Breadcrumbs Out of the Labyrinth

This experience I’m moving through right now is so interesting, and much as it would be easy to retreat completely, I feel the strong guidance to keep sharing about it to lay down a trail for what is following this and to build connection and community, because I can feel something immense coming that will provide tremendous healing for so many beautiful and pure ones in similar boats…

Everything is so wonderful – I feel like I’m breathing fresh air for the first time, and can see the joyous expanse of whole new possibilities across a vast horizon of wonderful things that seemed just out of reach in my actual direct field of vision before.

And at the same time, I suddenly feel the full weight with my whole being of what it must be like for an animal who’s been caged, to suddenly be set free.

There’s the elation, and there’s a sort of shell-shock (and there’s the feeling through the eyes of the animals and children of the planet, and all of that as well)…

There’s a strange sort of wrestling with wanting to avoid really feeling the feelings, and a renewed commitment required to guide my tender heart into staying with all the things I haven’t wanted to fully feel before and not just numb out of it, because this is the only way to embody.

Not just skip to a “higher reality”, but really land in the truth that right here where I’m standing IS the highest reality, and opening my heart completely to the whole lot is the most enlightened possible action available to me right now.

And to lovingly soothe and assure my slightly frazzled nervous system that going forward, it IS going to be safe for me to reside on this Earth as the being that I am, and not have to mask or close off the vast expanse of my heart and purity as a coping mechanism.

And that together – through our unity in one-heart/mindessness – with each of us playing our part, we are making it safe for all of life, nobody left behind.

And to keep reaching out to sisters, brothers and truly, deeply connecting/receiving. Because the entire basis of these multi-layers of programs is to create the illusion of isolation and the imagining that it’s a personal story of some kind, and it’s fully time for all of this to end.

This is very different to anything I’ve experience since right back in 2006-2008. It feels to me that the difference is that rather than reality hopping/dissolving (whereby whatever was in a previous reality just disappears and there’s nothing to process), this is actually the dissolution of architecture within the existing reality.

Which is then a situation of having to experience the existing reality from the new perspective of what it’s like to no longer be caged, fully feel the impact of what has been blocked off, and very gently re-feel with my whole Self what it’s like now to explore life through the lens of everything being so profoundly changed that it’s unrecognisable.

All while being very very careful not to reconstruct imprisoning geometry myself through asserting past belief systems (or allowing others to impose who they thought I was on top of me).

I have a sense that the impact of the spaces I’m able to hold and deliver is about to take a massive leap, as this journey gives me PROFOUND deeper insight into the nuances of this level of navigation.

I love you all ❤️

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