Activate Your Power as a New Earth Leader

Heart Consciousness Healing & Ignition Retreat

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Heal & awaken your heart consciousness

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Become a magnet & anchor for new light & frequency codes

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Be connected to your global light family

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Learn the necessary tools to take your existing practice to the next level

Learn to create higher realities of grace for all of life and step up as a New Earth Leader heralding a new era of creation through the power of the heart in alignment with Source

Throughout the course of our 3 day event (May 12th-14th), you will shift yourself out of the residue of past dreams and their painful limitation and elevate your consciousness to  remembered Oneness beyond duality, all the while playing your part in anchoring high light codes in this beautiful region of the European continent and shifting Latvia and her people to a new paradigm of abundant thriving

You will arise as a newly anointed Leader of Light, and take your place in the global network of masterful healers living their highest calling.

You will learn many tools for self-elevation, evolution and healing and to support the ascension journey of others, including practitioner certification in an incredible New Earth angelic light & frequency healing system that can be incorporated into a sacred business.

Start your own healing practice or include in an existing practice, or simply work with this amazing system for your own personal benefit – support will be provided to suit your specific needs & desires, and you will have lifetime access to an online support community to walk side by side throughout your journey with this magical information.

With the power of learning Belvaspata healing system (meaning "healing of the heart" in an ancient light language of the Mother), you will be able to experience deep healing, magnetise high light & frequency codes and assist others with their ascension

Come with us on a profoundly transformative journey to embody in your divinity as you leave behind past identities, and be initiated to step up as a powerful New Earth Leader at this time of great change on the Earth where all of us are called to the forefront.

We invite you to join us for a mystical quest on the deeply shamanic land of Latvia to establish a higher reality on this sacred soil, as you ignite higher capacities of light and high frequency alchemy within yourself. 

We will join this land with the mystical heart of Ireland as we travel together through realms of higher consciousness beyond realities of old, setting ourselves and all of life free to ascend to higher levels of flourishing.

As part of experiencing this retreat you will learn an Ancient Lemurian breath practice and many other quantum tools that will enable you to:

  • Become a “grounding rod” that prevents catastrophe
  • Clear the pranic tube of past cosmic trauma
  • Lift yourself out of layers of illusion
  • Bring yourself into alignment with the Song of Life
  • Support your own evolutionary journey and that of clients, loved ones, animals, situations, whole soul groups & even places
  • Establish unshakeable personal sovereignty by understanding the framework of the deep psyche and installing a strong foundation on which to build a higher life. 

Be part of this lightwork mission and train to become a powerful practitioner of Healing Through Remembered Oneness and wielder of light and frequency codes to bestow blessings of enlightenment on everyone you touch. 

We will be performing a beautiful Earth healing ceremony on the land that you are welcome to participate in, and that you will also be learning to work with yourself as an initiate!

The initiation itself which takes place on the last day is a beautiful, heart-opening, life-changing experience that will leave you forever changed.


What it will be like to attend this retreat...

  •  Beautiful nourishing time physically connecting with the Earth and feeling the ancient magic of the land come alive beneath our feet
  • Witnessing the miracle of articipating in this incredible lightworking mission heart to heart
  • Experiencing the joy of being part of something so meaningful even beyond the magic of your personal transformational experience
  • Immersal in a gorgeous private location where you can relax in nature as much as you want, and even swim in the adjacent lake if you’re brave enough (it will be pretty cold!)
  • Wholesome cleansing plant-based food and pure water on hand
  • Plenty of time for silence, quiet and introspection as we soak up the magical vibe and just enjoy
  • All in a welcoming family-oriented environment that feels like a home away from home
  • Delicious heart-opening chats, deep healing, lifelong connection with new soul family, maybe even a song or two around the fire

A bit more about the main system you will be learning:

Belvaspata is a vastly comprehensive and expanding modality using light & frequency, and includes speciality protocols for all of the following, and so much more…

  • General healing and activation of latent DNA capacities
  • Creating enlightenment (in situations, individuals, groups and locations)
  • Treating a huge variety of physical ailments from cuts, burns and injuries to heart disease and cancer
  • Restoring the reproductive system to its original divine template
  • Healing emotional trauma and dissolving deep and ancient cosmic patterns spanning aeons
  • Specialty animal healing
  • Earth healing & restoring memory of wholeness to the Earth’s meridians (leylines)
  • Activating the unique magic inherent in geographic locations & in the people who live there (racial/soul groups)
  • Dissolving memory of past injury (in both people and places…)

Even though you will experience healing yourself, you will also be equipped to work as a practitioner to facilitate massive global and cosmic healing wherever you use this system. Additional tools you will learn will also equip  you to act as a “grounding rod” to stabilise evolutionary currents in wherever location you find yourself, as a true high-level steward of the land. Support will be provided to set up your own healing practice if this calls you, or you can simply use the modality for self-healing and supporting the planet quietly. 

