Launch Yourself Into a New Reality – Visionary Spirit New Year Ceremony – 2 Part Series With Bonuses




You are invited…

To join the Visionary Spirit crew for our annual high-potency End of Year Round-Up / New Year Ceremony to launch yourself into a new reality!

A fully immersive deep-dive activation experience complete with materials that you can use for the whole year.

We are stepping into a whole new cosmic template/timemap come January 1st, and 2024 is pipped to be possibly the most epic year we’ve ever experienced so far!! Get prepped to launch yourself fully into what is available, by participating in our high-level ceremony to start in the right gear 😊

What: Receive the recording of our 2-part ceremony where we gathered to first take full and deep stock of the year we’ve just lived and gather powerful insight to tie it all together and close off what has been with potency, followed by aligning with the power of the new year and mapping our highest aspirations for visionary fulfilment. 

In our alchemical space, together we bring the old year to full completion and set powerful intentions for the new that we commit to stepping into with the support of each other. These spaces are powerful entrainment fields where magical change can occur, and simply being present will produce great shifts for you that may ripple forth into the year ahead and bless your life. Everyone who’s showed up and done the work throughout the year has said every-single-year the intentions that they set came to pass by the time the next one rolled round! Do you want to be the next one to create your dreams?

Materials are provided for you to print out to accompany the ceremony. If you don’t have a printer handy or if you would simply prefer to write up your own versions, no problem, though having the pre-made templates handy is useful and fun! A recording of the ceremony will be shared shortly afterwards in case you’re not able to attend live or want to re-listen.

ALSO RECEIVE – 3 x bonus workshops with expanded material! All for the same price.

When: You will receive access to all of the recordings + materials right away and can keep them forever.

Testimonials from previous years:

Dear Ciara, I haven’t participated in a ceremony quite like this before, and I’m so glad I joined in with this one. I love your immensely powerful setting of sacred spaces. The safe, secure sensations I felt from your facilitation last evening was like a huge embrace, and the invitation to cultivate a field for self actualisation, like a long wished for magical present. I can already feel the benefits of the self honouring and celebration of achievements that we all engaged with. The prompt to ‘let go’ to ‘lay down’  all that no longer serves truly enabled me to give myself permission to do just that and has brought me such relief. Thank you dearest Ciara, I can now feel that I have, as you put it, landed within the field of what is to come in 2022. With love, praise gratitude trust and everlasting hope. 🙏🏼💝🦄🧚🏻‍♀️🌺 – Janet

It was incredible dear one. Strangely just as we closed off and came out the ceremony Nova shattered a glass. And just now Johnson shattered another one. In a weird way, he barely touched it. Lots shifting, thank you again so much, it was so powerful and life changing – Lena

It was amazing thank you so much, a really beautiful cermony, lots and lots to think abouts, such a wonderful positive event, thank you so much – Lindy


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