Multi-dimensional Re-structuring

Beautiful Family,

I’m coming out of a portal of intense re-structuring of every important area and relationship in my life to its organic geometry version since dissolving the major inversion that has impacted my entire time on this planet since 2001, almost one month ago.

I want to share a few pieces around that, and as I fully stabilise myself, I will be creating masses of resources to support the Ancient Ones (that I am so so so excited about!!).

Firstly just to say that it has been crystal clear to me that the next level of my mission work is to share from actually BEYOND the inversions – this means to be able to fully and outwardly express the complete union with God, boundless love, joy, freedom, deep peace… with no masks, nothing hidden, nothing obscured. No need to be veiled because now it’s safe to exist fully physically 🙏🏻

And to deliver the message from this place. That is exactly why there is a recalibration period, as this is really where it all starts 😊

And I am so so excited to be able to support my beloved clients and those yet to come who have experienced similar – as I move through myself – now from a very different place! 💖

Secondly, let’s talk about dignity.

The principle of dignity places a CRUCIAL role in our full self-liberation, and it comes through profound self-knowing, self-honouring, self-love, self-respect & self-seeing – the type that can only come from the inside out, free from the trapping of the matrix and the mirrored world.

And it is something that so many Ancient Ones have not had present in their life in the truest way that it’s possible. Why?

Because we have not been understood at all, even by loved ones. Our very unique challenges and roles have not been recognised, and we’ve constantly assessed ourselves against the mirrors of external reality, many of whom fundamentally think that we’re faulty when they only see that our physical functioning is compromised!

The majority of Ancient Ones, because of who we are, have experienced the issue of inversions in some way or another. Inversions directly affect the lightbodies – something that is also invisible to most – creating a situation where the actual lightbodies are imprisoned in artificial realities.

This filters right down through every layer of the being, and one of the most devastating effects is that it causes Ancient Ones to not be able to see exactly who they are or what their mission is.

I believe this is one of the core reasons why many don’t know their mission and are unsure of what they’re supposed to be doing. Others (as was the case for me), know their mission but cannot articulate the entirety of it fully, while similarly can be a devastating and extremely demoralising experience.

To lay this out in terms of the practical impact – when there is a major inversion present, it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to land fully in certain ways no matter how much effort is made, no matter how hard one tries, no matter the level of devotion, until the inversion is actually removed completely and the life re-structured.

For instance, it will be impossible to have certain things land properly in relationships, in relationship with self, with the Earth, in business, in levels of possible abundance, in reach and impact, regardless of what “strategies” are used or how much one might mindset themselves into oblivion. It just simply will not “take root” / land / be able to materialise physicality, it cannot.

This causes so many to believe themselves that there is either something wrong with them or they’re less than who they really are, reinforced by how others perceive them as well (and buying into that due to internal instability derived from knowing there is something up on a level that is unseen).

I have profound compassion for all of my brothers and sisters who’ve experienced this as it’s been apparent to me for a very long time and also apparent that nobody has the answers, even though I did not yet have the key available myself to fully break free.

Removing the inversions is the solution to “landing” in general (as is relevant to the Ancient Ones), and as we do, we are able to move into functioning fully and completely from the organic templates as was the intent of the Infinite, which is the place from where all of our natural, innate and inevitable whole-being thriving comes.

I have found in my journey over the last month that tapping into bouts of rightful passionate feeling (not really anger since it’s mingled with peace) at being imprisoned by tyranny has been a crucial part of the righting process.

These imprisoning structures are designed literally to keep us trapped, on purpose. They are put there by cosmic forces who want to harm us and thus by virtue all of life by preventing us from doing our role.

Evolved lightbeings in their softness have a tendency to be so peaceful, still and neutral that we simply “accept” – but when we “accept” these invisible things, we’re effectively saying “it’s ok, you can go ahead and harm and imprison me”.

It’s the same kind of “light-based” dysfunctionality that occurs when we tolerate crap from other people, except on a quantum level.

It’s actually not ok that we’re imprisoned, thanks very much. And it’s not ok that these forces are there at all and hell bent on imprisoning the whole of humanity , this is a matter of taking the power firmly back so that we can overturn this for all.

In that past I’ve had so many beautiful beings on light unintentionally gaslight and New Age all over me around this, effectively shutting down my process. I encourage you to be wary of this, because the fact of the matter is that these phenomena in terms of how they impact the time travelling Ancient Ones specifically are just not understood.

The bigger picture vision is that it’s now simply time for all of this to be dissolved. On some level (given that all there is is the Infinite and life is ultimately benevolent and always in perfect) we can say it’s a giant cosmic timing mechanism.

Regardless, the moment is now to self-liberate fully, and all support is present.

We need each other for this, we cannot possibly hope to do it alone. And that’s why we need to be out there sharing our voice so we can find each other! 💖

Love you all so much and can’t wait to share more soon ❤️❤️❤️

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