Luminous One,

You’ve come here because you’ve reached a crossroads. You know with your whole being that it’s time to break through to something calling you from beyond any paradigm you’ve lived before, something that feels both deeply familiar and yet totally new, something that you cannot deny, but you don’t know exactly how…

That’s where I come in.

This container is a deep-dive journey to uncover your next level, bring it forth and anchor it powerfully in your field. I’m specialised in dealing with the unique challenges, experiences and gifts of highly evolved beings like you, and your sacred initiation is safe with me.

A journey to see clearly your next steps through a wide range of methods that we employ according to your completely unique requirements, which we assess together before beginning:

  • Personal trauma healing / soul retrieval
  • DNA activation
  • De-programming of the matrix illusions
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Awakening ancient memory
  • Activating multi-dimensional awareness
  • Expanding your capacity
  • Increasing your skillset
  • And so much more…

Our work together draws from lifetimes of experience and a vast range of disciplines, modalities and approaches that we call upon to suit the needs of the moment. It will include intuitive coaching and mentoring, shamanic healing & journeying, and may also include advanced spiritual counselling methods that do not enforce one’s viewpoints or reality on another, advanced metaphysical and alchemical healing and liberation tools and techniques, energy healing, NLP & Time Line Therapy, multi-dimensional activation and clearing work, Angelic heart healing, divination via the Runes of the Infinite Mother, to name but a few.

We cover a huge amount of ground in a very short space of time, yet in a way that is carefully structured so as not to overwhelm. At all times our session work together involves your active participation in your own process, and you will become more self-empowered than you’ve ever been before. Sessions last typically up to 3 hours, but we don’t watch the clock because this work can’t be timed. You have my full dedication.

You've done years of self-work, you're passionate, committed, devoted to a life of service and feel the call deep in your bones to RISE to the next level of your true calling. You know there's something more, you hear it's whisper, louder and louder and every day, and you cannot ignore... It's time to answer the call.

This work is serious business and not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the brave and courageous blazing-hearted souls who will settle for nothing less than full illumination. But you know this already, don’t you? After all, you’ve been walking this path your whole life.

It's my passion to generously resource you with self-supporting tools, techniques and materials to continue to empower yourself on your journey following our time together

As called for, I will teach you options for working with magical processes to enable you to keep sourcing your own clarity as you move to the next level of your unfolding. Sometimes I’ll recommend tools that you might wish to engage further study in and that I feel would be most beneficial to ongoingly support you.

In our sessions, we draw from a wealth of resources and an overflowing treasure box of possible support avenues to choose from. It’s a pleasure for me to introduce you to some of these as well so that you can become fully empowered in helping yourself to the highest level. You’ll receive access to my Client Portal where you’ll have an array of supportive self-study materials to choose from as well.

What can working with me do for you?

Working with me can help you to…

  • Heal your past and overcome the obstacles that unresolved past experience is producing in your current reality, freeing you up to move forward powerfully
  • Integrate the gems of inspiration that past experience has offered, fully internalising all the gifts that life placed in your lap for your expansion and creating the solid foundation upon which to build anew! Past is not as it seems
  • Transcend karma – no need to repeat experiences in a cyclical fashion any longer. I will help you to gain the insights from major life issues, which when understood, releases you to finally move on to higher levels of expression
  • Clear old traumas, wounding and limited belief systems that are weighing you down
  • Dissolve ancient contracts and alliances that are binding up resources in your life and keeping you stuck
  • Exponentially increase self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, self-honouring, self-valuing and knowing of your worthiness to receive all good things in life
  • Upgrade DNA to that of a being of radically higher consciousness
  • Learn powerful perspectives, attitudes, techniques and processes for manifestation of a higher reality of grace
  • Learn powerful tools for continuously increasing personal power
  • Radically overhaul your self-care routine to equip you with the daily self-supports needs to fulfil the purpose of each day fully
  • Understand and discover your unique gifts, abilities and strong suits on a much deeper level, and how to best utilise them to uplift your life and that of others

On an even more expanded level…

  • Get complete clarity on exactly who you are and what you’re here for on a massive soul level; no more messing around playing small and pretending to be anything less than your full authentic self
  • Become self-referring for approval, no longer needing affirmation from anything or anyone outside of you in order to articulate your fullest purpose
  • Establish mental, emotional and spiritual self-sovereignty of being and finally feel whole unto yourself – a priceless gift of self homecoming that is worth more than its weight in gold
  • Gain total confidence in your ability to thrive beyond society’s dictating standards, according to the inspired and resonant song of your own heart
  • Gain total clarity on the vision for your life and fill in any gaps where past belief may be causing you to dream smaller than is possible, feeling wholly equipped and ready to leap into the actualisation of your biggest dreams
  • Using my gifts of intuition, extra-sensory and inner-visionary abilities, we will lock onto a laser-targeted view of exactly what you need to catalyse the next level of your never-ending evolutionary journey, and how to implement that practically-speaking
  • See yourself within the vast context of an eternal being on an endless journey through cosmic existence, rather than a small speck of life having a single or even multiple lifetimes. This wide-angled view will change your concept of Self forever
  • Map out a direct course for unfolding your greatest destiny
  • Finally claim the majesty of all that you are and never look back!

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A 3 session package option is also available. A package lets us get far deeper into the radical shifting of multiple areas of life and build our work together layer by layer to produce exponentially more life-altering results. If you desire a longer-term mentoring container customised to your needs, check out The Initiation offering.