Divine Fusion Quarterly Planning




The art of planning is a powerful Divine Masculine skill, that gives structure to the width of the flow of our formless Divine Feminine being.

Like the banks of the river, guiding the direction of the GUSHING force of all that wants to pour through, so that it has a solid container in which to be held.

While we might get away with “flowing” only in earlier stages of development, when it comes to building a more expansive architecture, the real power of planning comes into full force.

And while many spiritual beings resist this concept, it’s often due to a misunderstanding…

This is not about planning a closed life, but about giving shape to BIGGER dreams that require a steady hand to articulate – that the

Divine might create our lives through the vehicle of the most refined instrument possible (us).

Whether we like to admit it or not, that which is not given a place often does not get done.

If you want to finish out this year having ACHIEVED that which you set out to do at the start, come and join us (though note that this material can be applied at any time, it’s not time-sensitive 😊)


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