Your Own Healing is Key to Your Service Work

When I started my business in 2013 I was in a very low place, coming from a seriously traumatic background and having had no healthy role models in my life to show me to how to live in wholeness and stability.​

I had almost zero belief in myself and self-esteem was a mythical concept that I was quite sure was not for me, only for other people. Yet what I did have is a burning passionate drive to be of service, and a deep knowing that I had something within me to give.

This was enough to power me quite a long way, but ultimately I landed upon the realisation that if I wanted to truly thrive in my service work, my own elevation into deep abiding self-love and trust in my own being was absolutely key.

Does this sound like a familiar story? It’s the case for a great many spiritual service providers, for a myriad of reasons ranging from the incredibly common experience of personal trauma that many spiritual beings volunteered to take on to gain insights and facilitate the clearing of karma for all of life on Earth, to the trauma paradigms of past timelines where spiritual beings were vilified for their gifts, to the present-day phenomenon of being widely unaccepted and thought of as mad by the masses, all of which has chipped away gradually at self-esteem over many ages.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, you are the message. The old paradigm of the wounded messenger who is separate from the message is done, and we won’t be able to get much further within a new paradigm without coming into full cohesive integration and healing of our ancient wounds. The greater success of our spiritual purpose depends on this.​My clients have heard me say over and over that the Luminous Beings of this planet do not “ascend”, we LAND. We’re doing it backwards to the masses. We already ARE all that we are; our task is to somehow bring that down fully into physicality so all that we are can anchor itself powerfully into the DNA template of the Earth and lock in the new realities that we have carried encoded with us from across time and space.

And this is the crux of the “problem” that so many spiritual beings face… physicality has traditionally not been a friendly place for us, and all but the most inherently rooted and stable among us carry some degree of trauma around simply being here. Our task is to face that trauma fully, and enter into a Love Affair With Life (physical life) perhaps for the very first time. Does this sound like a thrilling, or a terrifying prospect to you, dear one?​

We do this by looking at all the ways we’ve held back full engagement with our world around us from the authentic truth of who we really are, for whatever reason, and all the ways that has stopped us from actually living. All the ways we hide the magnificent fire of our own heart when all we want to do is love intensely and deeply, all the ways we hold back on the gushing creative fountain of expression that yearns to flow from us unhindered, in childlike spontaneity without any concern for what anyone else will think…

We look at and tackle the beliefs that tell us we’re not enough, not welcome, not wanted. We come into full embodiment through addressing our own wounding at the very human level, and embracing the process of self-healing from full acknowledgment of what is there – not invalidating any of it, not dismissing the voice of our own inner being that is crying out for us hear. Because of who we are, few will validate the very legitimate pains that have lived within us, and so we have to be willing to create that safe space for ourselves even if nobody else considers the journey that we’ve walked over ages of time to be real.

I see you and know it’s not always easy. And I also know that full landing is within the reach of all us and now is our time. There has never been such leverage as there is right this moment to help us come into our own on this precious planet, and the Earth is calling us home because she needs us right now.

Let that be your motivation to keep going ?

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