Become a Healer of the New Paradigm – Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart

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Meaning “healing of the heart” in an ancient light language of the Infinite Mother, Belvaspata is a modality for the new cosmos, and is truly profound in its scope and capacity. Your life and all those you touch will be uplifted exponentially through receiving this blessing.

The combined wheel of Love, Praise & Gratitude

An Introduction to Belvaspata

Belvaspata Angelic healing of the heart is a profound Angelic healing modality that is so needed at this time of great upheaval on Earth. There are few greater gifts available than to be able to utilise this modality to support yourself, your family, friends, clients, loved ones and even whole geographic areas and soul groups with the unprecedented evolutionary process underway on this planet. This incredible system uses beautiful sigils of light and pure frequency, in conjunction with partnership with specialised Angelic kingdoms who are dedicated to this healing system alone, to restore wholeness to places where its song has been forgotten.

Received by the Seer Almine in Ireland in 2006 following a major cosmic pole shift that radically altered the mechanical way in which healing occurs, this beautiful modality is “the answer” to the needs of vastly shifting cosmic times, and aligns both the practitioner and all those who are able to receive its blessings with highest possible new cosmic templates every time it is used. It has a huge array of possible applications, and is a sacred gift to humanity at this time.

Watch a small introduction of what this modality is about here

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Since the dawning of the major cosmic changes beginning with the Earth’s ascension in 2005, the cosmic laws of physics have radically altered in their functioning, completely reversing what we once knew about healing (to read more about this, see Almine’s book The Ring of Truth). Light now attracts like light, whereas opposite energies repel. Hence Belvaspata uses sigils of light to draw higher consciousness into areas of sickness, rather than “sending” healing energy, which since the cosmic pole change is no longer attracted to its opposite (sick energy) and thus is no longer effective.

Additionally, Belvaspata works on a macrocosmic scale, supported by legions of dedicated Angels, to repair damage to the light and frequency grids of both an individual and the cosmos in the process, reversing the “side effects” of the ages spent in the dream of duality which have been painful to say the least. Every time Belvaspata is performed it benefits not only the one for whom it is performed, but the practitioner themselves, and the entire cosmos at the same time. It is truly a modality of grace and divine mercy for these transformative times.

Whether you wish to study for your own self-evolution or to support friends, family and clients, this program will provide the support to do so. A self-study module on offering Belvaspata as a service within your sacred business is included, and you will be able to receive support within our private training community as you progress on your journey.

Fully upgrade your whole system to be in “alignment with the Song of Creation”, the overall purpose of Belvaspata, so that you may participate in creating new realities of beauty on this planet through the power of the heart.

Learn to forge deep and beautiful relationships with the Angels of Belvaspata, and to be able to support any situation you come across with delicious frequencies of wholeness, Oneness and luminous divine truth

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The overall goal of Belvaspata, according to the Seer Almine, is Alignment with the Song of Creation.

Belvaspata as a modality includes many different options for healing approaches used for different purposes depending on individual needs, and is presided over by its own group of Angels who are called by the practitioner through their sigils to place specific healing frequencies into the body or into a specific location. It is said that once we have the sigil for an Angel they cannot ignore our request for help, and Belvaspata Angels are specifically dedicated to working with this miraculous healing system.

Just a tiny few of the benefits of Belvaspataa

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind, brings confidence in one’s abilities
  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma)
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution/awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life
  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered
  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc
  • Activates DNA capacities of higher consciousness
  • Triggers awakening from the dream of separation

“As a Graduate of Communications I never could have imagined that I would be facilitating this miraculous healing modality.  Belvaspata brings communication to a magical level.  The sensation of both giving and receiving Belvaspata is an inner communication like none other.  And after years of being a Belvaspata practitioner, I can safely say that the sensations increase in a truly lovely way.

When I was initiated by Ciara Young, it was like a massive door was opened for me to do what is mine to do on Earth and for all life on Earth.  The whole body sensation I have while giving Belvaspata directly relates to the specific protocol that I am giving to my client, friend or family member.   For example I’ll often do The 12 Pure Emotions for a family member or a group, feeling each emotion deeply.  The physical and mental bodies are well cared for too with Belvaspata protocols addressing all sorts of health issues.

It is both humbling and empowering to be able to give and receive this beautiful outstanding healing modality.  It is profound that the Belvaspata practitioner is like a networker, liaison person who opens doors and that the healing is available when the recipient becomes receptive… it is timeless in that way.

It delights me that Belvaspata magically arose in Ireland along with Cosmic changes in the summer of 2006, while The Seer Almine was giving a retreat here.  In my experience Belvaspata deeply facilitates healing within and enhances consciousness.  I’m so pleased to be enabled to give what I like to call Beannachtaí / Blessings.

