Belvaspata, meaning “Angelic Healing of the Heart” in one of the ancient light languages of the Infinite Mother, is one of several profound mystical healing modalities received directly from the Infinite by the Seer Almine that is incorporated within all that we offer. We also offer training in this incomparable system.

Combined wheel of Love, Praise and Gratitude

Belvaspata is a light and frequency based healing modality that was received in Ireland in 2006, while Almine was physically present in Ireland at the time, in response to major changes in the nature of polarity in the cosmos that changed overnight the way many past healing methods worked. Read more about Almine here.

Since the dawning of these changes beginning with the Earth’s ascension in 2005, the cosmic laws of physics have radically altered in their functioning, completely reversing what we once knew about healing (to read more about this, see Almine’s book The Ring of Truth). Light now attracts like light, whereas opposite energies repel. Hence Belvaspata uses sigils of light to draw higher consciousness into areas of sickness, rather than “sending” healing energy, which since the cosmic pole change is no longer attracted to its opposite (sick energy).

Additionally, Belvaspata works on a macrocosmic scale, supported by legions of dedicated Angels, to repair damage to the light and frequency grids of both an individual and the cosmos in the process, reversing the “side effects” of the ages spent in the dream of duality, which have been painful to say the least. Every time Belvaspata is performed it benefits not only the one for whom it is performed, but the practitioner themselves, and the entire cosmos at the same time. It is truly a modality of grace and divine mercy for these vastly transformative times.

Watch the below video to learn a bit more about Belvaspata

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Belvaspata works on the principle that disease (of any kind – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc) is an “illusion” in that it is simply an area of life where perfection is not seen. Rather than focusing on illusory surfaces appearances, “healing” is accomplished by focusing instead on the inherent wholeness beneath them. In this way, we as practitioners facilitate the revelation of underlying perfection of the True Self, which is inherent, and utterly untouchable by life’s myriad experiences. In this sense there is nothing to “heal” – only perfection to reveal! This modality simply peels away the layers to allow the radiant luminosity hiding just beneath them to emerge. What an empowering idea to understand that we are not “broken”, but have perhaps merely forgotten our true nature temporarily.

“In righting a wrong, we judge and divide. In acknowledging wholeness we uplift and inspire the underlying perfection to reveal itself. This miraculous healing modality, a divine gift to humanity, neither tries to heal nor fights disease. To do so would affirm the existence of such illusions.

The Seer Almine

A gift from the Infinite for these challenging times, Belvaspata has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It’s an incredibly gentle modality that does not impose healing, but simply leaves blessings lingering in the field of the recipient until such a time as they are ready to receive. It’s a modality of such purity that it’s the only modality currently existing where permission is not required from the recipient for a healing to be performed. It can be used on both individuals and groups, and even situations and places, and is an incredibly life-enhancing tool for Lightworkers to have within their repertoire of supports that they may wish to use to assist with global healing and evolution amidst the huge changes underway on the planet presently.

Belvaspata replaces distorted matrices with clarity by emphasizing the expression of the pure luminosity and harmony that lies within each being. The stimulation of the true frequencies — the Song of the Self — in an individual creates self-healing by shattering the matrix within the body that holds disease programs in place.”

The Seer Almine

The overall goal of Belvaspata, according to the Seer Almine, is Alignment with the Song of Creation.

Belvaspata as a modality includes many specialty modalities used for different purposes depending on individual needs, and is presided over by its own group of Angels who are called by the practitioner through their sigils to place specific healing frequencies into the body or into a specific location. It is said that once we have the sigil for an Angel they cannot ignore our request for help, and Belvaspata Angels are specifically dedicated to working with this miraculous healing system.

Benefits of Belvaspata

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind, brings confidence in one’s abilities
  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma)
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution/awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life
  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered
  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc
  • Activates DNA capacites of higher consciousness

Belvaspata training

Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart is the original work of the Seer Almine. To read more about Almine visit To read more about Belvaspata visit With profound gratitude to Almine for the gift of this miraculous healing modality. All featured sigils copyright Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC. All other details on this page copyright Ciara Young, The Blazing Heart Foundation – please do not reproduce without permission. If you wish to replicate this copy to promote your own practice, please reach out to discuss guidelines.