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Beautiful, Luminous Sister…​

This year, you have landed deep in the core of your bones in the knowing that you cannot wait a moment longer to begin bringing forth the true Divine calling that yearns to be expressed from the core of your soul, as a service to life on Earth at this time of most momentous evolutionary unfolding.

Fundamentally, you understand that the way you best contribute right now is by creating your own best life first – following the calling of your heart that you cannot deny, and giving yourself the gift of a life of joyful creative self-fulfillment. You know that as you do this, your highest service effortlessly lands.

Yet, you stumble on the HOW and yearn for the right support that can meet you in understanding of your multi-dimensional, out-of-this-world nature.

You have a very big dream in your heart to fulfil, and you are absolutely clear that it’s time. You’re ready to leave the worn-out templates of the old cosmos behind and feel the New Earth way calling to be birthed through you. You’re ready to come home deeply now to the truth of who you really are and land in it with full power, confidence and clarity.

We are welcoming you to join us in this sacred birthing portal, Beloved One.

Stewards of the Divine Feminine way, birthing new realities into existence

The Visionary Spirit Launchpad is a multi-layered acceleration portal for emerging Impeccable New Earth Leaders – high-achieving Luminous Beings who are devoted to a life of sacred service and fully committed to bringing their greatest visions to life in support of birthing a new world on this beautiful planet. This is the platform to fully support you with birthing your next-level visions, and I am SO excited to welcome you to our soul family!

For those who are ready to shift consciousness and create create within the quantum multi-dimensional realities of abundance, joy and beauty completely outside of the collective paradigm. If this sounds like you – read on!

Our community is filled with beautiful beings who show up with deep sincerity, integrity, authenticity and the vulnerability of an open heart, willing and ready to heal, shift and up-level together. As you implement the materials, you’ll be invited to gently reveal your deeper self, and experience the huge activation that can come from letting yourself be seen, witnessed and honoured by beings who actually see you and value you for who you really are, so that you can step into your sacred Leadership with every greater integrity, cohesion and authentic embodiment, while receiving deeply supportive training to skyrocket your process as you go along.

This whole container is a potent entrainment field delivering constant quantum upgrades and infused with qualities of a higher life to quickly attune you to the remembrance of your Divinity in action. The field is daily tended with love and devotion on multi-dimensional levels, an invaluable service to your evolution. A healing / activation session utilising quantum technologies + the powerful light & frequency modality of Belvaspata (in an ancient light language of the Infinite Mother, meaning “healing of the heart”) is delivered weekly, and you’re held in a daily-tended devotional field that acts as a container to keep you dialled-in to higher frequencies.

You’ll be invited into our sacred community space hosted on Circle (Facebook alternative) where you can connect with fellow visionaries on the journey to full self-actualisation, share your journey, ask questions and receive support as you move through the tremendous evolutionary shifts.

This container offers tiered membership levels to provide a range of accessibility options. With Sapphire Membership you also receive an extensive modular resource library filled to the brim with training content and with Emerald Membership you receive two live training workshops every month, which includes half-day events. Though you can come and go anytime, you’re invited to commit to the journey for a year so that we can go deep and wide together in a way that allows for true integration at a graceful pace. Join us for a year of epic growth and expansion that will change your life profoundly forever.

Featuring my signature system The 5 Pillars of Blazing-Hearted Ignition. The infusion of all these qualities and more within the highly active entrainment field of this space will have you living them in no time!

This open-door program is built upon a unique combination of in-depth training, coaching, healing, mentoring, teaching, activating and “catalysing”, and is designed to draw out of you what is already inherently in there, in the most empowering and inspiring way possible. You can join at any time and leave at any time (there are no contracts), but of course, the longer you stay and the more deeply you commit to participating, the greater the benefit you will gain.

A Visionary Goddess Life…

You see far beyond existing paradigms to what is possible for yourself, for others, and for all of life on Earth, and feel compelled to play some kind of part in establishing the magical and beautiful world that you know in your heart is possible through the Divine Feminine coding you hold within your soul. You’re totally done with old worn-out ways of being, and you don’t want to play in dualistic paradigms of limitation, competition, scarcity or any other programmed mode for a second longer.

