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I Feel a Shift for the BetterThank you so much for this possibility

Today is my 7th day in this amazing group and I already feel a shift for the better. Thank you so much for this possibility to be in this space with all of you! – Ekaterina Kapotova

MalueI feel much more equipped to start up again on my Soul Art Business, indeed in a new way aligned with The Infinite and my true mission

Dear Ciara, I have enjoyed the series tremendously, and have taken away so many insights, golden nuggets and aha-moments! I feel much more equipped to start up again on my Soul Art Business, indeed in a new way aligned with The Infinite and my true mission. Will get back to work on clarifying what that is exactly, my avatar client and divine core offers. Thank you thank you for your precious being and for giving us so much support. Much love ❤️❤️

Deep RespectI am truly grateful for everything you've done for me and my family

I have no words to describe the deep respect I have for you and your healing work and the vast knowledge you possess and share so readily and eloquently. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me and my family too since we’ve met. - S, Ireland

Embracing my own Vastness I believe what has been suppressed is coming online now

Last night as I was lying in bed I set the intent to continue moving the power as we did yesterday.  I had 5 very vivid remote viewing occurrences.  One of them I've never encountered before.  I was looking out at my own face!  It was like my face was in front of me!  I think it had to do with embracing my own vastness.  There was absolutely no fear.  I have just never experienced it before.

Several times during the night I saw a square in my gut area around the navel where I felt the knot during our session.  I couldn't see you, but knew you were there.  There was writing ... phrases on the out side of the square identifying blocks in that area.  They pointed out away from the square like rays.  I even read them and there was something you told me to do to release them.  Your instructions were clear in the semi dream state and I didn't write them down. The square turned into a circle with the writing still pointed out from it.  Then the writing, one phrase at a time disconnected from the circle and disappeared.

 I believe what has been suppressed is coming online  now. As I continued with the power flowing up through me I used the manifestation process and expanded through our combined heartfield we created. I realized there's been times in the past, when I've felt this upon waking and have just laid in bed letting it be until it was time to rise and start my day.  I never knew what it was for, just that I wanted to stay in it all day. I am so grateful to you for what you've done. You are amazing! - O, USA

Magic Unfolding is Mind BogglingI've shed stagnation in a business and the magic unfolding is mind-boggling

A dear friend shared her experiences during a session she had with Ciara. I immediately scheduled one for myself which has changed my life! The releasing of old belief systems and programs has been so complete during the sessions that I'll be in the middle of a sentence about the belief or program and have to stop, because I can't remember what it was. It's gone in its entirety! I've shed stagnation in a business and the magic unfolding is mind-boggling. Manifesting has taken on a power of its own by applying what Ciara has taught me, and life is feeling so much more effortless. Revelations and ways of being continue to unfold even between our weekly sessions. I am not the being I was just a month ago before our sessions. Also, the sub-personalities have been unleashed gracefully through Ciara's coaching. Each and every session is a "quantum leap" in consciousness...I feel like an excited child on a magical adventure as the eternal moment continues to unfold. Much love dear Ciara! - Olivia S. United States

Shooting Star in a Cardboard BoxYou cannot miss out on the chance to work with her

Describing a master like Ciara is like trying to put a shooting star in a cardboard box. It doesn’t work - but we’ll try anyway.

We’ve all heard of those rare kinds of people; Those who are different. Those that change just about everyone they come into contact with. We’ve all heard that they would be coming to this planet at this time. We’ve all heard of them, but rarely do we meet such a person. Well, in Ciara you’ve found one.

Through her own journey of combining the rich experiences of unfolding cosmic life, working with the unseen realms and living a day to day life, Ciara is able to explain advanced spiritual concepts in plain English and shares what it actually means to live a life of mastery. Some of the main topics she discusses are sacred sexuality, energy management, ceremonial power work and breaking free from social bondages.

Uncompromising in her devotion to the divine in you and me. Incorruptible in her actions. Honest, graceful, humble, outrageous, gentle and full of humor. If you ever wondered how a spiritual master in the flesh is when they are very young, you cannot miss out on the chance to work with her.

A lot of bold statements, but Ciara lives up to every single one of them. I cannot help but be touched, inspired and derive a sense of hope, knowing that there are these kinds of people out there, silently working away, making the world a better place for all of us. - Niels, The Netherlands

Bobbye MiddendorfPoet, Mystic, Healer

As an ever-evolving multidimensional being, a poet, mystic, healer, and #SpokenWordAlchemist, I receive massive benefits, blessings, and support by being in CoCreative community with Ciara Young. Her sacred space groups overflow with deep mystical wisdom embodied, heart-nourishing practices, and practical business growth strategies not available anywhere else. Specifically tailored to growing new Light Leadership beyond the mainstream, her growing body of work supports all of us dancing along the growth edge of practical metaphysics for greatest self-actualization and creation of the new from the most heart-expansive field.

