✨🗝️ While the World Falls in Fear, We Rise in Prosperity 🗝️✨

Divine Beings,

As the human world sinks ever-deeper into the terror of a self-created nightmare reality, we as the Lightbearers of the world and hope-bringers of a new way choose to rise in prosperity!
It is a paradigm shift – a frequency change – an alchemical leveraging to a higher order that requires aligning the Song that you sing with a different life outside of the collective paradigm.

And it cannot be highlighted enough that it is a conscious decision.

Disengage from the collective paradigm, choose a different world of your own making. As you shift in frequency, through the understanding of multi-dimensional reality creation, you create a world for yourself that beyond the parameters of logic functions according to different parameters.

The mind cannot get this, only the heart can feel it.

Release the mind’s obsessive need to grasp at boundaries to maintain the illusion of “safety”, enter into the boundlessness of your true being where limitless potential awaits you.

Divine Being, it’s time to rise on behalf of all of life.

As the old world falls, the Wayshowers of the world are ignited to create a new one in its place – this is all in order and exactly how it was meant to be.

Believe in yourself and your own capacity, you are so much more than you seem 👁️💫🔥



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