Coming Home to the Earth

So many lightworkers want the old Earthly systems to be gone, but have almost no idea what this would actually entail.

Here’s a bit of truth that not everybody wants to hear…

There is no New Earth without complete sovereignty in self-provision. This means in our emotional and mental sovereignty, in our resource acquisition (food, water, shelter, energy, money), and crucially, in the relationship to the sacredness of our own bodies and our relationship with the living body of the Earth.

The systems that are present right now in all of these multi-dimensional layers have been specifically designed to disconnect us from all of these SO THAT there’s no possible way we can survive without them.

Even highly conscious lightworkers are deluded into this bizarre idea that “Earth” is just some quantum concept, and that we’re not entwined with the rhythms of nature (Earth’s body is one organism… in the same way that our own bodies are, though they have infinite possible holographic expressions).

If we want the old systems to go away and New Earth systems to be built in their place, fundamentally the only way that’s going to happen is through our own journey of profound healing and embodiment of our sovereign Divine selves on every level.

This IS the prep-work for the New Earth; it’s not just going to drop out of the sky until we’re ready for it’s full unfoldment.

The Self-journey (across every dimension of beingness) needs to be priority no. 1.

Here are some examples of the depth of this journey that are very often completely overlooked:

In my own life, as well as the healing and embodiment work on a mental, emotional, psychological, energetic & physical levels and the complete fulfilment of my mission work that provides for me, my family and others, this year I’ve also been focused on producing the majority of my own food (understandbly this is not immediately possible for everyone, and it’s been a lifelong dream fulfilled for me to have land where I can do so).

This means I’m totally responsible for all of the conditions that are within my control that support my food to grow well, and the maintenance of the entire infrastructure surrounding this possibility. It also means I’m totally responsible for my attunement to the Earth through my own body and maintenance of awareness, so that I can sense the subtle rhythms accurately and respond accordingly.

Working with the Earth in such a direct way humbles you, hones you and teaches you that natural rhythms do not wait, and that our task is to become synchronised enough that we live in harmony with them instead of pushing against the current – the very thing that everything in our current human society has aimed to disrupt to absolutely ensure that humanity stays entrapped as a consumeristic slave race.

This week, I’ve been distracted and moving in and out of being fully present in my body as a I shed deep emotional layers. In the meantime the polytunnel door has been damaged in a storm that was raging for probably 24 hours I suspect due to a small hole in the plastic that I’ve been meaning to repair and “hadn’t got round to it” yet.

Had I been properly attuned to the subtle rhythms through feeling my body more deeply, I might have sensed that a Winter storm was coming far earlier than anticipated and sorted this out before a problem occurred.

Now, I’ve landed in deeper, and am humbled even more by the living forces of Creation as a result…

This is the work.

And there ain’t no New Earth coming *in physicality* (for all beings – not just a select few who can access quantum higher realms) until enough of us take this journey for ourselves and heal the disconnection and exile from our natural being so that we may lead the way home ❤️

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