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Are You Called to be a Wayshower of a New Tomorrow?

Bringers of Hope is a low-cost high-potency community experience for lightbearers desiring to stay attuned to and consciously create a higher life beyond the human paradigm.

Never has it been so important for lightworkers to be attuned to new realities emerging rather than focusing on the collective realm and allowing collective energies to pull us down. 

We are entering a year of even more challenging and miraculous times, where the ground may yet shake under the burden of planetary changes.

Lightbearers are called to stand forth as Beacons of Hope at a time where hope is lost by many; to be the conduits of a new dream of great beauty beyond the necessary de-structuring process that is underway on the Earth.

We cannot be rocked by the storms, and it is essential that we live according to the principles of a new time that are wholly different to what we have lived in the past.

The old ways will no longer work, and yet when standing alone, it can be challenging to know which way to look and how exactly to orient ourselves towards the life we really want.

Hope is a specific frequency lived from the inside out – it is not a wistful “hoping” that somebody outside will come and fix things, but the Hope born of knowing deep in your bones that you ARE the emergence of the new reality – a powerful creator – and that as you express as fully as you can, THIS is the way in which all we are ever dreamed of collectively shall come forth. 

Furthermore, the unshakeable knowing that as you craft the most beautiful dream you can for yourself in full knowledge of proxy magic, all of life follows in your elevated footsteps. That this is the ultimate way to serve, and that it’s also what life WANTS for you at this time of unparalleled spiritual opportunity.

Bringers of Hope is a low-cost offering designed to be accessible to everyone that will hold you in a powerful entrainment field of a higher life, guide you on how to express the higher principles of an evolved being so that you evoke your full power to co-create a reality of deep peace, and activate you to step into ever-greater abundance on every level – to create the life of your dreams in alignment with Infinite intent, and to claim who you really are and never look back.

Join a community of Lightbearers on this journey together to be surrounded by others who are moving higher, and receive the support of being held in a profoundly potent way as we navigate this next year and beyond together. We share beautiful tones and impulses of a reality of grace and beauty, and you will be met and nurtured deeply exactly as you are.

Join us to receive:

  • Live Gathering every month, hosted on Zoom
  • Be held in a potent entrainment field of a higher life, supported by powerful light & frequency technology
  • Ongoing pulses of content to align you with higher realities
  • Be part of our private support community (hosted on Circle)

Investment: €30 p/m – drop in anytime, cancel anytime

“Being part of Bringers of Hope and your workshops has given me a new intelligence about healing and actually embodying what I’m learning. It’s amazing.”


“I am deeply appreciative of Ciara and for the blessing of partaking in these gatherings. The wondrous experience of being lovingly held in such awe-inspiring, compassionate oneness, whilst witnessing myself and others’ lives gracefully unfold within the beauty of unified diversity is such a divinely inspiring, magical treasure-trove of delightfulness! I absolutely love attending the Sacred Circle Gatherings! -The subtle, yet powerfully-uplifting, contributions of diversely intimate perspectives and authentic expressions form truly life-altering alchemical leveraging! With Resounding Gratitude and Love.

Marissa Albano, Healer

“I want to say that these Sacred Circle Gatherings have become the highlight of my month. I get more new awareness and nourishment and opening from them than pretty much anything else I do. Big love to all! It is magic you create, Ciara.”

Tomar Levine, Intuitive Life Purpose, Career, and Empowerment Coach, Business Strategist, and Akashic Record consultant

Past clients have said…

Dearest Ciara, I believe that this is a love story. Not only the love, respect, and wonder for Ciara as mentor and friend, but more importantly and wholly, for my own Being. For the empowerment, fulfillment, love, and embracing of the highest potential of my own unique journey guided by her clarity of truth and wisdom. I can’t say it’s been easy. Many, many times have I raged in my sorrow and devastation at seeing through those illusions that kept me warm and fed. Yet, I am emerging, and have emerged, a changed Being. A self-sovereign Being, filled with the brilliant light of perception. A Being united as a living expression of Infinite Intent. So much love for you, Ciara, that words can never express…

Nic Robichaud, Canada

My intuition led me to booking a coaching session with Ciara and I am so grateful that I followed those inner stirrings. I have found such profound resonance with her that it is truly awe-inspiring! Ciara is a spiritual leader, mentor, innovator, healer and visionary. Her depth of metaphysical understanding and mystical power are remarkable. It is astonishing how she is able to translate this practically to her clients. She was able to simultaneously “meet me where I was at” and connect to the vastness of my being, which enabled me to connect with a far greater sense of Self. Her wisdom and guidance have been invaluable to me on my spiritual journey and had incredible transformational effects in my daily life. There are no words which properly convey the depth of admiration, respect, and gratitude I have for Ciara and the work she does. I highly recommend Ciara to anyone looking to connect more lovingly and compassionately to their own being; and create more grace, insight, and ease along their spiritual path.

Em Cox, USA

Ciara is an impeccable healer, teacher, and mystic and has a unique ability to draw your depth of being out of you so you experience your vastness as well as feeling empowered that you have done your bit in the session. She has helped me uncover so much about myself and the role I have played and am currently playing in this work of art we call life. Ciara is a wonderful listener, a skill not easily mastered in the healing profession, and knows when to allow me to figure stuff out for myself and when to throw in a nugget of golden insight to help all the pieces fit.

