Awakening Aeons

A most tremendous event is happening on the planet right now!!

The Aeons are waking up, shaking off the dust, and beginning to fulfil their greater destiny…

The destiny of the Ancient Ones is to become microcosmic “suns”, which is achieved through becoming the living embodiment and emanation of Tonal Luminosity (which is both light and tone/warmth combined). As we do this, individual portals are opened in every one of us through which the reality beyond the solar matrix obstructing the realm that lies beyond (from which Sophia comes) can flood through and be received directly on Earth by the masses.

Tonal Luminosity is the complete fusion of light and frequency. Light in this instance is referring to the full spectrum of highest principles of light (perception), and the full tonal range of true frequencies (original templating frequencies) as our palette of simultaneous expression, without any gap in between.

This is also the total fusion of masculine/feminine, not as energies but massive cosmic phenomena; to the degree that they could ever have been separate across all cosmic dimensions and inter-dimensionally completely disappears and planetary union in the Earth’s leylines are restored.

In practice as the most basic possible example of its day-to-day expression, Tonal Luminosity looks like:

Something challenging happens, you fully see through the expression of refined light the absolute divine unfoldment in exquisite perfection and infinite beauty, and you simultaneously respond with the higher emotional expression to match, eg. deep peace, boundless love, divine compassion, surrendered trust…

Naturally, this can only be possible through the diligent release and healing of our own personal trauma. Meaning that our own self-healing is absolutely key, there is zero point in purely studying big metaphysical concepts if you try to skip out the self-healing piece, and we are all walking this path together…

Similarly, somebody else isn’t just coming to unfold the New Earth for us, we ARE the instruments of God on the Earth. The Infinite projects its own eyes and ears and hands and tongues onto the Earthly plane to do its work, and that is where the family of 144,000 Earthly angelic beings comes in.

In the body, the “angelic” awareness is activated through the higher chakras. Specifically, chakra 8 (the first of the higher set of the 24 chakra system of an evolved being) activates only on self-love borne of self-appreciation. Chakras 11 and 12 are the “wing” chakras, which come forth when a being fully surrenders their personal self as a selfless servant of the Divine who responds only to Divine Will vs personal programming & agendas.

This in itself a fascinating paradox, because “selflessness” in this way inherently implies profound regard for Self as a Divine Vehicle in the flesh. “Selflessness” as we’ve known it in the dream of separation is self-sacrificing, self-defeating, self-paralysing… point being, there are deeply seated programs to dissolve here in order to bring this higher system online.

Distorted frequency comes from both planetary and collective trauma (global cataclysms, ancestral trauma) that have caused lost tones and personal trauma experienced through the infrastructure of the false matrices, implants, programs, inversions & multi-dimensional warfare affecting every level of our being. The impact of all of this on our DNA needs to be restored to its full and original Divine functioning primarily through the Lightbearers & Wayshowers, who act as proxy for all of life, to correct the Tonal component of this equation…

Light & frequency beget each other, and as we heal from falsity, our perception of who we really are (and so much more) rises…

We are not meant to be suffering or struggling, in pain or living a half-dead half-life, these are false distortions from blockages of a multi-dimensional nature that ALL have been subjected to and that together we break free from on behalf of all of life.

Through two mission businesses, beloved team and colleagues and I are unfolding over the coming year and beyond a vast and expansive curriculum covering every possible angle of this journey, and we are so incredibly excited to bring this work

Our first stopping points are The 5 Pillars of Blazing-Hearted Ignition (through The Blazing Heart Foundation), and The Chakras of the Reality (through the Academy of Alchemy project). We start chakras 1-7 because most need a thorough clearout here, and the higher cannot come online stably until the unification of the base-level system occurs!

I am so so deeply honoured to be able to deliver this now.

On a morning two weeks ago after shattering the multi-dimensional cage, I received the instruction: “Gather the tribe” – it’s time.

This is referring to the tribe of 144,00 and the next level of mission work to spread tools of power and light to support the full actualisation of our collective mission here on the planet.

This work is calling out to those who not just want it for their own lives, but know deep in their bones that they’re part of this sacred mission.

The ones who are here not for the New Age “create your own reality and forget about the rest” but to permeate the darkest corners of this cosmos with their light.

The ones who will not stop until there is not a child left crying on this planet.

I have complete faith and hope in my heart that we fulfil this, and that the planet is secure because we are here. There is truly no stopping us now 💗

(now off to enjoy a restful offline garden day to focus on my own complete recovery from the last two weeks’ epic unfolding 😊)

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