Welcome Divine One....

My name is Ciara, and I'm a Mystic, Multi-dimensional Guide & Mentor for Advanced Light Beings and Visionaries

I have a deep rooting in Ancient Feminine Shamanism, and am a lifelong initiate of the Divine Feminine mysteries

My mission is to catalyse emerging cosmic leaders into the full awakening of their divine purpose, calling and gifts so that together we can co-create an entirely new world.

This work is for the ones who know we’re not here to “fix” the old, but to lay down new templates completely…

Ones based upon the original organic blueprints of wholeness and power that we inherently hold within ourselves; a process for which our own awakening is key.

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life and have an immense amount of experience, knowledge and specialised understanding to share.

I am so excited to unite as family with you here in the most incredible time that has ever been seen on this planet!

What I do...

I ignite my clients into full remembrance and reclamation of their Ancient Selves, help them into deep abiding ownership of who they really are, unleash their brilliance, and embody all that they came here to be – while teaching them powerful mystical tools, ancient shamanic principles and metaphysical understanding to create a reality outside of the collective dream.

From this baseline of self-belonging combined with high-level knowledge, creating through the heart a joyous life of love, freedom and multi-layered prosperity becomes inevitable.

In all things I use my own life as a template, and I aim to share the fruits of my own experience as authentically lived. There is nothing I share that hasn’t been tested by boots-on-the-ground practice! You’ll find no new-age spiritual fluff and nonsense here.

Over my years of doing this work, I’ve discovered that the willingness to uncover and embrace our true divine identity beneath the layers of false surface personality is at the core of what enables flourishing in life on all levels.

For this reason, my work is centered deeply around connecting my clients with who they really are on the very deepest level of their being, in a way lightyears beyond anything they’ve ever experienced before.

When we work together, expect rapid transcendence of age-old limitations and the birthing into a new reality of profound liberation to be all that you are unapologetically.

Ultimately, I am a Consciousness Catalyst, and I am beyond thrilled to join you on your own journey and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Who am I am why might you want to work with me?

Like you, I’m an Infinite Being experiencing a physical existence. More specifically, I’m a Nagual, which is a type of mystic with a particular energy configuration that allows for the holding and wielding of high amounts of refined light. It gives me a lot of additional energy, which I have learned to utilise for purposes I can offer as gifts to all of life. My life’s purpose is to explore this potential, and it is my great privilege to share this journey with you, and to share with you all that I have learned.

“Healing is nothing more than the revelation of the purity underlying appearances.”

Just briefly, other roles I fulfil are spiritual healer, teacher, writer and all round creative entrepreneur. An eternal student of the mysteries of life, I’ve learned in equal parts from direct experience and exploration of what’s right in front of me, and from deeper forays into specialised study with selected teachers who meet the required depth I’ve been searching for. Deep metaphysics, ancient feminine shamanism and cutting-edge mysticism is my absolute passion!

I’ve been engaged in lifelong study of ancient spiritual traditions via many different sources, and have trained extensively at the Academy of Alchemy and other mystery schools founded by the world-renowned Mystic and Seer Almine – the “Seer of Seers”. I’ve also trained and gained professional qualification and initiation in multiple holistic healing and therapeutic modalities including Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology. I’m a certified practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy, Quantum Healing, a Grand Master of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart, Grand Master of the New Runes of the Infinite Mother, and more. 

On a more basic level, I live in mystical rural Ireland with my beautiful fiancé, the love of my life, and our four outrageous oriental cats, and enjoy the little things in life, such as nice tea, warm blankets and long nights lying awake dreaming.



My “personal story” has been one of the deep healing of the psyche from the schism of separation and all that it entails. I can show you how to achieve this too and move into a new reality of transcendence of all that you have ever known before.

The psyche is our individuated consciousness, the lens through which we view our entire reality, and it is through the evolution of our own psyche that we evolve the whole of existence. I’ve experienced every kind of trauma going, and I promise you it’s not only possible to heal but to find the hidden treasure in your experience, changing “tragic to magic”, and truly becoming the embodiment of your highest vision.