Trailblazer with Grace and HumilityTo work with Ciara is to feel renewed hopefulness and eager anticipation towards your unfolding future

To work with Ciara is to feel renewed hopefulness and eager anticipation towards your unfolding future. Her compassionate yet earnest approach will put you at ease. Her deep and extensive knowledge incisively applied will astound and positively challenge you to move towards a life of grace and self-sovereignty. I am glad we have such a trailblazer with grace and humility helping light the path forward. Life is definitely richer for it. - L, USA

An Amazing HealerShe has the ability to grasp complex concepts on multiple dimensions and makes them understandable and manageable

Ciara is an amazing healer, and a real joy to work with. She has the ability to grasp complex concepts on multiple dimensions and makes them understandable and manageable. She makes what seemed impossible, possible. I  love  how she always honours your own unique perspective as well. A true blessing to the world. - Maureen Robichaud, Canada

VSL has provided a sanctuary for me while I'm on my maternity leave with my son Rían and figuring out the direction of my business. Ciara's workshops have helped me figure out how to really refine my message and get crystal clear on who I'm here to support, the clients that light up my heart and make my work feel magical. I closed down my health school just before I gave birth to my son and now with Ciara's support in VSL I'm on track to launch a brand new website and my newest offering Purify the Preconception Temple which is for conscious visionary women to prepare their whole being for conceiving their baby and a sovereign pregnancy and birth.  The biggest obstacle I've faced has been trusting in the unknown, to let go fully into where I am with my baby son and to know that my calling is bigger than any doubt I have. Ciara's entrainment field she lovingly cultivates helps me lean into trusting and I can feel safe in the unknown, having time off to Mother full time before I emerge next year with my new business and book Moving From Fear To Trust. As a visionary leader myself, having this support is essential as I navigate unknown terrain. VSL is the place to be if you're an emerging New Earth Leader and you require the support, activation and roadmap for establishing your sacred work or taking your sacred work to the next level. You'll find the most loving community to nurture your vision into reality and with Ciara's expert support and leadership to launch your business into the world with unstoppable power that's aligned fully with the New Earth.

Thank you again for such a profound and honest time

Feeling strong and positive, I have come back home and am faced with challenges and more than able to deal with them. I went straight to the health food shop and bought goodies and am going to make coconut cookies. They will help a little! Thank you again for such a profound and honest time and meeting of hearts. I truly cannot find the words to express my gratitude at the deep healing that I encountered with you. I just loved the fire ceremony and reclaiming my womb. Much love and blessings. - Angie, London

The last few months of being part of your group workshops have been monumental for me. You have filled in some very key gaps in my journey with your insights and practical techniques for shaping and reframing my reality. I have been practicing them every day which tells me they are both useful and enjoyable! Your ability to convey complex metaphysical teachings in an easy to understand way, along with practical techniques for grounding them in to our lives, is only paralleled by your ability to hold space for your group in a powerfully nurturing manner. This can only be a result of you embodying and living these high principles first, the hallmark of any way-shower and spiritual leader. I would recommend any ancient being to connect with you to get a balanced, fun, loving, and practical understanding and application of cutting-edge spiritual materials.

Natural Sense of Magic and EnchantmentI feel much safer and confident on my path and a whole new reality is unfolding quite quickly

I worked with ciara on the three session business bundle, I started a soul led business last year and Ciara guiding me effortlessly through the holes in my business. Like Ciara I am a deeply spiritual being and often my 'blockages' are not surface level problems but more metaphysical and often ancient wounds. I loved doing the Time Line Therapy with Ciara and we got to the root of where my lack consciousness was coming from. Ciara guided me back to when I was in the womb and helped me clear my timelines from there. We also worked with my inner child and Ciara reminded me to bring my natural sense of magic and enchantment into my work. Since then I feel much safer and confident on my path and a whole new reality is unfolding quite quickly for me, Ciara is very professional, compassionate and thorough with her work, love working with her. - Tricia O’Connor, Artist & Priestess

Freedom to Express in All my GloryAll of that has softened and shifted dramatically

Thank you Ciara, so much, I feel such a massive release around the restrictions I’ve felt in speaking openly , honestly and truthfully, assertively about my feelings, my desires and where things just need to be said without fear of the impact it may have. All of that has softened and shifted dramatically, a massive issue that has trapped and encased me for most of my life. Freedom to express in all my glory is what I feel tonight in total trust. – Anonymous Visionary Spirit Member