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind, brings confidence in one’s abilities
  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma)
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution/awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life
  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered
  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc
  • Activates DNA capacities of higher consciousness
  • Triggers awakening from the dream of separation

You will receive:

  • 3 days of live training and connection (recordings also provided)
  • Initiation & certification in Levels 1 & 2 of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart
  • Resource library of self-study training material to refer to forever
  • Lifetime access to online support community to serve your journey as a Belvaspata practitioner
  • If joining via livestream from overseas, you also receive a 1:1 mentoring session (online) to support your Belvaspata self-initiation

Options for joining:

  • LIVE in Latvia, fully catered, in a beautiful private countryside location beside a lake
  • Via livestream from anywhere in the world. Includes 1:1 mentoring session (online) to support you in a self-initiation process, as initiation cannot be performed remotely


Retreat dates: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th May

Our retreat accommodation is in a beautiful rural location with abundant access to nature, and beside a body of water. The event is fully catered, and you have the option to stay the night before the retreat begins and also the night we finish (included in cost), or simply arrive in time on Friday morning and leave on Sunday evening after we finish up. Accommodation is in shared rooms with shared bathroom, no single supplement available. 

If travelling from overseas, Riga international airport is where you should fly to. While transport is not included in the cost, we will provide all the support you need on how to get to our retreat location.

Exact location: Rauna, Latvia

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Our venue

Remote attendance via livestream

  • Livestreamed 3 day event (plus recordings)
  • Online private 1:1 mentoring session
  • Lifetime access resource library of self-study material
  • Lifetime access to online support community
  • Certificate of self-initiation with mentoring support

Regular pricing live attendance

Payment plans available
  • 3 day live retreat (also receive the recordings)
  • Includes food, tuition & accommodation
  • Lifetime access resource library of self-study material​
  • Lifetime access to online support community​
  • Certificate of initiation​

This is a highly intimate and deep sacred space retreat where you will receive deep support and will be held in a safe environment, hence to create this level of quality for our clients, spaces are highly limited - 7-10 people max. Your payment secures your place and is non-refundable.

We have ONE donation-based space available. Please click the button below to reach out to us about this, or to request a payment plan.

Pictures from a previous retreat in Ireland

Meet your facilitators:

Blazing Heart

Ciara Young is a Visionary Leadership Mentor, Soul Purpose Doula & High Priestess here to help highly conscious visionary beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey to step into their full potential as luminaries at this most exciting juncture in cosmic evolution – unlocking and embodying all they can be, and creating through the heart a joyous life of freedom, love and prosperity.

She’s been on an accelerated spiritual journey her whole life and have an immense amount of experience and expertise to share around the journey of Visionary Leadership and becoming a New Earth Leader.

Kristina Day is a Neo-Shamanic Healer & New Earth Leader supporting Starseeds, Lightworkers and other heart-centred individuals to release past conditioning of doubt, fear and other self-sabotaging ways of being in order to step into personal power and full expression of their soul.

She’s Latvian herself and during the retreat she will be supporting and holding space for you to make sure everyone is happy, comfy and is taken care of. She will also you with all the things logistics, organization pre and during retreat, so feel free to let her know if you have any special requests or any questions at all.
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Potential questions you might have

Is any prior experience needed for this?

No prior experience is needed, but you need to have done some degree of spiritual self-work and be willing, ready and able to put in the work to embody what is needed to successfully proceed with your initiation process. You must also be willing to let go of pre-conceived belief systems and learn in humility. No responsibility is assumed by us for your lack of preparedness or work.

Will certification be provided?

If joining us live in Latvia, a certificate of initiation will be provided completion of your initiation on the third day of our live event. If joining via livestream, you will receive a certificate of self-initiation completed under mentoring guidance once you’re self-initiation has been performed. Please note that in this case you will be performing your initiation slightly after our in-person group, as your 1:1 mentoring session will be required to proceed with this part.

Will I miss out if I attend remotely via livestream?

There is nothing like proximity and the power of gathering in person cannot be compared. However, we understand that not everyone can travel, and that is why we have made the remote streamed version available. The remote streamed event will be jam-packed and you will receive so much, including all of the after-support that will be available via our online portals! 

Will transport be available to and from the retreat venue?

If there is enough requirement, there is a possibility we may be able to organise carpooling from Riga, however private transport is not available by default. If travelling from overseas, please contact us before booking your flight so that we can discuss with you suitable transport options. Public transport is available, and we can advise on the best available options.  

Can I stay over the night before the retreat and the night the retreat finishes?

Yes, this is available at no extra cost! You can either stay at our retreat location Thursday to Monday, with the retreat running from Friday to Sunday. Check in Thursday evening and check out Monday morning. Alternatively, you can simply arrive in time on Friday morning and leave Sunday evening after the retreat finishes. Please note that food for Thursday and Monday is not included, however it may be possible to arrange based on who would like to avail of this option (let us know as soon as possible).

Any other tips?

If travelling from overseas, we highly recommend you take an extra day or two to spend some time in the beautiful city of Riga, which you will be flying into! We will be sending out additional tips to all our attendees once your booking is finalised 😊