What is a Consciousness Catalyst?

I landed on the term Consciousness Catalyst in late 2016 to better describe the work that I do with clients, feeling that “coach” or “healer” just wasn’t cutting it when it came to illustrating the truly multi-dimensional nature of what we accomplish together.

A Consciousness Catalyst is someone who, through the radiating presence of their own illuminated being, ignites radical expansion of consciousness in all whom they come in contact with and who are open to the evolutionary process. This is so much a dance of co-ignition, where the recognition of inherent beauty, magic, power and potential in another “ignites” them to greater self-realisation than they might have ever thought was possible, and which in turn further ignites the one who is recognising, as all that we see and appreciate in another becomes our own!

It is this process of recognition from a place of deep reverence for the mystery of another’s being that produces the greatest alchemical leveraging capacity!

I see your glorious divine beauty…

I see you…

As a Consciousness Catalyst I see who you truly are beyond the masks, conditioning, programming, fear and trauma, and through deep recognition of your inherent majesty, ignite you to fullness in self-recognition of your utterly divine and limitless nature. My approach is not about telling you what to do, or projecting my idea of reality onto you, but about gently guiding you to your own self-actualisation – something completely unique to you, and which I humbly recognise as beyond the scope of anything that can be statically defined (no projection or forcing you to accept a limited idea of the true vastness of your being).

I see the mentoring relationship as a collaborative alchemical process, where our meeting in mutual willingness to be amazed by the magic of what unfolds when we’re together catalyses things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, and the impact of which spans the scope of all areas and levels of life – both your “personal life” and cosmically! There is no part of your existence that is left untouched after we’ve finished together, from the very most physical to the deepest spiritual levels. This is so much more than mere “coaching” – it’s lighting a blazing fire beneath the process of your awakening! Neither of us will ever be the same again.

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