You bring to the table spiritual gifts, knowing and understanding that is lightyears beyond what is commonly accepted or understood by society. The distinctly “unusual” element to your being is a factor that can be a bit of a challenge for you, and you could really benefit from proper support and understanding of how to ground this extraordinary capacity in the practical Earth-level world. You want to live the truth of your self-actualised Divinity now, without compromise, and are willing to do whatever it takes to realise that dream.

A fully activated Visionary Spirit is one who has overcome the dead-end road of disembodied, head-based spirituality, dissolved the tyranny of the needy heart and its desire for approval, and lives attuned directly to the voice of the Infinite within – the source of all inspiration – ready to act in life from that place with unfailing certainty

You’re deeply called to bring forth or expand your Song of Self business* or Sacred Work that allows you full freedom from the collective human paradigm, and you know you’re being invited to step up big time into who you really are and that now is the moment. You know that are here to be a Wayshower, are truly over cycles of playing at less than the capacity of your True Self, and are ready to reveal the real depths of your magic while owning your power like never before.

*Song of Self is a term that comes from the incredible Belvaspata body of work received from the Infinite by the world-renowned Seer Almine, and that is also utilised as one of the support tools within this space.

Igniting the power of the heart

Heart Consciousness Creates in this New Cosmic Reality

Although you might not have experienced this personally, a common theme for highly-evolved Visionary Beings is the experience of some kind of significant “personal trauma”, the release of which is fundamental to the ability to step into your fullest capacity, and for which support and connection is essential.​

​Regardless of your personal background, the full activation of the power of the heart is a crucial component of powerful manifestation for all beings in this new cosmic reality, and simply can’t be skipped. Getting the trauma of the past out of the way, however it has manifested for you – even as vague visceral memory of distant times – is a prerequisite to being able to bring the heart’s power online fully.

Please note that although DEEP healing does occur within this container as a natural by-product of the work that we do, this is not a trauma healing program in itself and if you have significant personal trauma you need to work though, you will need to engage additional appropriate support outside of this container to meet all your needs.

Following the path with heart with all our might is the way to achieve freedom from old worn out paradigms that have well and truly run their course at this point, and can’t carry us into a sustainable future.

Do you find yourself going in circles getting nowhere fast no matter how hard you seem to try, confused, lacking in clarity, crippled by old beliefs you just can’t seem to get past? Are you afraid to step up?

I so get you, Beloved. I’ve been there. I can help you to become radiantly expressed and absolutely sure of yourself as you bask in the nurturing glow of deep self-trust that is rooted in the knowing of your Divinity

Testimonials from some of our members

“Being plugged into this group feels incredible: like coming home… like instantaneous and effortless evolution… like unconditional love and acceptance (from others and of self)… like the perfect place to be to birth my new business powerfully and authentically, so that I may express the fullness of my being on the planet now!”

Sue Elliott, Angel Coach

“I’m tremendously deeply beyond-any-words grateful for you, dear Ciara, and for each and everyone of you, dear sisters, and for this magnificent magical space we’re having here. Thank you so, so much! This is genuinely the greatest and most precious treasure in my life.”

Isabella DancingHeart, GoddessYou Divine Dance

“The evolutionary growth that has emerged — just within the few weeks immersed in this Visionary Spirit group — has made a huge difference in amplifying the clarity of my expression and deepened my articulation of my sacred work in the world. I am profoundly grateful to you, Ciara, for this container of community for evolutionary beings. It’s like coming home to family on a whole new and healthy level.”

Bobbye Middendorf, Yin Arising Catalyst & Inner Wisdom Guide

The Visionary Spirit Launchpad container is an entrainment field that will attune you to the actualisation of your vision. For some that will be a longer-term journey, others will be ready to be catalysed right away. But you must be willing to show up and commit to yourself and your own journey, to put the work in, to hold your own vision, and to ask for the support you need along the way.

Dissolving the dreams of the past

It’s hard to get away from the need for a “deep healing” element when it comes to fulfilling our greater visions for life, and many programs of a similar nature offer support with mindset and various other relatively shallow levels of work without really digging in to healing the core patterns, programs and wounding that keep us stuck and unable to move forward in a truly powerful way, towards the full self-actualisation of our greatest being.

