Are you an emerging Divine Feminine Leader on the path to full self-realisation, ready to take the articulation of your purpose to the whole next level?


Then you’re in the right place….

My name is Ciara, and I’m here to help you embody the greatest possible version of yourself that you can be, unapologetically.

I see your glorious divine beauty and epic potential, and my commitment is to help you align your whole life with the fullest expression of all that you are.

My clients come to me when they’ve gone as deep as they possibly can with their current spiritual practice and journey, and are ready to go deeper than they’ve ever gone before. Or when they’re ready to up-level massively and need the support of somebody who is specialised in dealing with highly evolved Luminous Beings, their unique experiences and the unique challenges that they face.

This work is “serious business” and not for the faint-hearted! It’s for the brave and courageous blazing-hearted souls who will settle for nothing less than full illumination. But you know this already, don’t you? After all, you’ve been walking the path your whole life.

Identify the age-old illusions hidden deep in the psyche that are preventing you from claiming your full potential, and discover them to be huge reserves of latent power just waiting for your conscious acceptance. Have you been searching to put the pieces of your existence together into a larger, more unlimited picture of you that just “clicks”? My unique form of intuitive coaching and mentoring is designed to deliver exactly this and more.

If you want to excel in consciousness and are truly up to the challenge, working with me might be exactly the catalyst you need. I invite you to delve into exploring what we can accomplish together.

The large is in the small

I provide exciting connections designed to move you forward on your journey and ignite your own unique passion and personal power source, driven by the intent to fully and truly “see” you. We can cover everything from guidance on everyday life, love and business matters, to “larger” subjects such as mastering the cosmic laws that govern existence, and everything in between. It’s said that the most personal is the most universal, and that is never more true than in this kind of work. The biggest cosmic keys are turned through the way in which we go about navigating our ordinary experience. You’ll find no spiritual by-passing or escapism here.

100% Commitment

I can provide guidance on a number of specialised areas including but not limited to the uncovering and activation of your full potential, dissolution of illusion, healing from trauma, overcoming attachments, programming, conditioning and belief systems, dissolving karma and establishing mental and emotional sovereignty, creating a thriving life that you love through the power of heart consciousness, as well as practical matters such healthy lifestyle, diet and detox as necessary (embodying your full purpose necessitates mastering physicality), among many other things.

This work is all about self-mastery, and you will receive 100% commitment from me in return for 100% commitment from you to your own journey. I only work with a handful of dedicated private clients at a time in order to give you my totally devoted attention.

Self-change to change all

My specialty is in walk-through integration of the psyche as the route to evolving consciousness to higher levels of expression. I am also a Grandmaster of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart and Grand Master of the Runes of the Infinite Mother, cutting edge modalities which may be utilised to facilitate the most graceful and beneficial unfolding for you as called for, as well as a certified practitioner of various other modalities. All of these modalities, and more, may be drawn from before, during and after your sessions as required to augment results.

My Superpower

My favourite area in helping visionary beings who are here as beacons of light on the Earth – Wayshowers – to unlock their full capacity and step into the wealth of their calling as a luminary, establishing their own body of work, creating the containers necessary to support their full expression, and so much more.

How I can help you...

I can help you to…

  • Activate a clear understanding of who you really are, your role in the world, and the next level of your vision yearning to come forth from within you
  • Heal your past and overcome the obstacles that unresolved past experience is producing in your current reality, freeing you up to move forward powerfully
  • Integrate the gems of inspiration that past experience has offered, fully internalising all the gifts that life placed in your lap for your expansion and creating the solid foundation upon which to build anew! Past is not as it seems
  • Transcend karma – no need to repeat experiences in a cyclical fashion any longer. I will help you to gain the insights from major life issues, which when understood, releases you to finally move on to higher levels of expression
  • Clear old traumas, wounding and limited belief systems that are weighing you down
  • Dissolve ancient contracts and alliances that are binding up resources in your life and keeping you stuck
  • Exponentially increase self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, self-honouring, self-valuing and knowing of your worthiness to receive all good things in life
  • Upgrade DNA to that of a being of radically higher consciousness
  • Learn powerful perspectives, attitudes, techniques and processes for manifestation of a higher reality of grace
  • Learn powerful tools for continuously increasing personal power
  • Radically overhaul your self-care routine to equip you with the daily self-supports needs to fulfil the purpose of each day fully
  • Understand and discover your unique gifts, abilities and strong suits on a much deeper level, and how to best utilise them to uplift your life and that of others

