Beautiful Ones,

An epic experience is available to all of us, the most profound time is at hand, and I want to share it with you…

Sharing first a bit of a personal update to flesh out context:

2008 is the year I first went into full ascension, this was the year I also received my full mission download and life purpose blueprint. As a profoundly isolated and traumatised 20-year-old who had already been subject to a complete timeline inversion filled with hostile implants in 2001 that made my teenage years a living hell, I was extremely vulnerable and surrounded by people who were dangerous to me on some level.

Shortly after my wing chakras burst open and I went completely into God consciousness, and then followed a downward spiral from there where layer upon layer of previously implanted inversions kicked in and utterly trapped huge components of my being in phantom timelines.

The effect was like having bits of your limbs strewn about multi and inter-dimensionally (many in fake realities) – fully conscious on one level, yet missing an arm, leg, tongue… unable to run or articulate for myself in certain ways.

Over the last few weeks since finally finding and dismantling once and for all the biggest piece of hostile implanted technology that was actually like an entire holographic cage placed around me, my *entire life* is being reviewed and rewritten based on what it should have been on along.

Timelines corrected, relationships righted, painful memories erased (electromagnetic rebalance). Over the coming weeks I will be seeing several key family members (a miraculous thing in itself) with whom almost the entire experience was an inversion and have the opportunity to correct that in living, correct time experience.


I have one again been experiencing the joy of a quickening, something that hasn’t happened in this way or on this level since just before the timeline hijack happened.

A quickening feels like you’re on the positive up at warp speed – not just evolution in consciousness that doesn’t necessarily translate into life in tangible way, but fast physical manifestations of new profound levelling-up, new relationships, new possibilities, opportunities, new abundance, dramatically rewritten old timelines etc.

It’s clear to me I’m back on an organic ascension timeline, as was actually intended by God.

I’m here to serve the Ancient Ones (there are 144,000 of us) – beings who, by nature of who we are, have been heavily targeted by architects of the false matrix to corrupt our capacity to live our highest timeline – because our very existence in a liberated state is a direct threat.

It is clear to me (more than ever before, and it was clear before!!) that the majority of Lightleaders who are here to help simply do not understand this. Ancient Ones require specialist help that thoroughly gets the grip of the artificial matrices and their origin and what still exists on the Earth that upholds them (includes alignment with lots of old beings from the matrix many consider “Gods”).

Often this alignment is not conscious – for instance, the inorganic money grids on this planet that almost all millionaires etc. within the self-development space align with and teach are upheld by the the artificial “Gods”. It’s easy to create whatever if you simply align with those grids (playing by the prison’s rules).

What is less easy within the matrix because of the extent of the programming is to disentangle from the false and align with organic abundance and the crystalline networks of prosperity that belong to the Mother. This is the destiny of the Ancient Ones however, and they will find that they are unable to do anything else.

Everything that is of the timelines and reality intended by the Infinite is ORGANIC. We have to get back onto ORGANIC timelines, this is mission-critical…

We are at the end of a cycle – this is the point at which organically, the false matrix is designed to yield to the organic unfolding of what the one true God/Infinite has planned all along.

This is the point at which, regardless of what corruptions have occurred, the Ancient Ones have the opportunity to fully break free and become living manifestations of Heaven on Earth incarnate.

This upcoming week there is a huge and extremely significant eclipse event that will act as a portal to pull all those who are CHOOSING with eyes wide open to thoroughly disconnect from the artificial through to highest available organic timelines.

But we must be willing to CHOOSE, we must be willing to look the false right in the face, see “this is not who I am” and select differently. The false includes *everything* that implies separation – anywhere we see separation, we are buying in…

We must step up as the Guardians that we are, and be willing to take full unwavering Sovereign responsibility for safeguarding our beloved planet and restoring her to her garden state through us and the way we live.

A sorting is occurring, and though all were designed originally to come along on the journey, not all will make it of their own merit.

Make sure you are one of those going into this consciously with all your heart.

Choose to TRUST – to open your heart to God, to believe that life is benevolent, to put this trust into actual practice in how you show up.

Over the last week I could clearly see that I agreed on some level to risk undergoing what I’ve experienced and go through so much suffering specifically so I would at least be able to see this and know how to untangle others (while dismantling it in the process).

I’ve been mulling over the best way to share more and lay out valuable context, and have decided I’ll livestream tomorrow Monday 9th here on this page to share the whole story ❤️

I’m also creating a new flagship video series on this mission that lays out context, and will upload all that to a freely available portal.

P.s. this experience is making it hyper easy to simply eject those who clearly cannot see me and simply want to project a lesser version of who they think I am from my reality 😉

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