Ciara is a trailblazer, a wayshower of wayshowers, a guiding light that can help you go further and deeper than you’ve ever gone before provided you are willing to put the work in. I have never finished up a session with Ciara in the last year without feeling clearer, brighter, stronger, and more enlightened than I did before the session and I can say with hand on heart that she has helped me to navigate some potentially rough waters with grace and poise. We have also been able to uncover the gems of these experiences which have brought some wonderful insights that have been put to use very effectively in my family life and with my clients.

I feel that working with Ciara on a weekly basis has helped us to synch up so we are ready to dive straight in at the deep end in every session which makes for some very powerful shifts and healing.  Anyone who is serious about uncovering their unique gifts, working with cutting edge healing modalities and spiritual teachings, or in search of a mentor to compliment your healing practice, get in touch with Ciara ASAP, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Shane Donohoe, Ireland

A dear friend shared her experiences during a session she had with Ciara. I immediately scheduled one for myself which has changed my life! The releasing of old belief systems and programs has been so complete during the sessions that I’ll be in the middle of a sentence about the belief or program and have to stop, because I can’t remember what it was. It’s gone in its entirety! I’ve shed stagnation in a business and the magic unfolding is mind-boggling. Manifesting has taken on a power of its own by applying what Ciara has taught me, and life is feeling so much more effortless. Revelations and ways of being continue to unfold even between our weekly sessions. I am not the being I was just a month ago before our sessions. Also, the sub-personalities have been unleashed gracefully through Ciara’s coaching. Each and every session is a “quantum leap” in consciousness…I feel like an excited child on a magical adventure as the eternal moment continues to unfold. Much love dear Ciara!

Olivia S. United States

My gratitude for having found Ciara is beyond words. I deeply bow in reverence to her impeccability, purity, integrity and genuine caring. With the rising of Sacred Feminine and with entering the New Reality I’ve clearly felt that we need an entirely new way of doing business that’s in true alignment to all this! But I’ve found nobody out there who teaches this new way, all I found were the same old distorted, programmed and manipulative business models in disguise. I deeply appreciate Ciara for being the courageous wayshower for a genuine and pristine new way and for walking her talk. Working with Ciara is perpetual leveraging alchemy and continual ignition, showing me what True Self, True Calling, Self-Sovereignty and Co-Creating my reality in alignment with the Infinite really means – and why all old ways of doing business just won’t work for us any longer. Ciara is supporting me heart-to-heart with such an abundance of unique cutting edge tools – working with her is sheer magic! Thank you, beautiful luminous sister!

Isabella Dancingheart

Ciara is a phenomenon in the truest sense of the word.  I started working with her over a year ago.

We weren’t even through my first session and I knew with every fiber of my being, I wanted to work with her long-term on a weekly basis.  In every session I experienced “quantum leaps” in consciousness!  Each week I was a level that was more elevated than the previous week.  Following her pristine guidance was and still is more valuable than I can say.  There really is no language for the level of healing I received from Ciara.  Our time difference had no bearing on my sessions…I would not miss them for the world.

Some issues that had been with for most of my life,  would literally dissolve on the spot…so completely, I couldn’t recall them!  When you experience that, you know you are working with a master.

 Working with her has changed me in ways that I didn’t know I had access too!  I am so grateful to have her in my life.  I highly recommend working with Ciara.  She is the BEST! – OS, USA


More about your guide for this journey…

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life, and I deeply know and understand the many challenges that come with walking this path. From a very young age I’ve known I was here for a very different purpose than what my environment led me to believe, and for many years this knowing was a source of great suffering. Through a process of lifelong initiation and really no real deviation from the spiritual path despite innumerable obstacles, I came to understand that my calling is to work with those just like me who are here for something truly massive and far-reaching in its implications, who simply don’t fit into existing paradigms, and who refuse to relinquish the knowing that a new world is possible – no matter how much of a pipe dream it might seem like from within the confines of mainstream realities.

I understand deeply your unique experiences, needs and challenges as a highly conscious multi-dimensional being. And I genuinely care about your journey… It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. You can be assured with me that I treasure you inherently in the way that is befitting of the divine being that you are. The preciousness of your existence is safe with me.

My approach to this work combines a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, intuitive coaching/mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges and is drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience, plus professional training in several key areas. I’m continuously adding to my repertoire of tools, techniques, processes and understanding to benefit my beloved clients.

Why now? Because we’re in a time cosmically where awakened ones are being called to step up BIG TIME into all that they can be, in a way that just can’t be ignored! Do you feel it? Read more about all the possible ways of working with me here.


Why Choose Me?

Not every mentor has been walking the path of direct initiation since they were 4 years old, has almost 20 years of active conscious experience on the personal-development journey (beginning with an intensive several year long body cleanse) and 10 years of experience facilitating the evolutionary journey of clients from all around the world and from all walks of life in both 1:1 and group formats; not to mention extensive training in both cutting-edge highest level mystery school teachings and practical transformational modalities including NLP, Time Line Therapy, Energy Coaching + more all geared towards supporting most precious and beloved clients to uplevel constantly, and who would do ANYTHING to see their covenant with life fulfilled!

Why me?

Because I seriously care about your epic liberation into the full expression of all that you are (as my clients will attest to!!). You can regard me as your mentor BFF, I will be in your corner with all my heart and soul and have your back 100%. I have a fire in my belly and will not stop until every single Luminous Being I can help has been elevated into her true place as a Goddess on this Earth. You can trust me to love the heck out of you until you get it for yourself, I promise.