A little bit about me….


Hello beautiful soul, I am Michelle, a true heart warrior- fiercely, loving sensitive soul and mum of 3 on a devoted journey to full embodiment of my true divine feminine essence and sacredness of my being. A grand adventure in deeply loving every aspect of my life into  highest reality for myself and all of life, restoring Mothers voice to the land.

I became a Belvaspata Practitioner in 2018, after exploring and receiving so much deep healing  through the support of this sacred modality . I followed the call of my heart and  decided to take it to the next level and have been working with it ever since! Mainstream spirituality never held much appeal yet my innate soul wisdom magnetizing me exactly where I needed to be- finding a beautiful spiritual at homeness in the great Seer Almines teachings.

 My down to earth nature anchoring me in a place of innate presence  and a very rooted, boots on the ground kind of  appraoch to life.

 I was called to this path through my deep devotion to the path of Mother, which is both the intimate connection with the Infinite Mother herself and the journey of restoring her presence on the planet, and it  has reflected through my own journey of  motherhood and how incredibly important that has been to my own life and the truly magnificent purpose I’m here to steward.

My Background  in Health Science & Applied Physiology and completed my BSc in Public Health and Health Promotion in 2005. Empowerment of Women and children’s health and development have been my core passion and calling throughout my studies and career.  I’ve worked directly with children, young people and their families in alternative education and community work for over 20 years. Indeed having  worked and engaged in continuous training in these fields and beyond established a very strong trauma informed approach  as a facilitator, teacher and holder of space. 

Having moved through the various system, I witnessed first hand how hard it can be for sensitive multi-dimensional beings to walk through these systems.  The  fire of my soul and the drum beat of my heart encouraged me to deeply explore how I could both nourish my own body, mind and soul from a place of deep presence and extend this in devoted service to my family and through the field of the heart incorporate this as a sacred offering for those called to walking this devotional path.

My shamanic capacity active from a young age,  I have always had a deep awareness of the  movement and aliveness of worlds within me, yet so  often misunderstood by the many, often leading me to hide this beautiful innate nature of my being! 

Throughout my teenage years I relied on a variety of holistic approaches to support my uniqueness while engaging and walking through life. Leading to a passion for all things holistic and nature based!

My training in various energy and healing modalities began in 2009-reiki, angelic healing, nutrition,  children’s mindfulness, reflexology to name but a few and through these trainings, initiations and purifications my innate healing gifts began to come back online. 

The journey of taking full responsibility of every aspect of my life  and creating my own sovereign reality has been expansively soul nurturing as well as hugely challenging, as are often the nature of the intiatory paths. Cultivating and commiting to a daily devotional practice to self and inner space  and the use of  the most sacred alachemical tools on the planet has been such a profound support….my fierce warrior spirit has ignited and illuminated the path leading me directly to where I am- and I carry very strong divine femine Leadership qualities and have honed my skills in this area in order to be of service.

Recognising how important it is for us to take this journey now to create a brighter future and true flourishing for all of us. My journey as a mother – which began long before moving through the physical motherhood portal, has initiated me into my true purpose of creating a whole new world of joy, abundance and peace not just for my own children but all innocent creatures on this Earth.

In addition to this, the individual, unique journey and process of personal evolution and following the golden thread of fully uncovering and reclaiming our unique divine essence that has been obscured for so long, is of utmost importance. 

These two threads weave together, and it is through our own process of uncovering that we support all of life on Earth to change. This is where I meet women and mothers in the middle – covering both angles of supporting with family life, and their own journey of self-discovery. 

Although I walk in the light, I’m not afraid of the dark because I walk between the worlds. I can hold true depth, and and not afraid to meet you in the true holding and nourishment of your own depth and shamanic nature that similarly has not been understood by the world. The sacredness of this is safe with me and indeed I fully understand the challenges particularly for women and mothers within this yet also understand that this indeed is the medicine and what the world needs now right now. A strong heart led movement with woman driving the momentum-but indeed it begins with ourselves and becoming true leadersa within our own lives and homes.

My dedication is to creating a truly safe space – a holy sanctuary – for the sacred woman on a journey of evolution into the fullness of her true self that covers all the multi-dimensional facets of this very precious process. 

Bringing my own skills, journey, experience and medicine and combining them with the incredible healing system of Belvaspata, I have cultivated a beautiful healing  and entraninment field that I bring you to as a sacred offering of centered space holding and support.

Read all the detail below

Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart

Belvaspata (meaning “Healing of the Heart” in the ancient light language of the Infinite) is a new light and frequency based healing modality that was introduced in Ireland in 2008 by the world-renowed mystic and seer Almine in response to major cosmic changes. Rather than focusing on what is not, it emphasises the expression of pure light and frequency to reveal the perfection of a higher reality – effortlessly expressing it into being by emanating the qualities that match.

Belvaspata has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing.



Benefits of Belvaspata

  • Promotes the removal of illusions that cause ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • Restores clarity, purpose and peace of mind, brings confidence in one’s abilities
  • Renews access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • Assists with the healing of long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma)
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution/awakening, clearing out limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Assists with seeing and enhancing the perfection of life
  • Assists with promoting full expression, where full expression is blocked or hindered
  • Assists with expanding into the capacity to “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc
  • Activates DNA capacites of higher consciousness
The combined wheel of love, praise and gratitude - received by the Seer Almine

Belvaspata works on the principle that dis-ease (of any kind – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc) is an “illusion” in that it is simply an area of life where perfection is not seen. Rather than focusing on illusory surfaces appearances, “healing” is accomplished by focusing instead on the inherent wholeness beneath them. In this way, we as practitioners facilitate the revelation of underlying perfection of the True Self, which is inherent, and utterly untouchable by life’s myriad experiences. In this sense there is nothing to “heal” – only perfection to reveal! This modality simply peels away the layers to allow the radiant luminosity hiding just beneath them to emerge. What an empowering idea to understand that we are not “broken”, but have perhaps merely forgotten our true nature temporarily.

