False Feminine Imposter Archetype

There is only one Queen, and it’s the Queen of Heaven herself.

Any true Earthly Queen serves Her alone, and no other false God (including her own ego).

There is a phenomenon that occurs within the matrix that is a false feminine shadow paradigm, that I want to speak into.

It occurs when feminine beings postulate themselves as a Queen, expressing Queen energy, yet they are not intrinsically connected to and emanating that connection with the Mother Goddess as their Source and primary director.

There is an absence of the frequencies of purity and humility, and a lot of “I” language and positioning.

It’s rampant in the New Age / spiritual / coaching / healing movement including among very highly conscious spiritual beings, and it perpetuates “more than”, “less than”, lack, power over… (the foundation on which the existing industry – in the process of de-structuring – is built).

The basis is usually that somebody reclaims their “Queen codes” from past lifetimes which seems legit and can sometimes be a personal stepping stone out of a state of disempowerment, yet there is not the discernment to realise that those lifetimes were lived within matrices deep in the dream of separation, where the Mother had been forgotten and life had fallen into darkness (even during so-called “Golden Ages” where false Gods ruled and ultimately caused civiliations to fall).

Although they might garner attention and such for a while, these false archetypes are not supported as we move into true Heaven on Earth realities for all of life, and will become obvious to all in the future.

In times to come, the pure of heart will stand revealed, and all else will look like dust of a crumbling world.

Know that true alignment with your sacred role is worth waiting for and strive diligently towards complete internal union – even if it means “not measuring up” within the artificial paradigm, because that is truly not where the future is at ❤️

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