I understand...

Your vision is so vast and multi-dimensional that you struggle to even get it all in one place to begin with, never mind hold it all together!

There's also so much you bring to the table you're not even sure where to best focus your greatest assets for maximum impact (and perhaps haven't even identified what they are...)

I designed this process for myself specifically for this reason, and it's my joy and delight to share it with you.

Where the vision mapping process came from

On my own visionary journey, it became clearly to me early on that I am "not like the others" - and that I cannot simply follow a linear path or hash out some singular niche as if that is the entire composition of my being. I'll wager a bet that exactly the same is the case for you.

Through my own process of trying to figure it all out and understand the mechanics of how to physically articulate my multi-dimensional nature actually in the material world, I devised a "map" system that finally allowed me to pull the totality of myself together, and apply my deepest skillsets and greatest loves to creating a life that I could truly be thrilled to be living.

This resource is pulled from the Visionary Spirit program, which is an accelerated Divine Mission fulfilment program for Light Leaders who are here for an elevated purpose.

I've put my heart and soul into this, and with this purchase you will receive not only the Vision Mapping Process itself, but expanded resources to support you with fulfiling on a daily basis what you came here for. I love you 💖

What You'll Receive

  • Instant lifetime access to a training library that includes both written and video materials
  • Covering three core areas: Finding Your North Star, The Vision Mapping Process itself, and the art of Daily Alignment for sacred success with your vision

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This resource is pulled from the Visionary Spirit program, read the experience of some of our members below:

“Being plugged into this group feels incredible: like coming home… like instantaneous and effortless evolution… like unconditional love and acceptance (from others and of self)… like the perfect place to be to birth my new business powerfully and authentically, so that I may express the fullness of my being on the planet now!”

Sue Elliott, Angel Coach

“I’m tremendously deeply beyond-any-words grateful for you, dear Ciara, and for each and everyone of you, dear sisters, and for this magnificent magical space we’re having here. Thank you so, so much! This is genuinely the greatest and most precious treasure in my life.”

Isabella DancingHeart, GoddessYou Divine Dance

“The evolutionary growth that has emerged — just within the few weeks immersed in this Visionary Spirit group — has made a huge difference in amplifying the clarity of my expression and deepened my articulation of my sacred work in the world. I am profoundly grateful to you, Ciara, for this container of community for evolutionary beings. It’s like coming home to family on a whole new and healthy level.”

Bobbye Middendorf, Yin Arising Catalyst & Inner Wisdom Guide

"Ciara is a phenomenon in the truest sense of the word.  I started working with her over a year ago. We weren't even through my first session and I knew with every fiber of my being, I wanted to work with her long-term on a weekly basis.  In every session I experienced "quantum leaps" in consciousness! Each week I was a level that was more elevated than the previous week. Following her pristine guidance was and still is more valuable than I can say. There really is no language for the level of healing I received from Ciara.  Our time difference had no bearing on my sessions...I would not miss them for the world. Some issues that had been with for most of my life, would literally dissolve on the spot...so completely, I couldn't recall them! When you experience that, you know you are working with a master."

Potential Questions You Might Have:

You’ll receive immediate access to a training library of materials in both written and video format, that you can explore at your own pace and refer back to for all eternity. If you’d like to hop in to our beautiful free support community (hosted on Circle) and share your experience or ask questions, you’re welcome to!

Forever and ever!

This is a completely self-study training. While no personal support is included, you are very welcome to explore our
additional support options if you’d like to take the journey further!

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One-time payment


Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments