Abundance in the Changing Times Ahead

11 years ago I saw in vision exactly what is unfolding on the Earth right now, with the warning of all of the things that would need to be done to prepare for the coming times. I assumed this was to come to pass imminently, and in my naivety told my family, assuming they would fully understand and like me would be rallied to take action. 

The end result of this was not pretty, and caused a level of trauma that took me the entire next decade to heal. Suffice to say, they did not understand at all, but fortunately for me the journey this took me through equipped me with exactly the inner strength needed to weather the current time from a very powerful position of clarity, faith and assuredness of ultimate good prevailing in truly miraculous ways – though via an intersection that many might not have expected to present itself in this particular form.

When all of this began to unfold exactly as I saw in my vision, I was not in the slightest bit surprised or shocked or drained of energy because I’d been forewarned, as has always been the case throughout my life. This has been a very difficult thing to live with, but also a blessing beyond measure that at this stage in my life I’m overwhelmingly grateful for, as well as understanding now that these types of visions always indicate future, and the wherewithal to be able to grasp a sense of “how long” (though exact timelines are almost impossible to predict these days).

In this vision I saw that there would come a time where those who planned to journey through the ongoing evolutionary process on this planet would need to grow their own food or otherwise become as self-sufficient as possible, deriving their sustenance from a living connection with the Earth and on a local community level that is independent of the comings and goings of global systems. That time is now upon us in real-time. The best time to start was 11 years ago, the next best time is now.

If the global centralised economy were to collapse (which is highly likely in the next number of years based on humanity’s current trajectory), where would you source your sense of abundance? Now is the time for us to be stretching ourselves to perceive and create abundance in ways far beyond mere monetary value, while knowing ourselves and the Infinite that dwells within us intimately as the source of our own sustenance. And while cash still has worldly value, to be using the cash that we have and continue to generate to craft an abundant reality of our realities lives cannot be touched by any human systems, no matter what happens in the destructuring world. .

This looks like things like this: being surrounded by an abundance of food and water that is self-sustaining, time spend abundantly and in deep meaning living with ourselves and our family and loved ones, enriching our lives with an abundance of skills and useful practical ways we can apply to the actual physical world, abundantly pursuing our dreams and calling and lavishly gifting ourselves with the chance to express creativity, an abundance of loving and mutually supportive community connections, and ideally being immersed in an abundance of nature and intimacy with the natural world. In lieu of literally being surrounded by nature if moving is not an option for you, connection with the natural world also looks like abundantly living in alignment with the rhythms and flows of seasons, of day and night, of our natural energy cycles. All of this and more is part of abundant living. 

For some of us, pursuing our dreams and calling comes in the form of something that will ultimately produce financial resources for us too, which is an incredible blessing that can further be utilised to expand into all of the above. There is yet a window of time to do this with all our hearts – perhaps a couple of years. But be wary of chasing cash for the sake of itself, because there will come a time when cash is meaningless and all that was sought with the idea of purely money being the primary form of abundance turns to dust (this is part of the old world dying off).
If you don’t currently live immersed in nature and you yearn to move, know that by following your dreams, you can manifest whatever you want. Don’t give up on that yet, keep your focus on what is calling you in your heart of hearts, even while remaining peripherally aware of the lay of the land within the global situation (this is a challenging seeming paradox/contradiction for many to grasp, but holding the simultaneity is part of the journey of mastery).

As all of life on Earth moves through the next decade and beyond each in our own way, what will ultimately come from this is the birth of the New Earth that we have dreamed of for aeons. Imagine a world where all work together in harmony, joy and beauty for the betterment of all, every being on the planet gets to fulfill their unique purpose for being, and we rest collectively in the adoring arms of our Mother Earth, happy, fulfilled and deeply aware of how treasured we are and how sacred every second of life is. This world is coming. It is our task to see it into being while we simultaneously build it NOW for ourselves and our loved ones, knowing the part of our own lives as proxy to change the entire world.

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