Heaven on Earth Does Not Happen Without God

The deepest persecution imprint of all for the Ancient Ones on this planet is that of the pure-hearted expression of Oneness with God.

“God” is a dirty word for many; this union has caused so many of us to be murdered (in the past), abused & traumatised profoundly even in this lifetime – yet leaving God out of the picture either in our internal union or in the requirement to actually verbalise and express this piece in our mission work is the very core of what keeps us separate from complete fulfilment of our function here on this planet.

All religion is an extreme corruption of the principle of God, and the God of which we speak is not the religious one, nor the New Age one that sees highly conscious beings worshiping relics of past matrices, aliens, “higher beings”, or who knows what else.

These “Gods” are behind war “in the name of God” – Earthly and universal, abuse of men, women and children “in the name of God” – across all galaxies, subjugation “in the name of god” – throughout the entire macro-cosm.

The religious & New Age Gods are an externalised concept – the One True God is an internal presence that we move into eternal union with, to remember that separation was never possible and all of this was a giant dream. It is our natural, organic, innate templating, and the pathway to a Heaven on Earth reality is via every being functioning through this templating and working in the union of one-heart/mindedness towards a common aim with God at the center.

As we look at God together (instead of anything else, including each other), we fulfil God’s will as one giant body of the One & the Many functioning in cohesive consolidated purpose. True Divine Partnerships/Unions that exemplify and express as a vehicle of Divine Purpose must also follow these templates, these are not about union with “each other” only.

The One True God has No Name and no face, is everything, everywhere, nothing, and nowhere. It is the animating spark in all of life and is not male or female, but both and neither. Call it whatever you want – Infinite, Source, Mother/Father, but undeniably it is that from which everything comes.

We have to reclaim our right to speak of God, to be with God, to demonstrate in every way our union with God, and to convey the love of God to all beings on this planet on whatever is the liberated and unobstructed way for each of us.

It is the restoration of God in fullness to the picture of life on Earth that will correct EVERYTHING. The apparent absence of God & the exclusion of Divine Union is the very root cause of all distortions – and the remedy could not be more simple (yet more complex on a personal level due to the sheer magnitude of inversions, programs, implants & imprints that have been present).

This is the highest frontier of light leadership ✨

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