Working with Ciara Young is a life enhancing transformational experience, a gift that every light worker which resonates with her work and cutting edge wisdoms can deeply benefit from it. Ciara has supported me and walked alongside me at different stages of my personal evolution. As a Shaman with my own gifts and tools, I am selectived about whom I let into my inner space. With Ciara I am able to trust and surrender because I know I am skillfully and respectfully accompanied along my own exponential evolution. On the last 1:1 container "Illuminate" I was able to ground deeply into my soul art and step into a new level of my being. Still I work in progress yet I know that the work we did has a ripple effect that will last for a long time. Thank you Ciara and much love.
Massive ActivationYou are a blessing!!

Once again Ciara thank you so much for the healing! I am really feeling the effects of it today! Massive activation! You are a blessing!! Much love and gratitude!! xx - Ciara K, Ireland

I Can Feel my Cells Beginning to Sing Their True Songs Once MoreThe whisperings of the infinite one and the secret kingdoms now radiates from my inner heart

The first thing of note is the gradual sense of inner equilibrium returning to my being. I can feel my cells beginning to sing their true songs once more..but now with a more robust sense of support from the Most High and my allies in nature. The whisperings of the infinite one and the secret kingdoms now radiates from my inner heart; because the primordial fear that was unveiled by those experiences, has now been replaced by a soothing trust in divine will and its wonderful magic.. When my mind recalls any of the incidents, the emotional charge that was there, is hardly felt - it is then surrendered to this healing process I feel daily..it is getting easier at the passing of each day. As a result of this progress, I was able to go back to work. I am carried by even higher sacred winds and flow..beyond my normal default way. I also discovered that I have to rest more as a way to make it easier to set boundaries and not be drained. - Chrystalle Ariel, Metaphysical Psychologist

Phenomenal in the Truest Sense of the WordI am so grateful to have her in my life

Ciara is a phenomenon in the truest sense of the word.  I started working with her over a year ago.

We weren't even through my first session and I knew with every fiber of my being, I wanted to work with her long-term on a weekly basis.  In every session I experienced "quantum leaps" in consciousness!  Each week I was a level that was more elevated than the previous week.  Following her pristine guidance was and still is more valuable than I can say.  There really is no language for the level of healing I received from Ciara.  Our time difference had no bearing on my sessions...I would not miss them for the world.

Some issues that had been with for most of my life,  would literally dissolve on the spot...so completely, I couldn't recall them!  When you experience that, you know you are working with a master.

 Working with her has changed me in ways that I didn't know I had access too!  I am so grateful to have her in my life.  I highly recommend working with Ciara.  She is the BEST! - OS, USA

Luminating GiftsThank you my friend for reaching out of time, to a world of wonder, magically sublime.

Ciara, I have never met her, yet she feels just like an old friend. Her constant push to realize truly has no end. In a world that seems hidden with foul stage plays, she rises from the ashes of a fire we have made. Thank you my friend for reaching out of time, to a world of wonder, magically sublime. And even though we are One, it is comforting to know, there are luminating gifts in everything we sew. - Phoebe, Canada

The Grace of it all it All is GrowingI couldn’t navigate this in the way I am that I’m growing to love so much without you all

Thank you Ciara. And to everyone. I couldn’t navigate this in the way I am that I’m growing to love so much without you all. The grace of it all is growing as I go further along. I’d probably be bald at this point from pulling my hair out and feeling traumatised had I been still trying to keep going on my own as this way of showing up is so opposite to anything I’ve learned before this group. I’m very grateful for the education in it - Tracy B

A TreasureDon't need to wonder why you are so booked all the time

I believe it makes a big difference in me, everything you do, you are a treasure!  Don't need to wonder why you are so booked all the time. - Terttu, USA

Right Person at the Right TimeThere are not a lot of people out there with the courage she has to be able to tell you what you really need to know

I met Ciara very briefly in Jan 2013. It was very good timing and I found her to be just the right person at the right time. We spoke quickly covering many important topics and she gave me a lot of insight into things I had been mulling over for some time. We spoke about "Debaptising" about which she said that maybe I should work on myself. Then, in a very nice way she did some beautiful energy work for me, I believe she did my debaptizing after all. It wasn't all rockets and lights, much more subtle but her words and the effect of her work have stayed with me to the day. I greatly appreciate the little time I spent with her and count her among my teachers. There are not a lot of people out there with the courage she has to be able to tell you what you really need to know, it may not always be pleasant or easy to hear but if you can really listen then it will serve you. - Aron, Ibiza

Divine, Compassionate and Clear GuidanceWhat I appreciate the most is the deep honesty and integrity

My recent clarity coaching session offered me a sacred space in which I was able to explore deep layers of myself freely within the divine, compassionate and clear guidance of Ciara. Highly skilled with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and life experiences, Ciara inspired me to actively work on overcoming mental hurdles, childhood traumas, attachment issues as well as self imposed blocks by providing me with empowering spiritual information as well as practical exercises which I was able to put in practice straight away!