The role of a Nagual in this new heart-based creation is to encourage in others the expression of their highest and most noble qualities… To “see” the beauty in all of life and to draw it out of its hiding by singing back to it its own harmonious and long forgotten song. Hence it is my job to walk a path that demonstrates inseparable Oneness, not just as a distant memory, but as a living reality.

I am a constant work in progress, a painting never to be completed. Through my life I aim to create art, and it is my hope that you will enjoy my expression as much as I enjoy the being of it. My heartfelt desire is for you to see through my eyes the Infinite Beauty of yourself. You are so much more than you may currently realise.

My Background

I was “born running” and began proactively on my spiritual path at age four following my first major spiritual initiation. My childhood was one of great isolation, both literally and figuratively, where nobody around me was aware of my secret inner world. My parents moved our family back from South London to a tiny village in rural Ireland when I was 6 years old, and it was during this time, having been excluded from social involvement by the local children, that I began to be trained telepathically in the Toltec shamanic arts. I was born with fully operational extrasensory skills and abilities, which were much misunderstood as a small child and led me to being diagnosed with a variety of supposed “disorders” in my teen years. I spent several years under heavy medication, until finally at 19 years old an epiphany about my true nature led me to throwing off these shackles with intense conviction and never looking back.

With my Beloved in our happy place

Unshakeable Realisation

IMG-0007 (1)

Many more excruciatingly painful life experiences, including much familial trauma that left me with severe and complex PTSD for many years, led me to the unshakeable realisation of my ability to self-heal from absolutely anything. It is my sincere belief that every being alive has this capacity, and my passion for sharing the possibilities of what I was experiencing for myself is what eventually led me to create the resources that you are currently reading.

I am now a serious student of the Toltec Seer and Mystic Almine, who I encountered in 2011 following the previous years of preparation for her work. I humbly bring to you my lifetime of experiential learning as well as the inspiration and teachings gained from the rich and unparalleled array of materials brought forth by the Seer Almine directly from the Infinite, in the hope that it may bring you as much peace and fulfilment as it has brought to my own life.

In addition to the experience that I have gained so far during this lifetime, I also retain much memory of previous incarnations and the insights they have provided. This included many incarnations on planets elsewhere in the cosmos where peace and harmony is naturally prevalent and can be replicated following simple models. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Earth is the cradle of civilisation. For this reason, the greatest concentration of Masters is actually present here right now. Earth is our home and “the place to be” for those who are wishing to experience the journey of evolution on the very cutting edge of its unfoldment!


As a being, I am in a lifetime of completion, which means I’m in a unique position to mentor you on the evolution of your consciousness beyond the cycles of linear change (life, death and rebirth/ascension), and the associated tyranny of karma. We are at a time in human history when awakening to our true potential is exponential, or at least it can be for those who choose to embrace a life without limits. It is my hope that by demonstrating this to you I may remind of your own potential as an expression of the Infinite itself.

It is my wish that you may glimpse through me a world that has long since been forgotten on Earth, but which is within our reach once again if we choose to see beyond linear vision. Yet I must reiterate that where we are going we have never been before – all that has been in the past can be bettered and more. If the past is but a dream and the future is yet to be dreamed, why limit the majesty of what it can be?

My Promise

Blazing Heart
My intention is to demonstrate to you what you can become if you put your heart and mind to it, and have absolute unwavering faith in that inner voice which calls you lovingly to your own self-created destiny. Have no fear, and you will be lifted up on wings of gold into your rightful position among the glittering stars of the heavens.

My life is proof that one can triumph out of even the most crushing of circumstances. I am here as a Wayshower to be a beacon of hope in what sometimes appears to be a dark world. I can assure you with utmost sincerity and confidence that the darkness we see is but the shadow of a life half lived, and that all darkness can be illuminated by the unquenchable Luminosity of our own being.

It is this conviction that has led me now to the role of awakening fellow Luminous Beings to the fullness of their divine identity, and assisting them in their process of self-actualisation, for it is these beings who are most equipped to bring greatest light in the most exponentially accelerated way to our rapidly changing planet.

In Closing

Trust nothing but your own personal radar which tells you through the resonance of the heart whether or not a piece of information is for you. If you feel we could be a good match to continue exploring together, I would love to hear from you!

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