Welcome Luminous Being, Ancient Soul, Visionary Spirit

You're here because it's time. You've felt the call, you know it's now or never. Ancient Ones all over the planet are being called out of the shadows of a half-life to stand forth as luminaries at this most auspicious time. It's time to take your place, Beloved One. You've been prepared for this.

In Dedication to the Path of Power and in Service to the Divine Mother

The Ancient Ones
Highly evolved race of divine beings prophesised to return to Earth at the end of times to facilitate the death of the old world and usher in the new.

Luminous One, you've landed here because you're on a journey to fully self-actualise in your divinity, and your heart had led you to this place.

I know your steps intimately, for I’ve walked this path myself. I know your very unique struggles and challenges, your deepest fears and wounding, and the inexplicable vastness of your true light and beauty that is almost imperceptive to the ordinary eye. I see you – really see you – and I believe wholly in what you’re here to do.

Nothing is “normal” for us as the major lightworkers on this planet, and for that reason we need specialist and highly specific support and knowledge that speaks directly to the truth of who we are and bypasses all the nonsense.

My name is Ciara and I’m just like you – profoundly different.

I’m a Mystic, Seer, & Evolutionary Guide, and I help highly evolved beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey who are here to facilitate the turning of the tide to step into their full potential as luminaries at this most exciting juncture in cosmic evolution.

I help you to transform lack of clarity into clear vision, and lack of self-trust borne of walking in a world in which you never fit into radiant embodied knowing of your own value and full ignition of your sacred gifts. You know you’re here to live a life of magic that sets your soul on fire in ecstasy, don’t hold back.

If your heart calls you deeper, explore ways we can work together. It is my profound privilege to support you.

Blazing Heart

Embodying all that you are requires working with all of these major areas:

  • Healing and overcoming personal trauma and wounding, from your current lifetime and sometimes many previous
  • Clearing ancestral patterning and karma that binds you to repeating the cycles of your family line that you came to here to transform through your life
  • Awakening ancient memory of divinity and multi-dimensional functioning from before the veil of amnesia fell over your eyes as you descended into density
  • Deactivation of false codes and templates
  • Restoration of true DNA functioning
  • Deconstruction of programming, social conditioning and belief systems of the matrix
  • Adopting a physical lifestyle that is appropriately supportive of who you really are (often requires dietary and other lifestyle changes)


All of these areas and more and supported in the work that we do together. It is no small feat to be a pattern-breaker and wayshower of a shining future, I am honoured to walk alongside you on this courageous journey.


You were born with starlight in your eyes and a heart full of hope for a new tomorrow, and could never live the default that life has tried to squash you into. The world has beaten you down, but you never gave up because you can't. You know in the marrow of your bones this is your moment to shine. I know this because I know your path is just like mine. This is the time we've been waiting for.

Do you have a yearning in your heart to bring forth your Sacred Work? Do you know you have something deep inside that is uniquely yours to offer?

Ancient Ones have never fit into the human paradigm, and will never find the way to thrive by trying to do so – because the very fact of our existence is that we’re here to break down what was and build something new in its place.

Luminous One, it is your assumed personal identity and personality (the mask of identity) that houses all your doubts, fears and wounding. Outside of this lies pure divinity. This is the place that is yours to find and gather the strength to express from to thrive in what you are truly here to do. You do not need to try to find a mask to wear; your task is to strip them all off… this is the journey of the brave and true-hearted warriors of light who will stop at nothing to return to the heart of the Beloved.

You must believe that what you have to offer is valuable and wanted, even though no validation from others may have ever come. Your way will be utterly unlike any other’s, that’s why all you’ve been trying so far just hasn’t been working for you. Our gifts are so unique, gathered over so many lifetimes and intrinsic to the core of our being… nobody can tell us the scope of what we bring – the journey is to find trust in your unique relationship with the Infinite and deep rootedness in your physical presence on this planet and allow all it to come forth from there.

You don’t need to go it alone. I help my clients to unearth their true divine identify from the very core of being and stop into it in full clarity and confidence, this is the work that sets me alight. I am here for you, Beautiful.  

In distant past, Luminous Beings and highly evolved civilisations thrived because they had the tools of the Infinite Mother by their side. In ancient times these were lost from the people of the Earth, but this is a time of restoration.

The magic of the Qi Vesta, long-guarded Lemurian divination and manifestation system.

Discover ancient technologies to dissolve the dream of separation and set yourself free from the matrix of illusions, delivering inconceivable empowerment and setting your life on a trajectory beyond your wildest imaginings. It's time for the Ancient Ones to rise and thrive once again.

For Visionaries on the journey to full Self-actualistion

    Visionary Spirit is my monthly membership group program for, specifically for my Goddess Sisters who are devoted to a path of Sacred Service! It includes 4 x monthly spiritual healing sessions, 2 x monthly Sacred Circle Gatherings and a constant entrainment field that is held for you in support of your evolutionary process (and more!). It’s filled with Sisters who show up with deep sincerity, integrity, authenticity and the vulnerability of an open heart, willing and read to connect, heal and up-level together. You’ll be invited to gently reveal your deeper self, and experience the huge healing that can come from letting yourself be witnessed and honoured by people who actually see you and value you for who you really are

Monthly Visionary Spirit Full Moon Gatherings

An easy way to drop in and experience the magic of our Sacred Circle! Join anytime for one Gathering, and if you love it, we’d love to have you in our sacred community space ongoingly.