What I appreciate the most is the deep honesty and integrity in which Ciara conduct her sessions, transmitted through the calm sounds of her voice, professionalism as well as her pure loving mission to people's suffering by finding their infinite source of love, by finding and accepting the magnificent beauty of the inner self. - Daniela, London

Sinéad De hÓraNew Earth Elixirs

The Bringers of Hope gatherings are a potent balm of high frequency Light to body & being. A nurturing space where purity, wholesomeness and shared intent for the inner work reigns (not ego dramatics). Ciara facilitates this heart-centered sanctuary with great wisdom & excellent prowess; fit for purpose for beings like us.

I’m Changing so MuchI’m changing so much since I have joined this group

Ciara thanks soooo much for the session yesterday. My outer world and attitude are changing. I’m changing so much since I have joined this group even though I not have been able to go deep but big profound changes are happening within me that I as an observer observing myself am totally surprised by it when I look at myself or analyze myself.. hard to explain. I’m changing so rapidly for the better. It’s unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Mahwash Tanwir

Changed my Life TremendouslyDeepest gratitude to you!

You have changed my life tremendously!  Deepest gratitude to you!  I'm at work to day and am going to flow this incredible power through the day to benefit others and manifest something for myself! - OB, USA

I love this Ciara! Absolutely feeling this and I am in the very best position as VS has literally enabled me to do it all, personally, it was really you and this offering in particular for my groundbreaking flight! I can say this loud and proud! You called my name and I heard you, and I stepped in! What then happened over the time of the 3 years (which could have been in a year too, but I had other things going on, just saying as I really feel the journey will adapt to the persons willingness and timeline) inevitably, what will happen when your rose attracts the bee!!! Is ultimate flourishing and breaking through in ways never experienced before. I couldn't have got to where I am right now without you and this platform!

AnonThis material has helped me heal by reminding of who I was

I am learning how to speak differently, with more clarity and this material has helped me heal by reminding of who I was before I was shut down 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

Like Coming HomeLike instantaneous and effortless evolution

Being plugged into this group feels incredible: like coming home… like instantaneous and effortless evolution… like unconditional love and acceptance (from others and of self)… like the perfect place to be to birth my new business powerfully and authentically, so that I may express the fullness of my being on the planet now! – Sue Elliott, CEO, Joyful Power

Rising of the Sacred FemininePerpetual leveraging alchemy and continual ignition

My gratitude for having found Ciara is beyond words. I deeply bow in reverence to her impeccability, purity, integrity and genuine caring. With the rising of Sacred Feminine and with entering the New Reality I’ve clearly felt that we need an entirely new way of doing business that’s in true alignment to all this! But I’ve found nobody out there who teaches this new way, all I found were the same old distorted, programmed and manipulative business models in disguise. I deeply appreciate Ciara for being the courageous wayshower for a genuine and pristine new way and for walking her talk. Working with Ciara is perpetual leveraging alchemy and continual ignition, showing me what True Self, True Calling, Self-Sovereignty and Co-Creating my reality in alignment with the Infinite really means – and why all old ways of doing business just won’t work for us any longer. Ciara is supporting me heart-to-heart with such an abundance of unique cutting edge tools – working with her is sheer magic! Thank you, beautiful luminous sister! - Isabella Dancingheart

Writing and creativity is birthing through me and I am truly enjoying the process. So many of the concepts that we have explored here are landing into me in a more embodied way, in this way I feel I can connect to and tender them in a more wholesome way.

I noticed myself trusting more and I am giving space and getting used to this new state of being.  Allowing life to nurture me and the field that I have so lovingly cultivated.

I Absolutely Love Attending the Sacred Circle Gatherings!Such a divinely inspiring, magical treasure-trove of delightfulness!

