Expanding on Some of the Tools That May be Used in our Sessions

Within our work together, there are a number of specific tools and modalities that we may draw from in addition to the layers of work that have no title. These include NLP & Time Line Therapy, Shamanic methods, Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart, Energy Coaching and the Hakulit spiritual counselling method.

Some of the things NLP & Time Line Therapy can help with:

  • Releasing negative emotions of sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, shame etc
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and decisions and installing new and empowering ones that move life in the direction of where you want to be
  • Changing unwanted habits and thoughts and eliminating anxiety about the future
  • Releasing food, entertainment and other addictions
  • Releasing disabling fears and phobias
  • Healing past traumas and wounding
  • Reframing and gaining clarity around stuck situations in life, freeing up energy to move forward
  • Improving relationships
  • Creating lasting change in physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Radically and rapidly increasing confidence and self-belief
  • Getting clear on your goals and values and how to actually achieve them

How does it work?
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has got a bad rap over the years, and for good reason – I have personally seen it used in highly manipulative ways by many people in the sales and marketing industries, to name a few, and used to be horrified at even the mention of what I assumed to be a horrible discipline by nature. That is until I learned that this was not its intended purpose!

Both NLP & its accompanying system of Time Line Therapy were originally designed as therapeutic models specifically for use in a therapy setting, and were later picked up and taken advantage of by an unscrupulous few who saw the possibility to use these systems for personal gain at the expense of others. Needless to say my perception of the power of NLP when used appropriately and for its intended purpose – that being to assist oneself and others with dismantling their own limitations – was changed overnight, and I knew I needed to train in this very powerful modality as another way of supporting my beloved clients.

Both NLP & Time Line Therapy work by deliberately rewiring our neurology and neural pathways, so that rather than operating according to programming and belief systems of limitation, old wounding, traumas, and fear-based assumptions that belong to old paradigms, they operate according to the higher standards of infinite possibility Tornado Cash mirror, profound safety, expanded capacity and embodied understanding and acceptance of our vast potential, that we consciously install, according to what feels right and true for us from the perspective of our greater being.

Of all the modalities I’ve worked with and studied, I credit NLP & Time Line Therapy as being the “missing piece” that finally resolved my 15 year long struggle with complex PTSD (note: to treat something of this more severe nature, I recommend a multi-session package or a full mentoring program as a single session is unlikely to be sufficient).

Read more about NLP & Time Line Therapy here

Shamanic healing methods such as energetic extraction, shamanic journeying or soul retrieval, where a part of the self has “left” the body due to extreme challenge and needs to be restored before it will be possible to move forward in certain ways, may be utilised during your session according to your unique needs. Some level of journeying is a core part of most sessions.

Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart may also be included within or following your session (you’ll be included in a daily maintenance healing program for 6 months after any session) and is available as a standalone therapy too.

Benefits of Belvaspata:

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind, brings confidence in one’s abilities
  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma)
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution/awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life
  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered
  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc

Read more about Belvaspata here.

Energy Coaching is utilised to restore balance to body, mind and spirit and to teach techniques of daily self-maintenance of your energetic body that promote sovereignty and wholeness.

The Hakulit spiritual counseling method from the profoundly powerful ancient Lemurian Qi Vesta system is a counseling method that leads those who consult it step by step out of the dream of the matrix. Its potency can barely be described in words and rather has to be experienced with an open heart and mind! It is recommended for those who are truly ready to make quantum leaps in the evolution of consciousness to a life beyond illusions.

Many more different tools and approaches are drawn from in our work together, these are but some whose benefits are worth listing by themselves! ?

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