Welcome Luminous One, I'm Ciara

Soul Purpose | Divine Calling | Mission Mentor for Advanced Mystics, Visionaries & Cosmic Rebels

My mission is to catalyse cosmic leaders into the full awakening of their divine purpose, calling and gifts so that together we can co-create an entirely new world.

This work is for the ones who know we’re not here to “fix” the old, but to lay down new templates completely…

Ones based upon the blueprints of wholeness and power that we inherently hold within ourselves; a process for which our own awakening is key.

I help visionary leaders establish and grow their sacred work in the world in alignment with New Earth principles, and I cannot wait to connect with you!

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    1:1 Mentorship

    Collapse time and dramatically shift your reality at an accelerated yet stable pace with a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, intuitive coaching & mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges and drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience. 


    Ranging from online courses and group mentoring & training programs to in-person retreats, we offer vastly expansive, profoundly comprehensive, meticulously nuanced & practical deeply grounded support on topics from Sacred Soul Art business & mission to cutting-edge metaphysics, mystical alignment with the fabric of life and New Earth reality creation.

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