I am deeply appreciative of Ciara and for the blessing of partaking in Visionary Spirit. The wondrous experience of being lovingly held in such awe-inspiring, compassionate oneness, whilst witnessing myself and others’ lives gracefully unfold within the beauty of unified diversity is such a divinely inspiring, magical treasure-trove of delightfulness! There is such a vast repository of material one can delve into, fostering authenticity, clarity of purpose, fluid creativity, and so forth. There are also plenty of opportunities to actively participate and share unique facets of being through various creative works that often transcend written and spoken words. - I absolutely love attending the Sacred Circle Gatherings! - The subtle, yet powerfully-uplifting, contributions of diversely intimate perspectives and authentic expressions form truly life-altering alchemical leveraging! With Resounding Gratitude and Love - Marissa Albano

Embracing me with Such Depth and Truth-TellingI truly acknowledge this beautiful container

I truly acknowledge this beautiful container for the courage and supportive environment that is embracing me with such depth and truth-telling. – Bobbye Middendorf, Yin Arising Catalyst

I am More Grounded, More at EaseFollowing the internal wisdom that it all starts with me

I am really enjoying this experience post-session. I am more grounded, more at ease. I’m able to listen and 'hook' my ideas so I can bring them into fruition. Case in point - I am rewriting my annual Spring Cleanse to reflect what really excites me, and the end result is a totally transformative, empowering and revitalising experience that empowers and educates my community about how to access cellular health. NO more relying on "The System" but bringing the power back firmly in our laps. I’m also planting my veggie garden. Following the internal wisdom that it all starts with me. Also I’ve increased my price and had a full paying client today! - Anonymous, Health Coach

MagnificentJust want to tell you how much I love and respect you.

Just want to tell you how much I love and respect you. I don't think I could have continued support without you in my life. You really are magnificent and your wisdom is so needed. I look forward to your next webinar. - Aisling, Ireland

Georgina HamiltonThis was categorically the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Every day when I wake I give thanks, praise and gratitude (and a little skip of joy around my room!) that I found my darling sister Ciara and the rest of my loved ones here...

Writing this makes me cry tears of massive release from all the times I lay on my bed, paralysed from trauma, exhausted, and almost ready to finally check out... Yet kept alive by that low whispering soothing inner voice that spoke of a thing called hope. Hope tinged with a very faint but defiant sense of knowing- That there is a place for me in this strange world. That I am here for a reason. That I belong somewhere. That there others like me, out there somewhere. Perhaps they are even yearning for me also...?

How I longed for you all! Here we all are! Thank God, Source, Beings of the hidden realms, Thank Ciara! You are an angel in human clothing (very beautiful clothing, I may add!! Especially the cardigans) ...

If someone had told me in say, 2016, where I'd be today- creating, manifesting and literally living all of my wildest dreams... excited for the work I am doing daily, not ever tiring of it... I don't know if I would have believed them. I hope I would have... But it has been so sudden, so surprising! How quickly all the magic starts to work once you Trust and follow the steps and mapping process laid out by Ciara, and being lovingly guided by her.

From the moment I met her I knew who she was/is. I had already begun the somewhat arduous, but rewarding journey of healing myself, and tuning in to remembering who I really am, what it was I truly wanted, and what I needed to do next... I called out gently to the universe for a little bit more light here and there in the shadows. A day or so later... There she was!

This is all magical enough, but in a purely practical sense- This place is where we learn how to lay the real tangible building blocks of the home and life we have always dreamed of. Actually here, before our eyes, in our newly manifested reality. This is exactly the piece/s most of us are missing when setting out to actualize the visions we see in our minds and feel in our hearts. Learning to bring forth the abstract into the tangible...

If you are considering joining this magical family and starting your own journey to abundance, not in your dreams, but right here on Earth, then please, don't wait a moment longer! This was categorically the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Catherine WeitbrechtLife Coach

Being part of Visionary Spirit Launchpad feels like being in forward momentum, a palpable feeling of a process that is advancing and expanding. An encouragement from life itself, via Ciara, nudging us to create and grow. to be our best selves and to share our best selves. Being spiritually minded, it is important for me to feel that what I do is aligned with my higher purpose so finding this group and being part of this group puts my mind at ease when it comes to sacred business. It has given me permission and encouragement to branch out, speak out, reach out and be more authentically myself in all areas. Our minds, spirits, and hearts need tending to and when tended to we can truly be creative on all levels. I am fascinated by how we can expand our lives and I love learning, growing and then sharing all I find on my courses, workshops, and retreats

Abuzz with ExcitementThe gratitude that I feel for your expression is beyond my ability to express with words

My whole-being is abuzz with excitement and ignition from the depth and clarity of your conveyance, and the gratitude that I feel for your expression is beyond my ability to express with words.... - Jodie, Canada

