Space to Honour

It’s been 21 days now since my feline soulmate made his transition out of his previous body to the next stage of his journey, carrying us all with him as a family across the threshold to the next stage of all of our lives.

It’s taken me until today to put aside a whole day to just be with the layers of integration this journey is moving me through. I had big plans for my business this week, but when I woke up yesterday I knew intuitively the very next step was to put everything aside for a short while and just rest – do nothing – feel and be and honour and process everything the last 3 weeks has brought and the huge transition I’m moving through, before I’ll be ready for the next phase of what is coming.

Because I have not felt grief (impossible when you see through the veil to the truth) I haven’t quite known how to be with what I am feeling. It’s only now that I’m sinking into just letting the feeling be without having to name it, to the degree that I can honour the need to make space for this unspecified experience of depth. It makes me wonder how often in life when an experience cannot be classified easily we don’t give it the space of honouring that it needs. 

I’ve always had trouble with the question “How are you feeling?”, which I’ve only just realised is not because I don’t know how I’m feeling, but because the answer is “I’m just feeling”. My feeling experience just is. It doesn’t need a neat little box to go in that makes it easily explainable to another person. It’s too layered, too deep, too nuanced, too mysterious, too paradoxical for that. 

I’ve moved into a new place of being able to hold the honouring of this all-encompassing experience of being actually alive. It doesn’t need to be named – in fact it does it a disservice to try. The feeling for the sake of itself is enough as it is. It feels like a reclamation of the feeling experience from the cage that the world has tried to put it in, restoring it to the uncaged place of the Songbird that dwells wild and free in the heart. 

For the months before his transition Dante was telling me often that he wouldn’t be here much longer. He would tap me on the leg, look me deep in the eyes and let me know, then add “and there is one more very important message I need you to get before I go”.

It took me until a couple of days before his passing to get it, which led to the decision to get rid of my smartphone, and it’s taken me until now to really start processing the depths of what it means.

It was this: PRESENCE

But not just any kind of presence, presence so intense and so deep and so profoundly physical (yet multi-dimensional at the same time) that it literally permeates the fabric of Matter and remakes it into a different substance – a substance that is REAL, alive beyond anything experienced before (I recognise this now as what the Seer Almine has referred to as High Shamanism), and utterly pristine. An infusion of Infinite presence into the Heart of Matter that comes through a heart blown so wide open in feeling (everything, without resistance) that nothing unreal can stay.

This my friends, for those of you who can understand my words, is the metaphysical key to rewriting the fabric of life on Earth and bringing Heaven to the material reality – I am 100% sure of it.

And the key is found in the honouring of feeling for the sake of itself. Feeling is a hallmark of soul that is merged with body in totality, of being fully alive, of existing absolutely at One with the essence of all that is and taking it in through every cell, through every pore, without fear.

It breaks you open, but there is nothing to be afraid of, because all there is is Infinite depth of beauty. There is nothing to fear.

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