You Are The Message

When I naively struck out into the world as a bright-eyed 23 year old with a heart full of devotion singing songs of praise to the Infinite, I had no idea the hell that was about to hit me or that I would have to walk through all my own fears and deepest wounding before I would be able to hold this space powerfully in any kind of public arena.

A decade later, here I stand finally ready to take this work to a larger audience and hold it strongly while doing so. A decade of trauma healing, neurological rewiring, energetic realignment and all-round vast expansion of consciousness has brought me to this.

I just want to take a pause to say thank you so much to all of you who have supported me and stood by me even when I faltered, it doesn’t go unnoticed. You’ve played such a huge part for me, and my gratitude to you is eternal.

By and large, most mystic-visionary beings know exactly what they’re here to do, but the path between receiving divine covenant and the embodiment of it is not a linear one, and it cannot be forced or rushed. It takes its own time and moves according to its own sweet and winding pace. This is a sacred journey that we walk hand in hand with the divine, deeply honouring that the moment to flower in a natural way will come when it comes, and knowing that no step is less sacred than any other. It is a path of deeply intimate communion with the holiness within, holding the sanctity of wherever the journey takes us no matter where we stand in that moment.

This is not a path of knowledge. If anything, it’s a path of unknowing – a path of becoming what you say you stand behind, of BEING what you are here to impart and holding that as a steady field. This is why the journey of integration is needed – this above all else, and why nothing can land before that is done. It is because –

You are the message

The message IS you. It is not what you share, it is what you have embodied through your own walk through the darkest nights of your soul and the treasures you’ve gathered along that path.

We do not “teach” it in the traditional way, we become it, and through our becoming we are the doorway through which others can walk along their own winding path.

The journey, the dance, the preparation to hold your purpose is the journey of your own becoming. Focus not on “how to do the work”, but on how to be that which you stand for, how to heal all that remains unhealed in you, how to broaden your container and stretch your capacity little by little, in a stable way, supporting your precious body system to meet you at every stage. Focus on your practice and the devotion to that, and the rest will come. And meanwhile, you can keep showing up with all you’ve got – as I have done – knowing that you are not “less” at any stage of where you are; you are a flower that is endlessly blooming unto itself in ecstatic union with the divine.

We have but one choice – surrender and enjoy the ride, or be tossed against the rocks of initiation by force. We must walk through the fire either way, but it can be done on footsteps of grace if we will but allow it.

To embody your covenant requires energetic expansion into the ability to hold progressively more and to weather storms while remaining firm and stable through deep roots grown tenderly into the rich soil of your inner world. None of this can be learned overnight. You have to be strong beyond a strength that you knew existed. You don’t have to be fearless to the point that you have no fear, but you have to be so sure of yourself that fears become paper tigers that easily crumble in your loving grasp. All of this takes patience and devotion, and most of all the passage of time and experience, through which pathways to land in purpose are carefully formed. Do not doubt your calling because you cannot yet see the way to bring it forth, but know that your process of walking towards is eventual landing is a hallowed one.

I am not a teacher of information. I am a gateway of potentiality, a mystical portal through which those who are ready can enter and find themselves utterly changed. And there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, so are you. Because primarily, I’m an interface of remembrance – a catalyst of awakening ancient codes within the depth of your soul. What you recognise here you already know on some deep level and are awaiting the moment for it to be called out of you again in its own perfect moment.

Divine being, I see you and honour you ❤️

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