Prepare the chalice of your being for eternal union with your real self, to receive & welcome your highest timeline

Beautiful Sister,

It is such a privilege to welcome you to this sacred journey!

This container was borne of the deep yearning right now to connect in depth of sacredness with a small group of luminous women, and answer to the call in the hearts of so many to establish in sanctity and fortification within our sacred depths – a solitary, sanctuary place – yet within the mystery of togetherness.

Not only this, but to use the knowledge and power of these depths to completely recreate our lives such that they match the profound new level of True Divine Feminine emergence that is ushering the planet forward at this time – becoming living beacons of that which is blooming in luminous new beginning.

missing goddess

Our Journey Together

  • 4 live calls over 8 weeks (with the option to add extra support calls if needed)
  • Continual support & access within a private group in between
  • Plentiful 1:1 holding and connection within our group space, such that your personal journey is stewarded in beauty towards a higher order
  • Ongoing ackground quantum support & holding to leverage your reality through grace

We begin on Monday 29th April and journey for 8 weeks. See "potential questions you might have" section below for full details

The true Divine Feminine has been suppressed for aeons, creating the dream where so many are afraid to express her…

But as we master the bridge between inner and outer space (becoming the Twilight Walker), we recreate all of life as a safe haven for her presence…

missing goddess (2)

Join us to...

  • Heal & evolve major relationships in your life
  • Transfigure your self-perception to full recognition of your True Self
  • Enter into the eternal romance of internal union
  • Shift your work or business to a form that matches your higher emergence
  • Align with your highest timeline
  • Fall deeply in love with the sacredness of yourself
  • Receive depth nourishment for your soul within a sacred field curated especially for a Goddess like you
  • Exponentially strengthen in your sacred self, becoming fortified, a Divine Feminine stronghold of safety, beauty, gentleness & power

Who is this for?

The Divine Feminine woman ready to shift her external world to become an emanation of her endless depths.

She is deeply committed, endlessly devoted, and has been on the path of self-refinement for a very long time. 

Even though she might forget it at times, she knows in her bones she is powerful beyond measure, and is prepared to go all-in in claiming her limitless nature.

She is an Ancient Goddess, and knows that most of what is found “out there” does not meet the depths of her true being – and is seeking sacred spaces that will meet her in the real majesty of who she is.

Quite simply, Temples of Pristine Purity & devotion to no less than the Goddess herself, that welcome Her sacred daughters into their own self-blossoming in Her image.

If this journey calls you, select an option below to join us. Only 6 places are available, so be sure to claim yours if you know you are meant to be there...

Pay in Full


Lifetime access to content & materials
Group space will close one week after we finish

Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments

Lifetime access to content & materials
Group space will close one week after we finish

Your guide for this journey...

Beautiful Sister,

My name is Ciara, and I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life.

More recently, I have been called to pivot and go all-out in my front and center, open (no longer behind closed doors) support of the emergence and re-establishment of the true Divine Feminine on this Earth, and it is my greatest privilege now to call in my sacred sisters to share this journey.

It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. 

You can be assured that the preciousness and sacredness of your journey is safe with me, and that I treasure you in the way that is befitting of the Luminous Goddess that you are. 


Ciara Young

Mystic, Multi-dimensional Guide & Mentor for Advanced Light Beings & Visionaries

My approach

A fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, quantum engineering, intuitive coaching/mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges and drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience, intensive mystery school study of the most advanced materials on the planet, plus professional training in several key areas. You will receive the full breadth of all that I can bring to the table from the boundless treasure box of my practice, which is continually being added to, and the scope of support of which is increasingly vast.

Potential Questions You Might Have:

We begin on Monday 29th April, and end around Monday 3rd June – an 8 week journey, with two weeks of spacing between each call.

Our calls will be provisionally every second Monday, but it’s also possible to tweak exact dates based on what works best for the majority of the group.

All calls will be at 5pm Ireland / 12pm New York / 9am California.

Our group space will close one week after our last call, and you will have access to the recorded content and any other resources forever.

Forever and ever, we don’t do scarcity here. 

You need to have done a large degree of spiritual self-work, be self-led, self-motivated and be willing, ready and able to put in the work to embody what is needed to become masterful in your own journey. You must also be willing to let go of pre-conceived belief systems and learn in humility. No responsibility is assumed by me for your lack of self-impelled contribution.

This is a group container, all support will be provided on a group basis. However, you will be intimately supported within the group field with your own personal journey, and the numbers have been kept very low for this reason.

No refunds are offered due to the nature of the offering and immediate access to materials. Please make a clear and embodied decision about your participation.

Terms & Conditions of Exchange:

    • Participation is non-refundable due to immediate access to content/materials.

    • This is a group program and does not include private 1:1 contact via email and chat. 

    • Your purchase indicates that you understand 1:1 support is not included in this program, that this is a group offering and that you will not unreasonably expect personal support or contact via any of our channels.

    • Participants agree not to reproduce the content shared within this platform for commercial purposes without express written consent, or to share content publicly.

Pay in Full


Lifetime access to content & materials
Group space will close one week after we finish

Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments

Lifetime access to content & materials
Group space will close one week after we finish