Coming Out of Hiding

Many many highly evolved beings are preparing to come out among their communities now as who they really are. 

For those who are encoded with the public service template, now is our hour. Do you feel the activation? Trust yourself, your DNA already holds the blueprint of what is yours to express and all the necessary answers and resources to facilitate that. If you’re coming from a place of pure service, the vast majority of the fears are eliminated. Trust the gifts that you have to bring. 

Personally I feel like I’ve really been biding my whole life for this year, and now it’s time to bring the big guns out. Overnight I have found myself uttering things I’ve been aware for a decade+ that it simply wasn’t time to start being so overt about before, but the moment has come. We have eternity, but there is also no time to waste on hanging back anymore.

We will all find this in our own way as is relevant to our unique covenant. The further human society enters in the destructuring process that is well underway, the more those who are destined to awaken will be open to radical change of perspective and seeking solutions and support in up-levelling their own consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to thrive during these rapidly changing times. Those who have spiritually trained for years have the “upper hand” in the sense of being well prepared now to be of deep service to all those who are ready to receive. Trust yourself and your direct relationship with the Divine. 

After the last 2 years, by this point many have now sunk into a relatively more comfortable acceptance of the unstoppable evolutionary trajectory humanity is on that is not going to magically go away. From this place, so many are in a much better position now to dig in and do both the inner and outer work necessary to make the changes that this time calls for. Your gifts will be needed, and welcomed in a new way, from here forward! It will progressively become “all hands on deck” time. We’re called out of the shadows to offer what is uniquely ours to give and we are counselled not to be afraid – this is the time we were born for.

Are you called up to center stage? Many more like you are rising, trust yourself. Trust everything about yourself and your own journey, even though you may yet find yourself seeming to stand alone at times. Nobody is here by accident, and nothing that you hold is incidental. Trust yourself.

P.s. if you’re yearning for support with any of this, I would be honoured to help! Use the contact form below to reach out.

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