Dissolving the Legacy of the Dream of Separation

Luminous One,

I am so passionate about sharing the incredible dynamic New Earth healing system Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart, brought through here in Ireland by the incomparable Toltec Mystic the Seer Almine.

The system, like nothing else on the planet, is designed specifically for complete dissolution of the traumatic legacy of the entire dream of separation, which was has blessedly exited as a cosmos over the last 15 years. Of course, individually, each being is on their own personal journey of catching up with that change, and Belvaspata is here to help!

One of the many incredible gifts of this miraculous healing system is that it can be used to clear patterning of racial and demographic templates based on past standards that seriously the potential expression of many population groups across the Earth.

Wherever there has been trauma, the fields around the body are damaged across multiple layers, and this is why trauma patterning can be so difficult to shift. Belvaspata restores integrity to the light grids wherever it is used, enabling entire groups to shift to functioning according to higher templates and leave the trauma imprinting of the past behind.

With these miraculous tools, we simply don’t have to resign ourselves to painful paradigms for humanity. This system is a gift from Source during these vast and rapidly changing evolutionary times that all of life on Earth might be elevated to paradigms of grace and flourishing for all.

Don’t mistake the low pricing for low value (unfortunately, a common psychological pattern) – it’s offered at this price as an act of service to make this incredible system accessible to as many people as possible.

Find the details below. Feel free to respond to this email to discuss is this would be right for you for to add to your personal or professional practice 🙏

(P.s. by request, I’ve also added a payment plan option to make it easier to reach for those for whom the investment is a stretch 🙏)

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