My favourite spiritual tool by far!

One of the most powerful mystical tools that I use in both my personal and professional practice is the incomparable Runes of the Infinite Mother, another gift received directly from the hand of the Infinite by the world-renowed Seer Almine. As initiated Grand Master of the Runes, I am so delighted to share my enthusiasm for them with you!

These Runes are truly one of the most remarkable evolutionary tools that is available to us presently, and cannot be compared to any type of runes that have been used in previous cycles of cosmic life.

Background story…

The Runes of the Infinite Mother began to be received by Almine in 2012 following a request by one of her international lecturers to prepare material for an upcoming event in Russia. Initially, four libraries were received, corresponding to the four directions and four lower bodies of man, and were quickly followed by another three libraries. These first 7 sets correspond to the 7 main chakras of the body.

Then, in 2016, an 8th set of Runes corresponding to the much sought-after and deeply mystical 8th field of perception was received. Mastery of this field opens the mystical portal of the High Heart through which complete transcendence of old dreams can effortlessly happen. Combined, these 8 Rune sets enable us to operate from a unified chakra field with the portal of the High Heart fully available as an interface between inner and outer realities, wherein we become the Bridge of No Time and the Bridge of No SpaceRead more about Almine here.

In the years following, library 9 was received, and finally libraries 10, 11 & 12 – the last 3 – followed. These 12 sets of Runes, totaling a whopping 1152 Runes, correspond to the 12 levels of perception within macrocosmic reality, each one of which is the focal point of a vast field of potential power and magical capacity waiting to be explored.

A tool for the evolution of consciousness…

Unlike any form of divination from within the matrix, these runes don’t “give us answers” per se, but rather help us to clarify and refine our awareness, which ultimately produces the illumination we are seeking. In the process, we might receive an answer, yet the language of the Runes is entirely non-linear and their messages can’t in any way be taken at face value. This can be maddening to those who simply want to be given static knowledge or to give their power away to a perceived external, but for those whose sole aim is to attain personal mastery, these Runes are an absolutely invaluable tool in this newly evolving cosmic era.

Far from merely being a tool of guidance, these specific Runes are a tool for the evolution of consciousness beyond all previously accessible levels. Their value cannot be overstated.

From the Book of Runes by Almine:

Through the ages runes have been sought through mystical practices and revelations, to bring guidance and to serve as magical power objects. The runes of the Infinite Mother not only come as a great gift to fulfill these purposes but to deliver an even greater benefit: enhanced consciousness.

As a sacred guidance system, the runes show us the subtle currents of possibilities, and also lay out a pathway of evolution to stimulate fuller capacities in the practitioner.

The Runes of the Infinite Mother are of such potency that they change the consciousness of the practitioner simply on viewing them. This may initially be a non-cognitive process, but within a short period of time, the changes in awareness on the cognitive level become very apparent. Yet to reap this blessing, we must be prepared to release all that we think we know in order to embody greater capacity of alignment with Infinite will than we had ever previously imagined. Put simply, the true scope of our vastness is far greater than the small self could possibly conceive of, and the Runes facilitate the direct embodied realisation of this for ourselves.

From the incredible Rune Mastery Environment by our partners at Anutiama

“In using the Runes for guidance, manifestation, and inner mastery, you are led to cooperating with Infinite Intent in a manner such that all that shifts within is cause for changes without. The Runes form a ‘linguistic bridge’ that communicates between inner and outer realities and causes them to move in synchrony.

As a tool, the runes help to interpret life and to refine perspectives, attitudes, and expression so that you are fully cooperating with its flawless perfection. They help to clear the membranes between the fields of communication, so that you may master the tool of transcendence, which enables you to leave the old energy source of polarity behind. In transcendence, you attain to ‘the peaceful interaction of multi-perspectives’ which becomes a new energy source.”

A Bridge Between Masculine and Feminine Realities…

The Runes speak the language of inner space, and through working with them as a physical tool, they serve the function of bridging inner and outer realities (feminine and masculine respectively) and their languages. This enables us to speak both as a fluent language of Integrated Oneness; wherein these previously opposite poles not only fully understand one another, but learn to function in co-operative union.

In this way, our combined reality of Integrated Oneness can fluidly and immediately reshape according to our evolving awareness. Ordinarily, when inner and outer are lived separately, there is a gap in our awareness (the gap between cause and effect) that means changes we make internally or things we intend don’t manifest immediately. This gap is caused by the density of illusion – here we’re looking at the big illusion that anything can be separate, or that opposites can really exist when the truth of Infinite life is one of absolute indivisibility.

For many ages, we have lived inner/outer (feminine/masculine) realities as opposites, and opposites are also oppositional to one another. This has been the cause of much strife, as our inner and outer being seem to fight each other, making lasting change incredibly difficult to achieve due to the cosmic principle of inertia. The most magnificent gift of this tool is the healing of the illusion of inner and outer as opposites once and for all. In this sense, ultimately, the Runes serve to enable us to embody a life of ease and grace in surrendered trust of the benevolence of life. They are a phenomenal tool of guidance for those who are truly ready to take up the mantle of full self-responsibility and embrace all the wonderful privileges that come with that, but for which the releasing of old belief systems is essential.

From the Book of Runes by Almine…

“Within the rich inner infrastructure of man, a river of untapped potential awaits discovery. Like the Yin and the Yang, the inner and outer realities are opposites, divided by their inability to communicate in a mutually understandable way. This seemingly insurmountable language barrier can be overcome however, by developing a linguistic bridge that communicates between the inner and outer realities. Such a bridge is provided by the ancient wisdom of the Runes.

The intent of someone seeking the wisdom of the cards creates a mutual agreement between their inner and outer realities that this is a system that will be the communication method of choice for the outer articulation of inner guidance. A rune representing a specific principle, desired by someone as an expression in his or her environment, can also send a reverse communication from their outer reality to the inner, eliciting support for its manifestation. Carrying a specific rune with us, reading its wisdom frequently and living its guiding principle, the inner potential of our being is alerted to its desirability so that it can aid in its manifestation.”

The Runes of the Infinite Mother feature heavily in all of our offerings, though sometimes as a background component. We also offer training and initiation in Rune Mastery for those who wish to become practitioners. Reach out to enquire about options.

The Runes of the Infinite Mother are the original work of the Seer Almine. Read more about Almine here. With profound gratitude to Almine for the gift of this miraculous healing modality. All featured runes copyright Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC. Digital rune design by Anutiama. All other details on this page copyright Ciara Young, The Blazing Heart Foundation – please do not reproduce without permission. If you wish to replicate this copy to promote your own practice, please reach out to discuss guidelines.