A Time of Healing Ahead

Yesterday for a time I was facing almost an existential crisis, everything is so different I could no longer see the purpose of anything I’ve done before and was honestly wondering if I would have to throw all the work I’ve ever done in my life thus far away lol (hey it happens).

This morning during my morning meditations I could suddenly see a bigger picture again of the coming years for life on Earth.

Even after bonds are broken en masse (coming!!), there is a still a healing period… a period of decompression, deep soothing, and rewriting a new picture of what life is going to look like “on the other side”; something that is not an overnight job and will require the coming together of loving community.

This is exactly like coming out of a war, because it actually is. Except humanity does not see we have been at war, yet the effects are undoubtedly felt on a profound subconscious level.

When a level of warfare ends, there follows the release of all that has been pent up and the need to recuperate from what is effectively a form of multi-dimensional PTSD.

We have so many incredible tools to support this, and so many beautiful beings of light here on the Earth whose next level role is really just beginning… ❤️

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