Building Sustainable Infrastructure

10 years ago I was a full-time reality restructuring architect and gridworker with no stable income, moving from place to place as instructed to shift timelines and reawaken ancient encoding here on the land of Ireland to restore her as a beacon of Divine Mother encoding as is her purpose planetarily.

Towards the middle of 2013 I was instructed to start stabilising the infrastructure of what would become my “mission business” that is the vehicle for my ministry here on Earth.

I had no concept of how a business should work and knew right from the start that business for me functioned in a completely different reality outside of the 3D grids of how humanity thinks business looks, and have been a journey since then to understand the architecture of a mission business and what it means to establish “ministry infrastructure” for an advanced being who is here on a service mission on this planet.

I’ve connected with beautiful amazing beings who hold codes in this area, and have been on an immense quest to refine every level of myself to align fully with the mission statement I received way back in 2008 as a complete download of my “life purpose” – completely from the angle that is appropriate to a being like me and the clients/sisters/brothers I serve.

Nothing is “mainstream” for us – and the 3D approach simply does not work. It’s not about trying to figure anything out, but about the journey of full alignment with mission and Self, and the dismantling of false architecture that imprisons beings of light and humanity alike and prevents us from unfurling our NATURAL, organic encoding.

Just like plants, we are designed to simply grow and flourish – just is – it’s obvious.

There is nothing that can obstruct this apart from the inorganic architecture that we either buy into or that is placed upon us, very often specifically to hinder our function on the Earth.

Many high beings were intercepted on entry to this planet because their mission was known about, and implanted with horrifying false memories and artificial infrastructure across multi-layers of their fields to make them forget themselves, their mission or to thoroughly break the organic biological infrastructure (expanded body system) needed to fulfil their covenant with the One Life.

Implants often affect the chakras, for instance root chakra implants that are designed to “shatter” the sense of living a safe existence in physicality, which makes it impossible to manifest an abundant physical experience (for which a sense of safety to be here is needed)…

Throat chakra implants that bind the capacity to speak and transmit freely, heart chakra implants that invert the experience of reality to make it traumatic and destruct the heart-creational power that belongs to beings of higher consciousness, and implants in the organs or etheric bodies to hinder the flow of life force or obstruct higher awareness (often of Self) from filtering through to the conscious level (end result: unconscious of our full self and of the mission).

In the Visionary Spirit portal, we serve advanced beings who are here on a service mission to unfold the higher reality of the Holy Mother on this planet, and we tackle this journey on multi-layers from the practicality of what mission business entails to the advanced awakening, activation, psychological/emotional change and alignment, healing of the bodies and synchronization with the pulse of cosmic unfolding, and so much more.

This container is the culmination of my 10 years of journeying in this area, and incorporates all that I’ve walked through in my own process to get to where I am now. Our doors are always open to new soul family 💖

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