This space includes a very powerful background healing component, on top of the thorough no-holds barred deep and intimate exploration of those “hidden” and often overlooked areas of the psyche in the direct work that we do together within the live elements of the space to weed out all that could be hindering epic expansion into your fullness and greatness, absolutely for good!

No taboo is off-limits here – this is where we get seriously in-depth in a way that is profoundly transformative, for those who feel ready to finally go there (if this feels like a relief to read, you will love this offering!)

Again please note that although a huge amount of healing does occur within this space, the emphasis here is on healing of the heart, and if you have significant trauma to work through you will also need to connect with licensed trauma therapists and somatic approaches to assist as this container cannot provide all the pieces. Trauma impacts every dimension of our being to the most physical to the highest spiritual levels across multiple fields, and a multi-layered approach is needed to tackle it effectively. Recommentations and suggestions can be made for your personal healing process.

A bit more about some of the supports that are used in this program

Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart

A powerful yet incredibly gentle light & frequency healing modality that forms the backbone of the healing component of this program. Rather than affirming illusion, it focuses on enhancing the expression of pure tones of the Song of the Self, restoring true frequencies to places where they have been absent, thereby facilitating effortless change through grace. The effects are notably cumulative, so the more of it you receive, the more of a difference you will feel. Read more about it here (note: I also offer training in this modality).

Just a tiny few of the beautiful qualities contributed by Belvaspata…

  • Removal of the illusion of feeling our unique gifts are not valued or understood
  • Removal of the feeling of being unprotected against harm
  • Removal of fear of failure through inadequacy
  • Complete dissolving of the magnetic matrix (the “pain body”)
  • Removal of the memory of traumatic creation from the heart
  • The recognition that I have all
  • The recognition that I am all
  • The recognition of Mundane Sacredness
  • The recognition of Limitless supply of resources
  • The revelation of the impeccability of timing of the unfolding revelations of Oneness
  • There is nothing to learn and everything to enjoy. Created life was created for the self-delight of the One Life

The process of “healing of the heart” is so foundational and absolutely central to being able to embody all that we can be at this most momentous time in the cosmic evolutionary journey. This profound modality includes protocols to clear and heal guilt, grief, shame and pain, upgrade the luminous capacities of the evolved body, expand and evolve DNA functioning, and so much more. With both weekly healing / activation sessions and daily maintenance top-ups, plus additional elements of this comprehensive system included in this program, the support you receive through this is immense.

“Thank you Ciara, so much, I feel such a massive release around the restrictions I’ve felt in speaking openly , honestly and truthfully, assertively about my feelings, my desires and where things just need to be said without fear of the impact it may have. All of that has softened and shifted dramatically, a massive issue that has trapped and encased me for most of my life. Freedom to express in all my glory is what I feel tonight in total trust.”

Anonymous Member

The Runes of the Infinite Mother

The Runes of the Infinite Mother are a phenomenal new runic modality for this new cosmic reality, another tool brought forth by the world-renowned Seer Almine for the purpose of rapidly evolving consciousness at this incredible time in cosmic history. They are not only a stupendous system of guidance, but also clear programs, activate the chakras, purify the meridians of the body, activate the inner senses to combine communication between body and soul (masculine and feminine realities respectively), facilitate manifestation, and so much more. They are presided over by a legion of mighty Angelic presences whose dedicated function is support work with this system.

There are 1152 runes in total within this modality – absolutely the most extensive divination system to ever exist, with a set for each of the 12 fields of perception within the macrocosm. These are vast macrocosmic fields each with their own unique perspective, the activation of which affords us multi-dimensional functioning beyond our wildest dreams.

Working with these runes stretches consciousness into completely uncharted territories, illuminating possibilities that have previously been beyond our scope of vision. They are profoundly activating, catalysing and alchemically leveraging, and connecting with them alters awareness in such a way that you will never be the same again (in the best possible way)! Read more about the Runes here (I offer training in Mastery of these as well)

(Runes via our partners at and copyright Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC)

Plus many more potent mystical and alchemical tools, which will be shared with you as called for…


In a nutshell, who is this for?