Thank You Doesn’t Feel Strong EnoughI feel blessed our path have crossed

Ciara.... Thank you doesn't feel strong enough to express my gratitude. I really enjoyed our time together. You are definitely gifted not only as a healer but as a communicator. You express yourself in such a clear and loving way. I feel blessed our path have crossed.  Much love and gratitude to you. - Sara, Canada

A Love StoryI am emerging, and have emerged, a changed Being

Dearest Ciara, I believe that this is a love story. Not only the love, respect, and wonder for Ciara as mentor and friend, but more importantly and wholly, for my own Being. For the empowerment, fulfillment, love, and embracing of the highest potential of my own unique journey guided by her clarity of truth and wisdom. I can’t say it’s been easy. Many, many times have I raged in my sorrow and devastation at seeing through those illusions that kept me warm and fed. Yet, I am emerging, and have emerged, a changed Being. A self-sovereign Being, filled with the brilliant light of perception. A Being united as a living expression of Infinite Intent. So much love for you, Ciara, that words can never express... - Nic Robichaud, Canada

Has Made a Huge DifferenceAmplifying the clarity of my expression

The evolutionary growth that has emerged — just within the few weeks immersed in this Visionary Spirit group — has made a huge difference in amplifying the clarity of my expression and deepened my articulation of my sacred work in the world. I am profoundly grateful to you, Ciara, for this container of community for evolutionary beings. It’s like coming home to family on a whole new and healthy level. - Bobbye Middendorf, Yin Arising Catalyst

It Helps me Work Through so Many ThingsHelps me be less judgemental on myself

Thank you so much Ciara. I am so glad I have things like this group particularly at this moment. At the very least, it shows me a context I was not aware of before, which helps me be less judgemental on myself about certain things, and at best, it helps me work through so many things, that alone I just felt too overwhelmed to engage with. I needed this, and I’m so appreciative of how generous everyone is. – Tracy Beary

So Excited and CuriousYou have such an amazing way of presenting concepts in a new manner where it just clicks

I am so excited and curious for my practice moving forward, and can't thank you enough! You have such an amazing way of presenting concepts in a new manner where it just clicks. In such gratefulness and love. - N, Canada

Tsegeen BayartI am at ease and free

I have finally fully resolved the pain related to my little brother. Now I can immerse in the ocean of soft warmness that flows from the sparkling jewels of the eyes of my little brother. Feels good. Another key turning development is: for the first time, even it is just tentative at the moment, I can imagine, expect happy outcome. I can start dreaming now. This is so big thing for me. Imagine a life that had only dread and negative expectations regarding everything in material, physical plane is changing into happy expectations! And Things are so different now. A clarity of my next step brought peace. I am at ease and free. Beautiful sister Ciara, Grateful Forever. Love

Incredible Transformational EffectsI highly recommend Ciara to anyone looking to connect more lovingly and compassionately to their own being

My intuition led me to booking a coaching session with Ciara and I am so grateful that I followed those inner stirrings. I have found such profound resonance with her that it is truly awe-inspiring! Ciara is a spiritual leader, mentor, innovator, healer and visionary. Her depth of metaphysical understanding and mystical power are remarkable. It is astonishing how she is able to translate this practically to her clients. She was able to simultaneously “meet me where I was at” and connect to the vastness of my being, which enabled me to connect with a far greater sense of Self. Her wisdom and guidance have been invaluable to me on my spiritual journey and had incredible transformational effects in my daily life. There are no words which properly convey the depth of admiration, respect, and gratitude I have for Ciara and the work she does. I highly recommend Ciara to anyone looking to connect more lovingly and compassionately to their own being; and create more grace, insight, and ease along their spiritual path. - Em Cox, USA

Belvaspata TrainingGemma Garbett, Soul Alignment Coach
Dear Ciara, thank you so so much. Today has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am that I was guided to work with you. - Gemma Garbett, Soul Alignment Coach
Beyond-Any-Words GratefulThis is genuinely the greatest and most precious treasure in my life

I’m tremendously deeply beyond-any-words grateful for you, dear Ciara, and for each and everyone of you, dear sisters, and for this magnificent magical space we’re having here. Thank you so, so much! This is genuinely the greatest and most precious treasure in my life. – Anonymous Visionary Spirit Member

Truly Quite a Remarkable ExperienceTruly quite a remarkable experience

Thank you Ciara, being held by your vastness and feeling the magical power of your healing sessions are truly quite a remarkable experience and I am so grateful. – Lesley Erskine, Specialist Animal Communicator, Healer and Facilitator

I Can Actually Feel the Magic in Every CellI just don’t know how to say thank you enough for last night

