, “doing things for” (instead of making others do their own work), and allowing others to take from me sometimes with no gratitude or even acknowledgement of what was being given. Oftentimes this effectively amounted to unconditional tolerance of bullshit. It even in some cases led to being attacked (I’m sure many women remember the screaming teenage attacks of their mother in utter confusion at whatever pain was moving through this – this I made myself a target of through my own doing).

Like many women, this is the template of nurturing I learned from a mother who didn’t love herself either. These patterns are always generational, and they go on and on until somebody finally steps up to become the pattern breaker – a process that can produce much turbulence even among those who your efforts will ultimately help. It takes courage to stand up to such deeply embedded cultural patterns and flip them around, and its one of the most important things we can do in our transformational work. 

We’re doing this not just on the level of generational healing, but on the level of rewiring the lightworker paradigm in itself – an epic task worthy of recognition of quite how extensive the effort involved is. There is no shame in mistakes made, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity now to recognise and turn it all around. 

On my personal journey over the last few years as I’ve learned to include myself at the table – the TRUE expression of the Inner Nurturer who makes sure her own cup is full before she even tries to pour for another – this has shifted from “mothering” to what might better be called “sistering” instead. I hold a different standard now, and expect to be treated like a Sister with mutual love and respect (including respect of my boundaries) – a Sister who supports and nurtures with all her heart and will do anything for you so long as it truly serves the growth of both of us, and has your back 100%, but is not going to carry you up the hill or accept anything less than her efforts being honoured as an equal in partnership (not more, not less).

The Sisterhood wounds is one of the core most feminine wounds on this planet, it has touched the heart of all women in some way, and it is often at the heart of mothering wounds too. Until we see other women as our Sisters (even those who play mothering roles in our lives) and hold hands to walk home together, nothing is going to fundamentally shift on a societal level. Women, together, hold the key to some of the biggest changes that can be made – because the areas of deepest wounding are also the places of greatest power.  This change of tone for me is part of healing that wound and doing my part, and it feels infinitely better for everyone involved.

P.s. if you’re one of the beloved Brothers reading this, big up to your part as well, it is so needed!! Support for the Brothers in their togetherness is not my area, but a stepping up of those who part is yet to be played their is desperately called for. If you’re reading this and have felt in your heart that you yearn to create something for your Brothers, know that I’ve spoken to more men than I can count in the last month who have felt the same. You may be rallying somewhat in silence and isolation in contrast to the Goddesses coming together in increasing mass, but not alone – and your time for breakthrough will come. Please keep going.

P.p.s. If you’re a Sister and you want to walk together, it would be my honour to hold hands as we joyfully return to Source. Visionary Spirit is my offering to my visionary Sisters who have a calling in their hearts to bring forth. Find it here.

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