Ending Unholy Alliances & Tyrannies Without Separation

The ability for light leaders to step up now and create Heaven on Earth realities beyond all matrices of old depends entirely on our ability to step out of unholy alliances and tyrannies and establish full sovereignty of our creational power. 

Unholy alliances & tyrannies are any patterns or programs whatsoever that belong to old matrices and that are in conflict or contrary to the mission directive of New Earth creation as issued by the Holy Mother, that we “buy into” or feed through agreement with them in relationship with others – however unconsciously.

These agreements kept us trapped and cycling in the programs of others – programs of the matrix on a massive scale – which we essentially make into our programs by association and alignment. The others in question can be individuals, groups or even whole paradigms (such as particular movements). 

Lightworkers often interpret this paradigm of agreement as “compassionate”, “loving” and “supportive”, but it binds everyone to a lower order.

This entire scenario is one giant program of the matrix, and it must stop now here at the end of times if we are to be powerful keyturners of a new tomorrow. It is time to reclaim and regather our full strength and power, in one-heart-mindeded unity. 

In the past it has often been the case that “standing alone” in integrity requires actually isolating yourself from others, not having relationships, ending many relationships that are supportive in other ways but contain elements of that which needs to fall away. 

It is possible now to end unholy alliances & collapse old cosmic tyrannies of the matrix, without actual separation.

What this looks like is: “I stand by you, but I do not stand by your distortions”

We do not fight externals, we do not push back, we simply hold fast and stand our ground and emanators of higher templates (think of this like a mighty ship’s anchor in the midst of a storm). 

We have no choice now but to step up and hold our ground as leaders of light, and those who do not will find that their position is severely compromised (making them feel worse and worse, less and less, because the “rise up” signal has already been issued).

And it requires tremendous personal energetic sovereignty, which literally means intensity of presence in the body and the ability to hold our own fields without being imprinted or corded.

This necessitates mastery of the lightbodies, which necessitates *awareness* of the lightbodies to begin with. A significant hindering factor to this is that many have been subject to lightbody entrapment, which both actively blocks off elements of awareness, but also has the issue of cords and imprints having already been installed at earlier stages that we are either not conscious of or unable to locate. When full presence across the lightbodies is not there, it leaves the doors wide open for influences to flood in – thus inversions need to be righted also. 

The capacity to not be imprinted or corded going forward absolutely requires that we’ve established psychological self-sovereignty. Cording and imprinting in these times happens when the psyche makes up “stories” (about events, situations, people, etc) – this can be complex because if subconscious “stories” are already present, current situations have a tendency to simply build on these and this is why full self-healing and leaving no stone unturned is absolutely paramount.

If we can understand that we project our own holographic reality through the “lenses” that we call the psyche and it is up to us what we want to have be there, while also cleaning up what has been (knowing that it is just one giant dream and we play a role in ending it all), we are well on the way to full sovereignty. Nothing is personal, and the characters involved literally do no matter, it’s all the body of the One Life.  

We must know that we are the only ones in our unique reality, and any “story” is entirely fabricated – generally as a coping mechanism, as this is what the psyche does until sovereignty is present.

There is nothing outside of us, and no power greater than what we hold (as literal emanators of the presence of God). We are the scriptwriters, yet the untended inner child, inner sage, inner nurturer, inner warrior etc – pieces of the psyche – are often running the show and writing unconscious scripts without our knowing.

All of this must be cleaned out (self-healing), which also requires recapitulation of past experience in this lifetime, as well as past life data  – though there are more effective ways of clearing this than just combing through it, which you’d be at for the next 50 years. This is why in all of our offerings, we touch on every aspect of this, as it’s so fundamental.

The difference between an unholy alliance & a tyranny:

Unholy alliance is an agreement between one or more parties that signals entrapment for all & keeps life cycling in lower realms, unable to fulfil the will of the Mother. Almost always with “good intentions”, always due to damage done to the field through the machinations of the matrix (leaving holes, inconsistencies, insufficiencies, missing tones, etc).

A tyranny is where an individual or group is actually tyrannical in their function, and others “buy in”. 

Typically tyranny is tolerated due to fear.

Fear of literal tyrannical behaviour (this can be a common one for sisters & brothers of light whose function involves reversing the architecture of the Fall), fear of abandonment, fear of authority, fear of hurt or pain, fear of life disruption.

All of these lower emotions of the matrix must be replaced with full higher emotional functioning – surrendered trust in the One Life, love, praise, gratitude, embodied hope, and more. The Belvaspata system serves to support all of this, and it is why we are placing such a big focus on it this coming month.

We must work in unity now – not against each other, but in the partnership of knowing that the Infinite’s will will ultimately and inevitably prevail. This may not be possible directly with some, but those of us who are capable can hold in heart the unification and ultimate homecoming to the Heart of God. 

Separation is not needed, and separation consciousness most certainly should not be there, but we must now stand our ground and hold our own if we want to be successful with turning the tide at this monumental time.

P.s. in all of my spaces currently we are supporting sisters and brothers with making this leap over the coming months, essentially any of the touch points will hold you in this if you need assistance. We understand that many are trying to leave or evolve relationships that began in the matrix, and it’s time for this to no longer be a secret ❤️

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