The Gold That You Are

When I perceive a powerful being of light in the form of an Ancient Ones and the challenges they are having that they come to me for support for, I perceive them as they actually are in their full majestic glory and magic.

I don’t perceive the personal issues and perceived flaws they think they have, I perceive the ways in which they’ve been influenced by holographic architecture that has influenced all beings on this planet, and am able to assist with its deconstruction without making them less or diminishing the truth of their beauty and capacity, and while lifting them up to reconnect fully with the Source of their own power themselves.

In the human paradigm, one of the primary challenges that has affected the self-perception of beings of light is that we are seen by those without eyes to see only as as our seeming flaws, struggles and limitations, with zero understanding of their origin or purpose or the larger function of our being (which requires advanced and expanded shamanic sight).

Because of the illusion of the hall of mirrors (one of the primarily illusions in the dream of separation), most beings learn to self-perceive based on mirror images. Practically speaking, we look in the mirror of how others perceive us – which is bouncing back refracted light instead of the whole spectrum – and take that on as ourselves.

This entire infrastructure has to be dismantled to return to sovereignty, and reclaim what I refer to as true “Self-seeing” (one of the “5 Pillars of Blazing-Hearted Ignition”) that belongs to the 5th dimension or aether element, and refers to seeing of Self beyond the paradigm, not seeing of the surface-layer personality and coping mechanisms that is often perceived as “self” within the matrix.

When you come to me for support, I am perceiving you with expanded sight as your ACTUAL Self, and hold that vision as we steward together the full unveiling of your being through your own eyes through the multi-layers of your own organic infrastructure, until it becomes stable.

This is why longer-term containers are of immense value, because it can take some seeming “time” for the full self-seeing to stablise as inorganic layers are dismantled mentally, emotionally, psychologically, neurologically, energetically and through your light bodies.

I have openings for the remainder of the year and into the new year to support the advanced souls who are ready for this journey of true self-revelation and expansion, you can reach out anytime to start a chat about how I can serve you ❤️

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