This container is for Spiritual Visionaries of all varieties – including healers, teachers, coaches, creatives, writers, mentors, facilitators or aspiring versions of any of these – who are ready to step up fully in owning their vast, wild, multi-dimensional nature with full support, permission, approval, and empowerment to be their real and full selves unleashed and uninhibited.

Community, Connection, Coaching, Support & Collaboration

Feel the benefits of being surrounded by a supportive community moving higher together (a rising tide lifts all boats), receive coaching & support and have your most burning questions answered along the way

Powerful Healing / Activation Sessions, Jam-packed Workshops & Tonnes of Resources

Experience the deep, multi-leveled foundational change that occurs through our weekly sessions and the profound journeys we go on during our live workshops. Take in the stream of constant resources delivered to support you on your journey

Constant Entrainment Field Attuning you to a Higher Life

Witness the power of being held in a perpetual entrainment field that attunes you to a higher life and way of being. Community members report that just being in the space produces changes before they even take another step

What’s included / what does it involve?

This community experience is a journey into your deeper self and the actualisation of your greater potential, and is presented in a “journey” rather than static format. This container is offered via a tiered membership system, to provide various levels of access:

Included in Ruby Membership:

  • A private members only community hosted on Circle (Facebook alternative) for ongoing support, collaboration, coaching and training, where all materials are shared. The value of the group alchemy alone cannot be understated – this space is filled with incredible beings who are committed to the journey of mastery and who are ready and eager to engage with each other deeply and authentically.
  • Ongoing behind the scenes quantum upgrades within a daily-tended entrainment field of magic.
  • Access to all past content within our Community Portal, including past Gathering calls
  • An ongoing stream of exclusive incredibly supportive, deeply on-point resources in various different media formats, all designed to support you on your journey of full self-actualisation. These include written content and livestreams through which your deepest and most intimate concerns are answered and addressed directly, ongoing inspiring and instructional posts, plus a slew of other materials as called for or as inspired
  • I access information pertaining to group consciousness on an ongoing basis through attunement to the cosmic pulse of the moment, and this platform is the portal through which all my “best stuff” pertaining to the journey that is deeply specific to highly evolved Spiritual Visionaries right now is delivered. I am so excited to bring this to you!
  • A weekly remote group healing / activation session utilising quantum technologies + the incredibly powerful light & frequency healing modality Belvaspata, which in an ancient light language of the Infinite Mother means “healing of the heart”. This profound modality incorporates many highly specialised protocols, and within which other ceremonial aspects from related bodies of work may be included. We have a wealth of support from so many hidden kingdoms who lend profound alchemical elements to this process
  • DAILY maintenance healing program, a daily top-up of our healing ceremonies to keep you attuned to highest possible frequencies and realities
  • Group coaching and support within the community space – ask your questions, receive support and share the journey as you move through amazing upgrades
  • I’m a ongoing presence in the space, and you will get tonnes of hands-on connection and interaction with me, way more than is usual for a “group” program. You won’t find this level of personal engagement from the facilitator in many other group-oriented spaces

Included in Sapphire Membership:

  • Everything in Ruby PLUS…
  • Access to huge Member’s Portal library of content for immediate implementation, with new pieces being added every month

Included in Emerald Membership:

  • Everything in Ruby & Sapphire PLUS…
  • 2 x Monthly Live workshops including half-day events, recorded for those who can’t make it live (and for those who like to listen again). These are full-on ignition events designed to rapidly accelerate your process of unfolding, and are powerful beyond measure – spot coaching is also available during these calls

Cancel anytime, there are no contracts – however you are invited to commit to the journey for a year to truly support a whole-life shift. A 12% discount on annual membership is offered to support this.

Support through this container involves me showing up fully to support you in also showing up fully for yourself, and in doing so facilitating the best possible environment for thriving to occur for you in your own unique area of power as you participate whole-heartedly! Throughout your experience in this space, you will experience ample opportunity to address all your burning areas of challenge, and to step into full expression in every way. You are invited to put both feet inside the container and go “all in” in on reaching for your greater aims… the more fully you participate, the more benefit you will receive.

