Work with Ciara 1:1

An intimate journey for the Mystical Woman who stands on the threshold between one life and another - seeking ever-deeper mastery, liberation & exquisite creational union

If you feel the call to a higher life and you know I am the one who can help you...

My job is to activate and inspire, and ignite you into your own knowledge of the actions to take to fulfil the covenant that only you hold the keys to.

Not everybody is ready for receive this.

My best clients are those who are truly ready to receive such medicine and run with the ignition into their own self-created destiny.

I will run alongside you to make sure you take flight, but I will not carry you, because you would never know the strength of your own wings if I did.

If you are truly ready and these words light a fire in your soul and this journey calls to you, sign up below or drop me a message using the form at the bottom of the page to discuss your needs & desires and apply for a place.

What's included

  • 6 x private 1:1 intensive sessions over a 6-month period
  • Powerful alchemical daily-tended entrainment field held for you
  • All-access pass to my live programs & whatever I want to offer you
  • Unlimited private messenger access throughout

€5000 24 weeks (payment plans available)

3, 6, 9 & 12 month options available - use form at bottom of the page to reach out.

A journey from one level of existence to another...

I meet you at the threshold, and together we traverse the narrow corridor from one level of life to the next

Between every level of existence and the next, there is a hidden door – a gate which must be passed through to reach the reality that lies on the other side – a journey that requires meticulous attunement to the frequency of what is beckoning.

You know this is the gate that you face, and walking alone is neither easy nor the most nourishing path. 

This is where I come in…

I am a master at traversing these in-between places, and I come to steward you now to that which you wish to experience as your higher life of profound peace and liberation.

Through this in-depth, profoundly intimate and close-quarters work, you will have me in your pocket to walk with you every step, through to that which you seek to materialise as the destiny that calls you.

With a multiple of vast and expansive cosmic approaches to draw from, we precisely transform that which is ready to go, transmute the lead of the challenge that beckons into dramatically higher perception, and transfigure your existence into the miracle of high light that leverages you directly into the new life.

As a cosmic being, you know well that these initiatory passages that separate the life you wish from the self of the past are the gateway to everything.

Let me walk with you from where you stand right now to where you wish you be, through the journey of mystical revelation of a lifetime.

Client testiomonials

“Working with Ciara Young is a life enhancing transformational experience, a gift that every light worker which resonates with her work and cutting edge wisdoms can deeply benefit from it. Ciara has supported me and walked alongside me at different stages of my personal evolution. As a Shaman with my own gifts and tools, I am selectived about whom I let into my inner space. With Ciara I am able to trust and surrender because I know I am skillfully and respectfully accompanied along my own exponential evolution. On the last 1:1 container ‘ Illuminate” I was able to ground deeply into my soul art and step into a new level of my being. Still I work in progress yet I know that the work we did has a ripple effect that will last for a long time. Thank you Ciara and much love”

Daniela, Divine Feminine Shaman

“Ciara is an impeccable healer, teacher, and mystic and has a unique ability to draw your depth of being out of you so you experience your vastness as well as feeling empowered that you have done your bit in the session. She has helped me uncover so much about myself and the role I have played and am currently playing in this work of art we call life. Ciara is a wonderful listener, a skill not easily mastered in the healing profession, and knows when to allow me to figure stuff out for myself and when to throw in a nugget of golden insight to help all the pieces fit. Ciara is a trailblazer, a wayshower of wayshowers, a guiding light that can help you go further and deeper than you’ve ever gone before provided you are willing to put the work in. I have never finished up a session with Ciara in the last year without feeling clearer, brighter, stronger, and more enlightened than I did before the session and I can say with hand on heart that she has helped me to navigate some potentially rough waters with grace and poise. Anyone who is serious about uncovering their unique gifts, working with cutting edge healing modalities and spiritual teachings, or in search of a mentor to compliment your healing practice, get in touch with Ciara ASAP, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!”

Shane Donohoe, Shaman & Teacher

Ciara…. Thank you doesn’t feel strong enough to express my gratitude. I really enjoyed our time together. You are definitely gifted not only as a healer but as a communicator. You express yourself in such a clear and loving way. I feel blessed our path have crossed.  Much love and gratitude to you.”

Sara, Teacher & Healer


My approach

My approach is a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, quantum engineering intuitive coaching & mentoring and metaphysical psychology – all drawn from a deep well of understanding of modern challenges and an absolute wealth of personal experience.

I have thousands of lifetimes of experience doing this work, and most importantly, almost 20 active years of spiritual healing and self-development in this lifetime under my belt, with 10 of those being spent directly serving clients in a variety of settings.

In addition to my own personal experience and learning gleaned from life, I’ve trained in a huge range of transformational modalities from incredibly advanced cutting-edge mystical and alchemical tools, techniques and systems, to Quantum Coaching and healing, NLP & Time Line Therapy, Energy Coaching, and more. 

Through our work together, we will uncover the greater truth of your miraculous being & align all levels of life with who you really are, collapsing time and dramatically shift your reality at an accelerated yet stable pace that can be comfortably integrated in your life circumstances (family, relationships, etc). 

Working with me will support you to:

  • Get complete clarity on exactly who you are and what you’re here for on a massive soul level; no more messing around playing small and pretending to be anything less than your full authentic self
  • Become self-referring for approval, no longer needing affirmation from anything or anyone outside of you in order to articulate your fullest purpose
  • Establish mental, emotional and spiritual self-sovereignty of being and finally feel whole unto yourself – a priceless gift of self homecoming that is worth more than its weight in gold
  • Gain total confidence in your ability to thrive beyond society’s dictating standards, according to the inspired and resonant song of your own heart
  • Gain total clarity on the vision for your life and fill in any gaps where past belief may be causing you to dream smaller than is possible, feeling wholly equipped and ready to leap into the actualisation of your biggest dreams
  • Using my gifts of intuition, extra-sensory and inner-visionary abilities, we will lock onto a laser-targeted view of exactly what you need to catalyse the next level of your never-ending evolutionary journey, and how to implement that practically-speaking
  • See yourself within the vast context of an eternal being on an endless journey through cosmic existence, rather than a small speck of life having a single or even multiple lifetimes. This wide-angled view will change your concept of Self forever
  • Map out a direct course for unfolding your greatest destiny
  • Claim the majesty of all that you are and never look back

If you feel the call for this journey, use the contact form to reach out and discuss your needs & desires and apply for a private mentoring place (limited slots available per year) 😊

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Feel called to design your own journey?

Agreement of Exchange:

    • Exchange is non-refundable – please make an embodied choice & reach out to discuss in advance if you need to. 

    • Mentoring and support is provided via the 1:1 sessions and private messenger (Telegram or Whatsapp) access throughout. Messages will be answered Monday to Friday within the Ireland timezone (GMT). Email support is not included.