Ciara I just don’t know how to say thank you enough for last night, I hope you can feel my appreciation. It’s like I woke up in a completely different space and experience today - my being feels so so different.. I actually am connected and my heart is just beaming it is like literally all those feelings that were so deeply buried are now online and able to be...what a shift.. I can actually feel the magic in every cell...the concept of all I have been learning about have completely different understanding when it actually lands. - Michelle Kerrigan

CatherineTo be reminded of our inner sanctity, that no matter what is going on around us we can sit in and maintain this sacred space and give ourselves real choice about engagement

Dear sisters, I have just finished listening to last night's recording while sitting out in the glorious sunshine. My soul is so grateful to have witnessed the sacred offerings and exchanges.  It deeply resonates and I have the feeling that it must be the best workshop I have ever listened to , but I have that feeling so often with you all on these workshops.

So many themes were covered, so much depth, so many practical routes ahead pointed out and illuminated. 

A few points that touched me deeply,  I LOVE the idea of inclusion when having a trigger or challenging situation with someone, if we truly feel that they are not other it is easier to find the compassion and space to lets things be the way they are. 

To be reminded of our inner sanctity, that no matter what is going on around us we can sit in and maintain this sacred space and give ourselves real choice about engagement, 

All to facilitate our onward spiritual journey and refinement.

I TRULY appreciate the level of vulnerability expressed and the amazing sharing from Aisling, Michelle, and Daniela 

LOVED all about the warrior and how he truly operates on this new earth, such clarity and inspiring descriptions, so empowering. 

I could go on and on but really to say this deep diving for treasure is an amazing journey and I am so grateful to be on this journey and to have such wonderful guidance and companionship 

With so much love to you all,

Amazing workshop Ciara, deepest thanks, Catherine

A most Extraordinary ExperienceDeep. Enriching. Inspiring.

It's a most extraordinary experience to be part of this community. Deep. Enriching. Inspiring. - Visionary Spirit Testimonial

Channel for the LightMany souls will benefit from the knowledge and raw emotion that shines through to you when you work with Ciara

I have been blessed to be able to work with Ciara recently. Her genuine kindness and compassion immediately put me at ease. Her approach towards our encounter was indeed only for the Highest Outcome for me as an individual.

During my session I felt an inner sense of calm from just hearing her voice. Her insight into what modes of healing, techniques of thought or movement or new practices to put into place helped me to align with the best steps to take from where I was at that moment. She offered this information with a multitude of grace and astuteness! I am pleased to say that I have been especially successful at using the suggestions she gave me for Inner Child work.

Since my session I have been able to implement and see actual growth and change in several key areas of my life. It has been overwhelming and wonderful simultaneously!

In my opinion, many souls will benefit from the knowledge and raw emotion that shines through to you when you work with Ciara. She is the channel for the light that may be what you need to allow change and growth for your life. - Emily A

It is Magic You Create

I want to say that these Sacred Circle Gatherings have become the highlight of my month. I get more new awareness and nourishment and opening from them than pretty much anything else I do. Big love to all! It is magic you create, Ciara. - Tomar Levine, Intuitive Life Purpose, Career, and Empowerment Coach, Business Strategist, and Akashic Record consultant

Breath of Fresh AirI so thoroughly enjoyed working with you today Ciara

I so thoroughly enjoyed working with you today Ciara... I have been experiencing ahaa moments all day since we finished talking. You are a breath of fresh air, or should I say 'a fresh breeze' of joyful, insightful love. Deep respect and love xx - Susan B, Australia

Like Coming HomeBeing plugged into this group feels incredible: like coming home...

Being plugged into this group feels incredible: like coming home... like instantaneous and effortless evolution… like unconditional love and acceptance (from others and of self)… like the perfect place to be to birth my new business powerfully and authentically, so that I may express the fullness of my being on the planet now! - Sue Elliott, CEO, Joyful Power

Doing GreatI did everything that you told me to and it feels good

I been doing great thanks to you and all your work you had done to help me out. Since the last time that we have talked on Skype I didn't feel any bad symptom, I did everything that you told me to and it feels good. Aloha. - Fabio, Hawaii

I Woke up This Morning Feeling Surprisingly RefreshedI have felt much more positive overall, and more capable of dealing with pretty much everything.