​“I am deeply appreciative of Ciara and for the blessing of partaking in Visionary Spirit. The wondrous experience of being lovingly held in such awe-inspiring, compassionate oneness, whilst witnessing myself and others’ lives gracefully unfold within the beauty of unified diversity is such a divinely inspiring, magical treasure-trove of delightfulness! There is such a vast repository of material one can delve into, fostering authenticity, clarity of purpose, fluid creativity, and so forth. There are also plenty of opportunities to actively participate and share unique facets of being through various creative works that often transcend written and spoken words. -I absolutely love attending the Sacred Circle Gatherings! -The subtle, yet powerfully-uplifting, contributions of diversely intimate perspectives and authentic expressions form truly life-altering alchemical leveraging! With Resounding Gratitude and Love.”
– Marissa Albano

Here are just some of the potential benefits of participating fully within this space…

  • Unlock a crystal clear awareness of the exact steps you need to take to ignite the achievement of your greatest visions, stepping into full self-actualisation of your visionary capacity in practical, tangible, boots-on-the-ground ways
  • Unleash your innate magic and brilliance while recognising, owning and fully claiming your unique genius, gifts, talents, abilities and strongsuits, unselfconsciously and with great joy and gratitude for the privilege of being you
  • Un-inhibit your ability to speak truly, clearly and authentically through the power of YOUR own unique voice, which is intrinsically valuable!
  • Discover the embodied power of self-love, self-honouring, self-valuing and respect, unhindered self-expression, and self-seeing of your Divine Beauty
  • Activate DNA to levels of higher consciousness, effortlessly aligning you with a higher evolved reality of grace and magic, where life is lived on a whole different plane of existence…
  • Clear away any old junk that’s been holding you back from taking powerful inspired action, heal old hurts and wounds and let go of all the stuff that’s really not needed on your ongoing journey
  • Effortlessly release old cosmic crud – the belief systems of ages spent in the dream of separation that can’t possibly help you as you stride courageously forward into a new reality
  • Learn to tell the vital difference between what is true to your heart of hearts, and what is only true to your fears, traumas, programs, attachments, limiting beliefs and all else that is not the Real You
  • As a result, get clear on EXACTLY what you stand for, so there isn’t even a question of holding back anymore – your inner clarity and impassioned sense of purpose will drive you!
  • Experience the feeling of being totally supported by somebody who completely gets you, has your back 100% and genuinely wants to see you fly!
  • Experience the joyful activation of latent capacities, inherent to your beautiful being, that are needed to skyrocket your success in life – this truly feels like a homecoming
  • Embrace a whole new paradigm of ease, flow and graceful unfoldment, coupled with a healthy dose of fun! (you can wave the struggle paradigm a grateful goodbye…)

More testimonials from our members

“My gratitude for having found Ciara is beyond words. I deeply bow in reverence to her impeccability, purity, integrity and genuine caring. With the rising of Sacred Feminine and with entering the New Reality I’ve clearly felt that we need an entirely new way of doing business that’s in true alignment to all this! But I’ve found nobody out there who teaches this new way, all I found were the same old distorted, programmed and manipulative business models in disguise. I deeply appreciate Ciara for being the courageous wayshower for a genuine and pristine new way and for walking her talk. Working with Ciara is perpetual leveraging alchemy and continual ignition, showing me what True Self, True Calling, Self-Souvreignity and Co-Creating my reality in alignment with the Infinite really means – and why all old ways of doing business just won’t work for us any longer. Ciara is supporting me heart-to-heart with such an abundance of unique cutting edge tools – working with her is sheer magic! Thank you, beautiful luminous sister!”

Isabella Dancingheart​

“I want to say that these Sacred Circle Gatherings have become the highlight of my month. I get more new awareness and nourishment and opening from them than pretty much anything else I do. Big love to all! It is magic you create, Ciara.”

Tomar Levine, Intuitive Life Purpose, Career, and Empowerment Coach, Business Strategist, and Akashic Record consultant

“Thank you Ciara. And to everyone. I couldn’t navigate this in the way I am that I’m growing to love so much without you all. The grace of it all is growing as I go further along. I’d probably be bald at this point from pulling my hair out and feeling traumatised had I been still trying to keep going on my own as this way of showing up is so opposite to anything I’ve learned before this group. I’m very grateful for the education in it.”

