Leaving a Trail

There has been a false holographic cage placed around me preventing me from speaking openly about the many miraculous experiences and teachings that is the next level of my mission work to share with you.

I had an extraordinary experience some days ago where – while standing my Granny’s kitchen – I was stung 3 times by a wasp on my left side that went up inside my clothes and then got tangled in my hair (representing something very hostile attacking my feminine essence and influencing self-expression). As I went into a state of not-doing (as Toltec tool) to access understanding, I suddenly saw the quantum architecture of this control matrix – something I’ve been actively working on dismantling for the guts of a decade, and was able to dismantle it fully.

The next morning almost immediately after waking I shattered a glass that seemed to break mysteriously in thin air, and liberation coursed through my veins – all false architecture now fully removed and the path clear to walk ahead.

I like many other beings am here as an Ambassador of the Holy Mother’s message, and code carrier for full restoration of the Divine Mother templating that is the original intended foundational infrastructure of creation.

There are many advanced technologists, geneticists and quantum architects on this planet right now, all of whom have come from advanced civilizations and races to restore the pristine infrastructure of a Holy Heaven on Earth reality. Earth is our home (though we are multi-dimensional travellers), and there are 144,000 of us in total – not all of whom are technologists, geneticists or architects, but each playing a critical role and all sharing the same overarching mission of reality restoration.

There are many prophecies of end time events yet to come, but NOT if we rise up and function fully in one-heart/mindedness as the pristine instruments of Divine Intent as is our original core encoding and instruction. My mission is intended to support this aim.

Central to the obstruction of the collective fulfilment of the mission of the 144,000 are the are the false overlays, implants, insertions, inversions and programs that have us looking at each other, INSTEAD of looking at God with pure hearts of adoration and surrendered devotion, and that hyper-focus on individualism and individual gains, desires, growth & intentions (as is seen both in humanity and in the New Age Spiritual / personal growth industry/movement).

There is an immense seeming paradox here that must be more deeply understood and grasped in the sense of it not being contradictory at all –

Every single being in existence operates entirely in their own unique reality, and we are not sharing a reality with anyone.

Yet, the original templating states thus: each individuation operates entirely in their own reality, and that reality is aligned entirely with Infinite intent for the individuation, thus expressing the body of the One Life as the One and the Many in complete one-heart/mindesness operating as a unified instrument of Infinite intent that functions in consolidated purpose towards a singular aim.

(in the animal kingdom, bees hold the encoding of this original template)

The hijack goes like this: we each have and create our own reality, and the individual reality is all that matters.

Veeeery subtle, and very very very clever on the part of that which intended to keep the fulfilment of the mission at bay (which even itself is serving a role in the larger unfolding, since all there is is the One Life).

It’s mission-critical that these artificial constructs are shattered by those whose role it is to turn the time at this decisive time.

Choose to disavow, and return to centre. If you make devotion to and love for God your priority number 1 and follow instructions with diligence, you will be cared you, you will be lifted up, and all that you need will be provided. For you a chosen one, and it is the meek who shall inherit the Earth and make it safe and abundant for everyone.

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