Liberated Light Leaders

Ancient Soul

Welcome to the vortex of your true world, where you no longer have to hide the fullness of your light...

We are here to serve the pure-hearted servants of God embodied on this planet as angelic beings of light to come into all that they are, through pathways of higher revelation & grace.

We offer Temple containers to cover every aspect of the journey of full liberation, awakening, freedom, healing & embodiment as it pertains to an Ancient One, with deep and profound understanding of the nuances of this very unique journey.

Our touchpoints are high frequency portals of purity that draw from elements from beyond existing cosmic matrices only, that we might fulfil our sacred role of ushering in a new dawn for all of life on this planet.

The basis of our mission is to support with the full articulation of the covenant of the 144,000 to bring Heaven to Earth through self-emancipation from the dream of the ages & creation of a pristine reality.

Dive right in...

Our Temples range from online courses & training programs, to group memberships, immersions & in-person retreats. We offer vastly expansive, profoundly comprehensive, meticulously nuanced & deeply practical support on topics from self healing & mastery, cutting-edge metaphysics, mysticism, sacred soul art business to Heaven on Earth reality creation.
Receive deep & intimate 1:1 support to uncover greater truth of your miraculous being & align all levels of life with who you really are. Collapse time and dramatically shift your reality at an accelerated yet stable pace with a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, quantum engineering intuitive coaching & mentoring and metaphysical psychology – all drawn from a deep well of understanding of modern challenges and an absolute wealth of personal experience.
Receive variety of no-cost offerings from our heart, including workshops, trainings, activations, powerful tools & study material Sign up for our newsletter, which features lovingly curated transmissions generally on a few-weekly basis, to receive even more gifts as they become available.
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