Welcome Missioned Soul

Rising Visionary Leaders all over the planet are being called out of the shadows of a half-life to stand forth as beacons of hope at this most auspicious time.

You're here because it's time. You've felt the call.

Take your place, Beloved One. You've been prepared for this.
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We offer…

  • Private coaching & mentoring programs
  • Group programs exploring sacred New Earth business & soul art mission creation
  • Group containers exploring the cutting-edge evolutionary journey
  • New Earth & higher reality training programs
  • Live retreats & events

Explore our main offerings below

The Priestess Rising Initiation

The Lab

You've landed here because you're on a journey to fully self-actualise in your visionary leadership, and your heart had led you to this place.

I know your steps intimately because I’ve walked this path myself.

I know your very unique challenges, your deepest fears, your greatest desires, and the inexplicable vastness of your true light and beauty that is almost imperceptive to the ordinary eye. I see you – really see you – and I believe wholly in what you’re here to do.

Nothing is “normal” for the major lightworkers on this planet, and for that reason we need specialist and highly specific support and knowledge that speaks directly to the truth of who we are and bypasses all the nonsense.

My name is Ciara and I’m just like you – very very different.

I’m a Visionary Leadership Mentor, Soul Purpose Doula & High Priestess, and I help highly gifted, magical missioned beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey who are here to facilitate the turning of the tide as they step into their full potential as luminaries.

I help you to transform self-doubt and unclarity into clear vision, and lack of full self-trust borne of walking in a world in which you never fit into radiant embodied knowing of your own value and full ignition of your sacred gifts.

You know you’re here for something far greater than what the world has led you to believe, and fundamentally, to live a life of magic that sets your soul on fire in ecstasy.

Don’t hold back.

If your heart calls you deeper, explore ways we can work together. It is my profound privilege to support you.

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    Sacred soul, you were born with starlight in your eyes and a heart full of hope for a new tomorrow, and could never live the default that life has tried to squash you into. The world has likely beaten you down, but you never gave up because you can't. You know in the marrow of your bones this is your moment to shine.

    Are you called to birth a sacred business as your Soul Art work?

    Sacred entrepreneurship is one of the key codes available to so many missioned souls at this time, because it is a primary medium through which to serve our global audience while being supported at the same time!

    Yet is does not come without challenges…

    • How to organise your multi-dimensional magic into a format that actually works in a tangible way, where you can wield all parts of yourself at the same time
    • How to “do” business when what is out there is so very far from what is true to your soul, and there are not many examples to look to
    • How to fully see the scope of your own gifts, and learn to communicate them in a way that others will understand
    • And so much love…

    You don’t need to go it alone. I help my clients to unearth their full magic from the very core of their being and step into it in full clarity and confidence while learning vital skills and understanding (both practical and quantum) on how to co-create your own reality outside of the mainstream world where things work your way. 


    Current Self-Study Training Programs

    Calling Emerging Divine Leaders With Burning Visions in Their Hearts​

    The Visionary Spirit Launchpad is a soul purpose ascension journey for rising Divine Leaders devoted to a life of sacred service, fully committed to their visions & ready to shift consciousness to create multi-dimensional realities of joy, beauty and abundance outside of the collective paradigm. 

    Through this container, you will be supported to step into your full soul purpose and create a thriving life of creative self-fulfilment beyond mainstream grids that calls to your heart every day and uplifts all of life at the same time.