To The Visionary Souls…

Beautiful One,

​Since I was a tiny little girl, I have always had a vision in my heart. My whole life, something beyond myself has driven me – through impassable walls at times – to arrive at the place I find myself standing now. I am so glad that I have trusted the blazing fire in my heart against all odds, and been courageous enough to walk the path of my calling no matter what.​

In 2008 following a year of intensive initiation, I received an intense download that rocked my world so profoundly I was barely functional for many months afterwards.

In one fell swoop, I received the full picture of the truth of who I am and what I’m doing here and what for, and the complete blueprint of my life’s purpose. It came with a name, though I didn’t fully understand it at the time – The Blazing Heart Foundation

What I did know though is that within this name was encoded the data of exactly what I needed to embody to fulfil my covenant with life, and that following the North Star of this vision would guide me.

​So many times I thought of giving up, but I couldn’t. A vision is not something you just dream up – it is given by God. You can run but you cannot hide, there is no denying the call of what is yours.

As traumatised and intensely isolated 20 year old, I didn’t have the vaguest clue how I would pull this off, but as always, I followed the calling in my heart no matter what. And you know what? I figured it out (with no small amount of help from a few special souls, you know who you are!)

14 years later, I am more committed than ever to support my fellow blazing hearted visionary souls to step into their New Earth Leadership roles so that together we can create the world that we’ve always dreamed of.

​I know you’ve had a vision in your heart too, your whole life. I see you, I bow to you 🙏​

And if you too are looking for special souls, me and my emerging team are here for you. We’ve created beautiful resources to lift you up, and are so excited to meet you! 🤩🦄

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