I’m so happy to know that Ciara is offering this profound gift again. It is a unique treat for yourself and  everyone who receives Belvaspata from you. I hope many may feel the joy of it and share this gift of healing.  Ciara Young is highly professional in this area and I sincerely recommend her to anyone drawn to be initiated in Belvaspata.”

Kathleen O’Hara Farren

Nothing to heal, really

Belvaspata works on the principle that disease (of any kind – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc) is an “illusion” in that it is simply an area of life where perfection is not seen. Rather than focusing on illusory surface appearances, “healing” is accomplished by focusing instead on the inherent wholeness beneath them. In this way, we as practitioners facilitate the revelation of underlying perfection of the True Self, which is inherent, and utterly untouchable by life’s myriad experiences.

In this sense there is nothing to heal – only perfection to reveal! This modality simply peels away the layers to allow the radiant luminosity hiding just beneath them to emerge. What an empowering idea to understand that we are not broken, but have perhaps merely forgotten our true nature temporarily.

“In righting a wrong, we judge and divide. In acknowledging wholeness we uplift and inspire the underlying perfection to reveal itself. This miraculous healing modality, a divine gift to humanity, neither tries to heal nor fights disease. To do so would affirm the existence of such illusions.”
– The Seer Almine

A gift from the Infinite for these challenging times, Belvaspata has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It’s an incredibly gentle modality that does not impose healing, but simply leaves blessings lingering in the field of the recipient until such a time as they are ready to receive. It’s a modality of such purity that it’s the only modality currently existing where permission is not required from the recipient for a healing to be performed. As such, it’s perfectly suited to use for collective conditions where it would be impossible to request permission from all involved. It can be used on both individuals and groups, and even situations and places, and is an incredibly life-enhancing tool for Lightworkers to have within their repertoire of supports that they may wish to use to assist with global healing and evolution amidst the huge changes underway on the planet presently.

“Belvaspata replaces distorted matrices with clarity by emphasizing the expression of the pure luminosity and harmony that lies within each being. The stimulation of the true frequencies — the Song of the Self — in an individual creates self-healing by shattering the matrix within the body that holds disease programs in place.”
– The Seer Almine

The Belvaspata repertoire contains many, many different specialty protocols to address a huge variety of situations and concerns, ranging from general healing and activation of latent DNA capacities, creating enlightenment (in situations, groups and locations), treating a huge variety of physical ailments from cuts and burns to heart disease and cancer, restoring the reproductive system to its original divine template, healing emotional trauma and deep and ancient cosmic patterns spanning aeons, and so much more. There are also specialty protocols for treating animals. It is a deeply comprehensive and all-encompassing system, and complementary study areas such as work with Fragrance Alchemy can accompany some protocols to produce even deeper effects.

More about your guide for this journey…

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life, and I deeply know and understand the many challenges that come with walking this path! From a very young age I’ve known I was here for a very different purpose than what my environment led me to believe, and for many years this knowing was a source of great suffering. Through a process of lifelong initiation and really no real deviation from the spiritual path despite innumerable obstacles, I came to understand that my calling is to work with those just like me who are here for something truly massive and far-reaching in its implications, who simply don’t fit into existing paradigms, and who refuse to relinquish the knowing that a new world is possible – no matter how much of a pipe dream it might seem like from within the confines of mainstream realities.

After many years of prior preparation, I encountered the Seer Almine in 2011 and have been a serious and dedicated student ever since, working deeply with many of the sacred teachings brought forth by this most profound Mystic. It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. You can be assured with me that I treasure you inherently in the way that is befitting of the divine being that you are. The preciousness of your existence is safe with me.

Comprehensive training

A deep and comprehensive training on all that you’ll need to dive into the world of this amazing modality and become fully qualified to assist yourself and others on a healing and evolutionary journey

Full support to make this practice your owne

Whether you wish to learn purely for self-healing – although every time you use this modality it benefits all of life – or to serve clients, you will receive the support you need to get you set up properly


Learn alongside a supportive group of fellow heart-centered Luminous Beings on the journey to full self-actualisation, forging meaningful connections that last for years afterwards

Potential questions you might have

Is any prior experience needed for this?

No prior experience is needed, but you need to have done some degree of spiritual self-work and be willing, ready and able to put in the work to embody what is needed to successfully proceed with your initiation process. You must also be willing to let go of pre-conceived belief systems and learn in humility. No responsibility is assumed by us for your lack of preparedness or work.

Will certification be provided?

If joining us live in Latvia, a certificate of initiation will be provided completion of your initiation on the third day of our live event. If joining via livestream, you will receive a certificate of self-initiation completed under mentoring guidance once you’re self-initiation has been performed. Please note that in this case you will be performing your initiation slightly after our in-person group, as your 1:1 mentoring session will be required to proceed with this part.

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