Why I Care SO DAMN MUCH about my Fellow Multi-dimensional Beings!

At 14 years old, after confiding in my school guidance counsellor about the extreme difficulty I was experiencing with the spirit world having been blown wide open to me, I landed myself with a week-long stay in a children’s hospital to try to find out “what was wrong with me” that I was seeing and hearing things that don’t exist. The week consisted of a series of profoundly traumatic tests, one of which left physical scarring that it took me over a decade to heal (3 failed attempts at a lumbar puncture, in case anyone is curious).
Nothing was found to be wrong with me, in fact the neurologists were baffled at my level of “above normal” mental acuity, but the end result of that trip was the decision to medicate me with Ritalin after it was concluded following a series of ECGs that I think too fast, and this is what could be causing me to hallucinate. I took my pills obediently for 5 years, until something deep inside me spoke up and said “this is all horribly, horribly wrong and you have to get out”.

My journey since, when at 19 years old having already left my childhood home 2 years earlier, I made the firm decision to throw off the yoke of untruth that had been woven around me my whole life; has been one of learning to wield and become masterful in the stewardship of my own multi-dimensional capacity for and by myself – away from the influence of practically the entire world that has no clue about any of these things. Along the way, though this was never planned by me, I have somehow come into the position of supporting others who do not fit in this world in any way, shape or form to do exactly the same. 
It is a privilege beyond words to be given the chance to facilitate the journey of others in this way, and something I do not take lightly in the slightest. Every day for me is a prayer of humility that I might be guided to lead and support in a way that truly serves the best in all those who cross my path.
You see, what I’ve come to understand is that as we follow our own path of healing and self-actualisation, we ultimately collide with our destiny – a destiny that is absolutely interwoven within the fabric of our beings, and that haunts our sleep until the day when we finally decide to accept the path we’ve been given and answer the call that spurs us on from deep inside, even if we cannot see with clarity where exactly it’s leading.

Such a big part of this lies in the very simple act of self-acceptance! When most of the world has told you in some way or another your whole life that there’s something “broken” about your extra-ordinary way of functioning (even in such simple ways as your enhanced sensitivity, which picks up on things that most people would never notice, but that you’re unable to ignore) – the basic work of coming to acceptance of all that you are exactly are you are and creating a home for yourself within where home in the world has never been forthcoming, is not a small task.

I know what it feels like to be exiled from self because you’re way too much to be put in a box and haven’t yet found how to be with the truth of your vastness outside of humanity’s dictating standards, and my heart soars every time I meet another being like me within whom I can witness the magic of the universe dancing wildly. Because I’ve been outcast myself, my passion for assisting multi-dimensional beings to come home to themselves in rapturous embrace and take up their calling with all their hearts is amplified exponentially. I want to see a world where every single Luminous Beings is experiencing the unparalleled joy of living their true purpose, and I’m committed to playing my part in bringing this about. 
Every Luminous Being on this planet has arrived here fully equipped with all that they need to articulate the unique vision that is gifted to them by the Most High, the reason for which they have come to the Earth at this time. Sometimes we just need a little reminder, a trigger, a catalyst to draw out of us what has sometimes been long-buried. I hope that this message serves as such a reminder for you today! You are AMAZING!

P.s. speaking of Luminous Beings, I have a free support group for Luminous Beings hosted on Circle (Facebook alternative), that you can find here if you’d like to join fellow visionaries on the journey to full self-actualisation.

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