Anonymous Member​

“It’s a most extraordinary experience to be part of this community. Deep. Enriching. Inspiring.”​

“Ciara thanks soooo much for the session yesterday. My outer world and attitude are changing. I’m changing so much since I have joined this group even though I not have been able to go deep but big profound changes are happening within me that I as an observer observing myself am totally surprised by it when I look at myself or analyze myself.. hard to explain. I’m changing so rapidly for the better. It’s unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Mahwash Tanwir​

“Today is my 7th day in this amazing group and I already feel a shift for the better. Thank you so much for this possibility to be in this space with all of you!”

Ekaterina Kapotova

“Thank you so much Ciara. I am so glad I have things like this group particularly at this moment. At the very least, it shows me a context I was not aware of before, which helps me be less judgemental on myself about certain things, and at best, it helps me work through so many things, that alone I just felt too overwhelmed to engage with. I needed this, and I’m so appreciative of how generous everyone is.”

Tracy Beary

“Thank you Ciara, being held by your vastness and feeling the magical power of your healing sessions are truly quite a remarkable experience and I am so grateful.”

Lesley Erskine, Specialist Animal Communicator, Healer and Facilitator

“Thank you Ciara, so much, I feel such a massive release around the restrictions I’ve felt in speaking openly , honestly and truthfully, assertively about my feelings, my desires and where things just need to be said without fear of the impact it may have. All of that has softened and shifted dramatically, a massive issue that has trapped and encased me for most of my life. Freedom to express in all my glory is what I feel tonight in total trust.”

Anonymous Member

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A journey of coming home to self…

From the deep abundant peace of being fully home for oneself, the fertile soil in which our dreams can grow is daily cultivated. Without this comforting rootedness at the core of self, we seek continuously to fill the void of our own loving presence in our lives, and this will definitely show up in our work, in our relationships, and fundamentally in our relationship with self – which is the root of success and flourishing in everything else.

The journey through this space is a journey of coming home powerfully and permanently to yourself, and from there, being perfectly positioned to fulfil your greater destiny in ease and grace.

Harmonic resonance with self from this place of “at homeness” attunes you to hear the voice of inspiration, the literal way in which the Infinite speaks to us as to what it wishes to articulate through the vehicle of our being…

Your guide for this journey

My name is Ciara and I’m a Mystic, Seer, Consciousness Catalyst & New Earth Guide for Visionary Leaders. But most of all, I’m a wildly passionate lover of life, and just want to make the very most of every moment here on this beloved planet Earth!

I help highly conscious visionary beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey to step into their full potential as luminaries at this most exciting juncture in cosmic evolution. My job is to help the highly evolved beings who are here to self-actualise their Divinity to unearth their true identity from the very depths of being and step into it in clarity and confidence.

I adore this work, it sets my heart and soul on fire! I see a future where every Luminous One gets to flourish in their true calling, leading a deeply fulfilling life of magic and beauty, and I’m committed to playing a part in bringing this vision about.

If you’re still not sure if this community is for you after you’ve read the full details below, reach out to us to discuss and we can go through it together to see if it would be a good fit for you at this point on your journey!


Invest in yourself and your journey today

Membership Options

Potential questions you might have

How does it work?

This community program is available either as a one-time-payment annual membership or as monthly membership subscription and works in a “spiral” format, meaning that the longer you stay in the deeper we progressively go together and the more transformation you experience; however you can drop in at any time and start right where you are – there isn’t a specific start or end date – and wherever you land will position you perfectly to gain whatever benefit you need to at the time. I present materials in an up to the minute “journey” format, and the journey is ongoing and never-ending. You’re encouraged to commit to a year of journeying with us to support true and deep integration and embodiment.

Can I cancel the monthly subscription?

Your monthly subscription if you choose this option can be cancelled at any time, there are no contracts or penalties. On cancellation, you will lose access to the private Circle community and Member’s Portal once your monthly period expires (it is your responsibility to download all relevant materials prior to your subscription ending). If you choose alifetime access option, you will have lifetime access to the Member’s Portal training library. Subscriptions are non-refundable (except in obvious case of error) due to the immediate nature of access to materials/digital format of this offering (see terms & conditions of sale below). If you’re not sure if this offering is for you, please reach out to discuss before purchase.

