Without Integration, Growth Has No Roots

I’ve just spent a week-long total break from the social media world and extensive content output, nestling in the remaining depths of Winter’s whispering messages, before a big period of big new growth that is brewing for me as we enter into the warmer Spring months.

I’ve been reflecting deeply on how incredibly important space and time for integration is, and how it’s an often fatally missing factor in the modern world of rush rush rush and push push push. Integration and the principle of assimilation is a Divine Feminine component of living, without which growth has no real roots, no stability to enable our branches to spread as wide as our big dreams call us to while weathering the inevitable high winds along the way without faltering or falling over.

Assimilation, from Oxford Languages:

  1. The process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas
  2. The absorption and digestion of food or nutrients by the body or any biological system

In the context of growth and actualising our greater dreams, assimilation means allowing ourselves the needed quiet time to truly integrate what we have moved through and taken in in any given period, before trying to move on to the next thing. Through this process, the nutrients of our experience so far are digested into the rich and fertile soil from which our greater dreams can go. If we don’t stop to do this, we run the risk of leaving ourselves barren or vulnerable to the comings and goings to the world around us as they push and pull our shallow footing, just as is the case in nature. I believe the absence of true integration is one of the core reasons why so many people find themselves struggling to fulfil the visions they are called to, despite often very best efforts.

In my work this year in particular (and beyond), I’m deeply passionate about emphasising as perhaps the most important component, a return to nature and natural ways of being in absolutely everything. I’m so excited to be shortly launching the Visionary Spirit Launchpad, for the emerging Impeccable New Earth Leaders who are here to fulfil a greater calling while maintaining a wholesome, balanced and Earth-connected life, exactly as the Divine Mother intends us to ?

My question to you: do you give yourself the gift of space and time to genuinely drop deep and allow the integration of all that is stirring into being within you? If not, why not? The modern world has programmed us so heavily to deviate from this very natural and instinctual approach to our own wellbeing, and it’s never been so important to disentangle ourselves from these ways that cannot sustain us into a thriving future and return to what each of us intuitively knows is needed. We all have the answers, and every one of us that comes home to the deeper truth helps to pave the way to a beautiful New Earth reality for all to share in.

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