I woke up this morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, which was unexpected considering how emotional yesterday was.  I have felt much more positive overall, and more capable of dealing with pretty much everything. I have found time to play with my boys (taught them a French song that I remember loving as a child!), go on a long sunny walk with a calm friend, do chores, comfort my husband, and, so far, have maintained an even keel. I have not had the urge to smoke today, which is promising. - Anonymous, Artist

Aisling’s TestimonialAisling FitzGibbon, Holistic Nutritionist
Intimacy, Honesty and HumilityThis one blew me straight out of the water

WOW! Everyone, I just got one of the very, very first (signed) copies in the mail today. Do not miss out on this one. This is glorious. Ciara will take you on a journey of intimacy, honesty and humility. If you ever thought 'where is that spiritual cavalry that people were talking about back in the 80's and 90's that would be coming in to change the planet?', well with this little booklet Ciara shows you that she has been here all along. This one blew me straight out of the water. From a deeply affected reader; Thank you Ciara. - Niels, The Netherlands

Like a Drink of the Cleanest Sweetest WaterReading and hearing your words

Reading and hearing your words is like a drink of the cleanest sweetest water for my being. - A, Ireland

Pure Joy and HappinessI trust you very much

Out of a personal emotional emergency something very special happened: I contacted Ciara in deep search for help for an issue and she was able to clear my view right away and lift me up. Besides that she provided several healings for me and made sure I received every information we talked about.

When I had the session with Ciara, her lovely warmhearted being made me feel comfortable in an instant. I was completely laid back without any hesitation to tell what I truly think and feel (in my experience not usual with every professional!). Ciara’s coaching surpassed my expectations. She is a truly dedicated, gifted healer, very articulated and with her on- point-analytical abilities she reminded me of what I did not consider. She awakened my inspiration!

During the session, I started feeling constantly pure joy and happiness which kept flowing through my body even days after we talked.

She taught me the tools how to deal with a current emotion and what can I say - I decided to use the tools and I see an improvement in my life right away 🙂 Even days after our coaching I feel uplifted, happy and inspired. The change that took place is miraculous 🙂

What is equally beautiful besides the help I received from Ciara is that it feels that I have met a friend from a long time ago, a pure being, joyful, shining and radiating love, helping the world to be a better place.

I trust you very much. It is such a pleasure to have you as my coach. Thank you so much Ciara! - Monika, Germany

Real Happiness from Deep WithinI feel so honoured to work with you

I feel so honoured to work with you- thank you for doing so much hard work - making it easier for the ones following your path. I feel a real shift- a real happiness from deep within. - Mo, Canada

An Impeccable Healer, Teacher, and Mystic

Ciara is an impeccable healer, teacher, and mystic and has a unique ability to draw your depth of being out of you so you experience your vastness as well as feeling empowered that you have done your bit in the session. She has helped me uncover so much about myself and the role I have played and am currently playing in this work of art we call life. Ciara is a wonderful listener, a skill not easily mastered in the healing profession, and knows when to allow me to figure stuff out for myself and when to throw in a nugget of golden insight to help all the pieces fit.

Ciara is a trailblazer, a wayshower of wayshowers, a guiding light that can help you go further and deeper than you’ve ever gone before provided you are willing to put the work in. I have never finished up a session with Ciara in the last year without feeling clearer, brighter, stronger, and more enlightened than I did before the session and I can say with hand on heart that she has helped me to navigate some potentially rough waters with grace and poise. We have also been able to uncover the gems of these experiences which have brought some wonderful insights that have been put to use very effectively in my family life and with my clients.

I feel that working with Ciara on a weekly basis has helped us to synch up so we are ready to dive straight in at the deep end in every session which makes for some very powerful shifts and healing.  Anyone who is serious about uncovering their unique gifts, working with cutting edge healing modalities and spiritual teachings, or in search of a mentor to compliment your healing practice, get in touch with Ciara ASAP, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made! - Shane Donohoe, Ireland

Impeccable and Pure Instrument of the DivineCiara is here and has something invaluable to offer us all

Ciara is an impeccable and pure instrument of the Divine. She is incredibly gifted, smart, and clear in her intent to share her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with the world-stage-at-large. She has a bright future ahead of her. World, listen up. Ciara is here and has something invaluable to offer us all. - Noor Najafi, Scholar & Mystic-Teacher, USA


You Will Discover the Best Within YouYour life will transform before your eyes in the most magical ways

Allowed Me to EmergeHelped me shift so many layers of distortion and victim consciousness

I’ve really appreciated the space and time Ciara has created, which has helped me shift so many layers of distortion and victim consciousness. It has allowed me to emerge and move in to my strongest and highest truth self in a very gentle, non-pressury type of way. It’s helped me shed a lot of insecurity and anxiety also, which had plagued me for many years and caused me to feel very stressed and frustrated at times. I continue to work with Ciara because I like working with her, it inspires me and I just like her very much as a person, and I also appreciate that she is someone who is genuine that I can trust, a very honourable and honouring person. - Tracy Beary