How much 1:1 access do I get through this program?

I will be on hand on an ongoing basis to offer support, coaching, answer questions and engage with you interactively in a group format, primarily through the private member’s only Circle group (basically, this is a GROUP container). We’ll be able to discuss and work on the most pertinent matters for you and you can receive feedback from and collaborate with both me and other group members within this format. Emerald Members can also bring their personal queries or issues to the live workshops, and I’ll be able to assist more deeply there.

Please be aware that private messaging and email support is not a feature of this program. Unlimited email and chat support is available via my One to One Coaching Programs.

Can I join for one month only to see if I like it?

Yes, you can. There are absolutely no catches, you can simply cancel your membership at any time and will not be charged again the successive month. However, the invitation is to commit to this journey for a year to really allow yourself to go deep and give yourself the space to allow major whole-life transformation to occur through full immersion. A 12% discount is offered for annual membership purchase. Although you can leave any time according to your highest truth, we encourage you not to sign up if you’re not sure as a matter of honour, because you do receive tonnes of content instantaneously that far exceeds the value of one month’s payment. We offer this option on a trust system and hope you will act with integrity. If you’d like to chat whether this container is right for you before you sign up, you can reach out here.

Now is your time!

More about your guide for this program…

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life, and I deeply know and understand the many challenges that come with walking this path. From a very young age I’ve known I was here for a very different purpose than what my environment led me to believe, and for many years this knowing was a source of great suffering. Through a process of lifelong initiation and really no real deviation from the spiritual path despite innumerable obstacles, I came to understand that my calling is to work with those just like me who are here for something truly massive and far-reaching in its implications, who simply don’t fit into existing paradigms, and who refuse to relinquish the knowing that a new world is possible – no matter how much of a pipe dream it might seem like from within the confines of mainstream realities.

I can empathise in a very real way with your unique experiences, needs and difficulties as a highly conscious spiritual being. And I genuinely care about your journey… It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. You can be assured with me that I treasure you inherently in the way that is befitting of the divine being that you are. The preciousness of your existence is safe with me.

My approach to this work combines a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, intuitive coaching/mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges, and is drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience, plus professional training in several key areas. I’m also a certified practitioner of various personal development modalities and am continuously adding to my repertoire of tools, techniques, processes and understanding to benefit my beloved clients.

Why now? Because we’re in a time cosmically where awakened ones are being called to step up BIG TIME into all that they can be, in a way that just can’t be ignored! Do you feel the calling? Read more about all the possible ways of working with me here.

Call to adventure

It’s really no fun spinning your wheels getting nowhere while struggling to find clarity on how to achieve your visions, Beautiful One, I’ve been there… It’s not a personal failing to be finding it hard, it’s been proven that we grow like the people around us. PLUS, you are a multi-dimensional being, the world has not taught you to thrive at being you!

Give yourself the gift of support and full understanding of who you really are on this path, you don’t have to go it alone! In just a short time, your life can have radically changed. There is immense power in surrounding yourself with the right people and the right support to lift you up! We’ve got your back.

Membership Options

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

  • Membership is non-refundable due to immediate access to content/materials.
  • Uness you choose a lifetime access option, this program operates on a “pay for access” rather than “pay for ownership” format. This means that once your membership expires, you will lose access to any Member’s Portal resources that may have been part of your membership. It is your responsibility to have downloaded any applicable resources prior to expiry of your membership. Access to the private Circle community ends once membership expires in all cases.
  • Coaching and support is provided via the group format and doesn’t include private 1:1 contact via email and chat. Unlimited priority 1:1 email and chat access is also available via my One to One Coaching Programs. Within reason, I always aim to answer private contact as my clients will testify to, but as this isn’t a specific feature of this program it can’t be guaranteed in a timely fashion or at all due to time constraints, and should not be considered a given part of this service.
  • Your purchase indicates that you understand 1:1 support is not included in this program, that this is a group offering, and that you will not unreasonably expect ongoing personal support or contact either via email or private message within our community space.
  • Members agree not to reproduce the content shared within this platform for commercial purposes without express written consent, or to share content publicly. Violation of this agreement will result in immediate termination of membership and loss of membership access rights.