4 Week Self-Study journey to blast through blocks & establish your next level

Join us for this highly activated incubation chamber to take you the next level of what you’re building through your sacred life as you shift layer upon layer of what is weighing you down, while moving into exponentially deeper clarity on every level of your vision unfolding – from the practicality to the multi-dimensional internal shifts you are being called to right now.

This self-study program ideal for those who want a fast-track on high-level reality creation and mastery understanding, and are self-led enough to apply it to their own lives to shift forward dramatically as we move into this new year.

How it works...

Instantly receive 4 potent ceremonial self-study calls + materials covering very specific themes of high-level reality creation and mastery – that you have access to forever to explore & revisit at your own pace

Our Journey Together

Week 1 – Aligning With the Source of Power

We’re looking at the irrefutable cosmic laws and dissolving conditioning and belief systems that has us aligning with lower paradigms, artificial sub-creations and collective distortions and leaning away from our Source of power (plus quantum coaching)

Week 2 – Becoming the Entrainers of a New Reality

We start to look at pulling away from the programming of others in our environment who may be entraining us to a lower functioning and unconsciously or unintentionally keeping us bound to the status quo (plus quantum coaching)

Week 3 – Answering the Greater Calling

We dissolve obstacles to who we really are and allow pre-conceived ideas of “what we are to do” to fall away so that a far greater vision can reveal itself aligned with the version of Self that is already living the highest timeline of Heaven on Earth for all (plus quantum coaching)

Week 4 – Multi-Dimensional Integration

Week 4 – We begin to draw our journey to a close by learning vital tools to support the complete integration of our quest over the coming months, that we might move forward in powerful articulation of the Holy purpose that has been revealed (plus quantum coaching)



All adding up to a powerful transformational journey

What You'll receive when you join

    • 4 powerful self-study calls that you can keep forever & explore at your own pace
    • Powerful alchemical entrainment field held around these resources eternally, that you can tap into to upload the codes & receive effortless upgrades

Lifetime Access


Lifetime Access – Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments

Fiona Custom

per week for 4 total payments

Your guide for this journey...

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life, and I deeply know and understand the many challenges that come with walking this path. From a very young age I’ve known I was here for a very different purpose than what my environment led me to believe, and for many years this knowing was a source of great suffering.

Through a process of lifelong initiation, I came to understand that my calling is to work with those just like me who are here for something truly massive and far-reaching in its implications.
Who simply don’t fit into existing paradigms, and who refuse to relinquish the knowing that a new world is possible – no matter how much of a pipe dream it might seem like from within the confines of mainstream realities.

Together, we are creating the New Earth.

It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. 

You can be assured with me that I treasure you inherently in the way that is befitting of the divine being that you are. The preciousness of your existence is safe with me.

Blazing Heart

Ciara Young

Mystical Guide & Mentor for Advanced Light Beings & Visionaries

My approach

A fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, quantum engineering, intuitive coaching/mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges and drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience, plus professional training in several key areas.

I’m continuously adding to my repertoire of tools, techniques, processes and understanding to benefit my beloved clients, and my scope of support is increasingly vast.

Why now? Because we’re in a time cosmically where Rising Visionary Leaders are being called to step up BIG TIME into all that they can be, in a way that just can’t be ignored! Do you feel it?

Potential Questions You Might Have:

This is a self-study training program, there is no start and end date, and you’ll have access to the resources forever to explore at your own pace!

Forever and ever, we don’t do scarcity here. 

You need to have done a large degree of spiritual self-work, be self-led, self-motivated and be willing, ready and able to put in the work to embody what is needed to become masterful in your own journey. You must also be willing to let go of pre-conceived belief systems and learn in humility. No responsibility is assumed by me for your lack of self-impelled contribution.

This is an entirely self-study program, there is no private support via chat or email included. You are welcome however to be part of our free communities (Facebook or Circle) and share your journey or ask questions there!

No refunds are offered due to the nature of the offering and immediate access to materials. Please make a clear and embodied decision about your participation.

Terms & Conditions of Exchange:

    • Participation is non-refundable due to immediate access to content/materials.

    • This is a self-study program and does not include private 1:1 contact via email and chat. 

    • Your purchase indicates that you understand 1:1 support is not included in this program, that this is a self-study offering and that you will not unreasonably expect personal support or contact via any of our channels.

    • Participants agree not to reproduce the content shared within this platform for commercial purposes without express written consent, or to share content publicly.

Lifetime Access


Lifetime Access – Payment Plan

per month for 2 total payments

Fiona Custom

per week for 4 total payments