Separation is Caused When Parts of the Body Do Not Emit Their Harmonious Frequencies

No matter how much and how deeply it is explored, the magic and mystery of the extraordinary Belvaspata (meaning “healing of the heart” in an ancient language of the Infinite) system is simply a gift that keeps on giving! The more I work with it, the more of its power I discover.

For those unfamiliar, this extraordinary system was brought through by the Seer Almine in response to the cosmic pole shift that occurred in 2006 that few are aware of, that altered the nature of cosmic life in a flash. 

Highlighted here is the magnificent Belvaspata protocol for the Song of the Self, which I have been working with every single week with my VSL sister clients for 4.5 years now. The changes in consciousness have been immense, as every one of them will attest to!

“Pain is caused by the illusion of separation. Separation is caused when parts of the body do not emit their harmonious frequencies – do not sing their song. Unsung songs lie like shadows in the etheric body. This body of Belvaspata is specifically designed to release the hold of separation caused by unexpressed frequencies”. 


“Higher life of increased consciousness uses eight directions: North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Within and Without. These also represent the stages of evolution all life moves through. They are also expressed as the eight sub-personalities of higher awareness.

The first eight wheels (within the protocol) represent these eight directions. There are no angels to call to represent them.

These are in actuality vast rivers of sub-quantum particles that lie throughout the macrocosm and manifest within man (the microcosm) as sub-personalities.” – Almine

“Almine has further explained that these eight structural components of existence are too vast to be represented by angelic beings. The remaining 21 wheels (within the Song of Self protocol) lead us beyond directions to an existence of no opposites. 

They are the representation of the spheres found in the Flower of Life pattern – the template of life. The divisions of the spheres are caused by unexpressed frequencies which this body of Belvaspata restores.” – from Belvaspata Angel Healing, Volume 1 – Almine

If you would like to learn this incredible system for yourself whether for self-healing, to offer to clients or to facilitate global evolution on any scale that you wish, we offer a beautiful a beautiful and highly comprehensive training course. Click the link below for details 😊

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(Image is the combined wheel of Love, Praise and Gratitude, copyright Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC)

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