Why do we need Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is a topic that is dear to my heart, for so many reasons.

What does it really mean?

​I call again upon Oxford Languages for a handy definition to base our exploration off:​


  1. Supreme power or authority
  2. A self-governing

For our purposes, sovereignty refers to the capacity to be the supreme power and authority within our own lives, utterly self-governing, and absolutely free from being dictated in even the tiniest way by the external world. How many of us can really say that we live this 100%? No matter how much work we’ve done, most of us still harbour some small place or another where the influence of a parent or belief system from the past that we took on from some other encounter with the world around us still lingers. I certainly know this is the case for me, and not a day goes by that I have the opportunity to become even more sovereign than I was the day before.

In my practice and even in my interactions with all of those whom I might encounter in my day-to-day life, I speak to so many beautiful beings with big dreams who struggle deeply to actualise their greater calling very simply due to a lack of sovereignty.

​The absence of sovereignty translates to being forever at the mercy of the mirrored world around us, unable to be who we truly are because of the perceived effect of what others might think, afraid to step out and claim our right to be masters of our own existence (this includes detaching ourselves from the controlling demands of external governments), afraid to push the envelope to the degree that we’re clearly going to stand out from the crowd, even though our soul is yearning for that type of freedom and every moment we withhold it from ourselves, we die inside a little bit.

Observing this has made me even more determined to play a role in delivering an experience of sovereignty to all those who I encounter through the way in which I choose to live myself. I have vowed to become a living embodiment of this concept, so that through me (and the others who are living this way), it becomes an entrainment field that powerfully impacts all of life on Earth and assists to carry us into a new future where external dictators are simply not needed anymore, because we have come home to ourselves that much.

I have noted that one of the key areas where many beautiful lightbeings struggle to maintain sovereignty is in care of the body, how to feed the body, how to cleanse the aeons worth of of the control grid of separation consciousness from the cells and free ourselves up to reach new heights of joy in embodiment – through which we are able to come home deeply to ourselves (we cannot do this while attempting to avoid the physical, it is simply impossible). I understand intimately that this is a challenge area for many, because the density of physical life has been almost too much to bear for many sensitive souls.

This is why, among many other efforts, I have teamed up with my dear soul sister Aisling Fitzgibbon, who is a qualified holistic nutritionist among many other things, to bring you the Sovereign experience through a new 6 week program we are collaborating to offer. This program combines the very physical with the metaphysics, including establishing a solid foundation of sovereignty within the deep psyche through the mastery of what is referred to as the Inner Family. We start with the very basics of what sovereignty looks like in your everyday moment-by-moment life, and from there build the stable foundation of what it looks like on a far bigger scale. It is through the most dense layers of existence, that the greatest change is enacted. It begins with us, and we each have a part to play.

The Seer Almine once made the statement (over 10 years ago), “To master the Inner Family is to become uncontrollable”.

When I read this statement I took it immediately to heart, understanding deeply the implications of what this meant for a sovereign future for humanity, and have made it my business to do just that. I am thrilled to be able to co-create with my sister who can bring you the body care aspects, as while I have this knowledge, it is certainly not mine to teach. A New Earth future is borne from each of us coming together with our gifts to share and connect and work as an interconnected team, and is it the great privilege of Aisling and I to support you through this program to land more deeply than ever in grounding the magic that is your part to bring.

Find the Sovereign program here

You can also watch the short workshop we delivered yesterday on what we consider, based on our own experience, to be the 3 Steps to Becoming Sovereign and Aligning With the Emerging New Earth Reality here:​

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