On an even more expanded level…

  • Get complete clarity on exactly what you’re here for on a massive soul level; no more messing around playing small and pretending to be anything less than your full authentic self
  • Become self-referring for approval, no longer needing affirmation from anything or anyone outside of you in order to articulate your fullest purpose
  • Establish mental, emotional and spiritual self-sovereignty of being and finally feel whole unto yourself – a priceless gift of self homecoming that is worth more than its weight in gold
  • Gain total confidence in your ability to thrive beyond society’s dictating standards, according to the inspired and resonant song of your own heart
  • Gain total clarity on the vision for your life and fill in any gaps where past belief may be causing you to dream smaller than is possible, feeling wholly equipped and ready to leap into the actualisation of your biggest dreams
  • Using my gifts of intuition, extra-sensory and inner-visionary abilities, we will lock onto a laser-targeted view of exactly what you need to catalyse the next level of your never-ending evolutionary journey, and how to implement that practically-speaking
  • See yourself within the vast context of an eternal being on an endless journey through cosmic existence, rather than a small speck of life having a single or even multiple lifetimes. This wide-angled view will change your concept of Self forever
  • Map out a direct course for unfolding your greatest destiny
  • Finally claim the majesty of all that you are and never look back!
The psyche is our individuated consciousness and link to the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. It is through evolving our own psyche that we evolve the consciousness of the whole. This is the greatest service that we can render, and comes with its own benefit of the most exquisite view of the beauty and perfection of existence, within which we are blessedly included. 

The approach that we’ll take combines a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism and metaphysics with a deep understanding of modern challenges, and is drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience. Put basically, my unique brand of coaching allows you to simply reveal yourself, rather than project onto you my idea of what you should be.

Our process will be a combination of coaching, healing, mentoring and “catalysing”, and will utilise a variety of powerful metaphysical tools and techniques, some of which I will teach to you, and others that I will work with on your behalf to enable the greatest shifts that are possible for you during our time together. This is a process of working together in partnership and collaboration, and as such you will be intimately included every step of the way. You will feel immensely empowered in having done your part in your liberation from self-made limitations

Is working with me for you?

Working with me may be for you if…

  • You are self-directive when it comes to steering your journey in the direction that you want to go in (you are Captain of your own ship!)
  • You are driven, determined, fully committed to up-levelling your existence and willing to persevere through inevitable challenges (with full support)
  • You are self-responsible in terms of recognising that your reality emanates from you and are willing to make whatever changes necessary to create a flourishing life
  • You are disciplined enough to take care of yourself, with guidance if necessary – getting enough sleep, eating well, resting well, doing whatever is the necessary amount of exercise for you uniquely to feel good. All of these things are a crucial part of your all round evolution and at the end of the day only you can do them
  • You are coachable! You need to be open to receiving affirmative suggestions to help you to move beyond limitations and become more of all that you can be, without having an ego meltdown. On the other hand, if you want to overcome the tyranny of the ego and are willing to be fully co-operative in that process, I can help you with that too…
  • Working with is probably not for you if…

  • You want to play the victim and believe that your circumstances are determined by something outside of yourself
  • You’re not ready for huge growth – this work is not for those who are comfortable staying in their comfort zones, and requires courage
  • You’re not prepared to do the self-work that is necessary to get the results that you’re looking for. I can’t be responsible for your lack of progress if you haven’t done your part in this process
  • You’re looking for answers outside or yourself or for somebody else to save you, and expect me to fulfil that role. I can’t do that – my job is to empower you to help yourself
  • You’re looking for somebody to battle (see point above about needing to be coachable). This work is not a magic bullet and will definitely require deep introspection and self-work on your part, and I’m unwilling to fight you if you’re not open to self-initiating this process yourself
  • Calling the Emerging Divine Feminine Leaders With Big Visions in Their Hearts​

    The Visionary Spirit Launchpad Votext is a multi-layered acceleration portal for emerging Impeccable New Earth Leaders who are devoted to a life of sacred service, and fully committed to bringing their greatest visions to life in support of birthing a new world on this beautiful planet.

    Through this container, you will be supported to step into your full soul purpose and create a thriving life that calls to your heart every day and uplifts the whole world at the same time. An offering for those who are ready to shift consciousness and create within the quantum multi-dimensional realities of abundance, joy and beauty completely outside of the collective paradigm!


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    About me

    My name is Ciara and I’m a Visionary Leadership Mentor, Soul Purpose Doula & High Pristesss.

    I help highly conscious visionary beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey to step into their full potential as luminaries at this most exciting juncture in cosmic evolution – unlocking and embodying all they can be, and creating through the heart a joyous life of freedom, love and prosperity.

    My job is to help highly evolved beings who are here to facilitate the turning of the tide to unearth their true divine nature from the depths of being and step into it in full clarity and confidence, igniting full potential.

    I adore this work, it sets my heart and soul on fire! I see a future where every Luminous Being is flourishing in their true calling, leading a deeply fulfilling life of magic and beauty, and I’m committed to playing a part in bringing this vision about.

    I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life and have an immense amount of experience and expertise to share with you, and am incredibly excited to join you on your own journey! Read more about me here