These qualities are very important to us.

We’ve found that in many programs out there, both of these are missing, and for similar reasons, participants can often end up feeling like they’re some kind of personal failure to be struggling with pieces that others are not when regarded (usually unintentionally) by facilitators as such, due to them lacking the proper understanding of the nuances that the many different dimensions of these two life challenges can throw up.

While the necessity for being trauma-informed as a facilitator is becoming more commonplace, being neurodiversity informed is not.

We have all participants entering our space fill out a quiz to get to understand their unique learning styles, and pride ourselves on aiming to personalise the experience for every being whose lives we touch by incorporating resources and suggestions based on the very individual way that each person learns so that nobody ends up feeling like they can’t keep up or that they are expected to in an unreasonable and unfairly demanding way.

On the trauma note, oftentimes we have found that it’s simply not grasped by program facilitators the complex impact that traumatic experience has on the body/mind/psyche complex, and why an individual may need specific support for areas that are not necessarily shared by all. This can lead to many different problems, and very often re-traumatises a person who is trying their best to move beyond the impact of the past.

Furthermore, we embody a deep understanding of why an individual may be seeming to take longer to grasp parts of our curriculum based on their life experience, and ensure that they receive the TLC to know that they’re supported to move through the journey at their own pace without feeling pressured or “less than” – a common issue in spaces that do not incorporate the need for a paced approach to ensure nervous system regulation, which is crucial in a healing context.

While this not a trauma healing program per se, we are highly aware of what might be going on for you and can offer tools and resources, and where appropriate, direct you to the correct place to receive professional support, such as energy healing and body work.

We’re commited to maintaining an inclusive space for all, and exemplifying the principle of unity in diversity. 

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