"In righting a wrong, we judge and divide. In acknowledging wholeness we uplift and inspire the underlying perfection to reveal itself. This miraculous healing modality, a divine gift to humanity, neither tries to heal nor fights disease. To do so would affirm the existence of such illusions."

A gift from the Infinite for these challenging times, Belvaspata has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It’s an incredibly gentle modality that does not impose healing, but simply leaves blessings lingering in the field of the recipient until such a time as they are ready to receive. It’s a modality of such purity that it’s the only modality currently existing where permission is not required from the recipient for a healing to be performed. It can be used on both individuals and groups, and even situations and places, and is an incredibly life-enhancing tool for Lightworkers to have within their repertoire of supports that they may wish to use to assist with global healing and evolution amidst the huge changes underway on the planet presently.

"Belvaspata replaces distorted matrices with clarity by emphasizing the expression of the pure luminosity and harmony that lies within each being. The stimulation of the true frequencies — the Song of the Self — in an individual creates self-healing by shattering the matrix within the body that holds disease programs in place."

Belvaspata as a modality includes many specialty modalities used for different purposes depending on individual needs, and is presided over by its own group of Angels who are called by the practitioner through their sigils to place specific healing frequencies into the body or into a specific location. It is said that once we have the sigil for an Angel they cannot ignore our request for help, and Belvaspata Angels are specifically dedicated to working with this miraculous healing system.

Belvaspata is combined with Spiritual Counselling according to the specific needs and preferences of the client, and in many cases it is beneficial for this to be done. In some cases further counselling may be suggested where some insight into the cause of disturbance needs to be provided in order that a situation is not simply re-manifested following the healing and this can’t be sufficiently covered within the scope of email. Sessions will be tailored towards your unique needs which can be discussed upon booking. Alternatively, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with any questions or queries, prior to arranging your session, or to discuss all available options.

Finally, to promote deepest healing, clients will be included in a 6 month ongoing maintenance healing program following their initial session. This is a priceless gift in itself, as it supports the establishing of newness without the old stuff simply pouring straight back in on top of what has previously been cleared – a major issue with other healing modalities

The overall goal of Belvaspata, according to the Seer Almine, is alignment with the Song of Creation.

What happens during a Belvaspata Session

  • Following an initial email consulation to discuss your needs and decide on the best approach to support you, we “meet” remotely at a pre-arranged time (unless you happen to be in my local area for an in-person session), with you lying down in a comfortable, warm and undisturbed place for a least an hour, preferably with no activities to rush straight back into for a while afterwards

  • You will have been given instructions to allow yourself to completely relax and intend to be receptive, perhaps even connect to and acknowledge the presence of the Angels if you wish, and the only thing you need to “do” is to surrender into allowing the healing to take place effortlessly

  • We will select the protocols that are most suitable for your situation, and once the session is finished will follow up with you via email to discuss to provide you with any relevant information that made itself available

  • You are added to an ongoing maintenance healing program for 6 months following your session to best support and promote deepest healing and integration

  • Additional sessions can be booked if needed, or additional support options may be offered. If required, further support materials may be provided depending on the themes that have come up in your session

Why you might choose to work with me….

There has been a lot of words shared and information to take in above, so I would invite you to gently pause, take a breath, anchor into your heart and feel the potency and magnitude of what’s available here….. 

First and foremost along with Ciara through the Blazing Heart Foundation and in my own sacred work we are deeply committed in true devotion to supporting those called through the heart to have the miraculous tool that is Belvaspata become available and accessible on a whole new level.

Practically-I am here to provide 1-1 remote Belvaspata sessions/ packages to support you on your journey through! (see all details below).

The calling of my heart is to support and work alongside women on their journey (whatever stage you find yourself on) in liberating themselves into and fully living from their sacred selves- to feel supported and empowered to take back full ownership of their precious being, togther standing in our true potent power – achieving all we have dreamed for this Earth. 

I have the privilege over the last few years of  working, studying, exploring and intimately walking  the path of motherhood, I can feel the cosmic pulse of another huge awakening and mamas rising- the deep yearning to return to a far more connected wholesome way of  living- ultimately begins with ourselves and facing what we have maybe spent lifetimes running from and avoiding! It can be a hugely transitional process of great uphevel on many levels- we all need loving, gentle, non judgmental support in this mighty task and I am very much here for  the mamas- needing an extra hand while  supporting their own families.

I have been on an accelerated, intense initiatory path and I understand intimately the challenges that come with being an embodied sacred woman on the Earth at this time.  My story is my true medicine, I have indeed walked through many fires to get here and dont underestimate the magnitude of what it is like to step into your true divinde leadership capacity as one of the most precious jewels in Mothers crown-

I come from a lineage of very wise powerful woman  who both witnessed and sacrificed so much – a huge part of my journey has been the release, deep ancestral healing and liberation particularly on the mother line-tapping into and living from the true original organic templates, while extracting so many treausres along the way. One of my main roles is ending these very  painful dreams for all women and chuildren restoring radiant wholeness through through this holding, indeed carrying alot of deep womb medicine, holding the most grateful privillege of getting to play my part. True authentic relationship’s among woman is deeply importnat to me.

I have been called forth as a gurdian of this sacred land of Ireland to establish a whole new era on this land, resatoring sacred ancient Divine Feminie knowledge.  My body and how I connect and work with it is represneted and proxy for this sacred work so leaning into deep nourishment and slow authenic living. Tuning deeply into the inner sanctum of my being has been crucial, not easy  and a continuous refining!

I meet you from a place of deep embodied wisdom, yet  so naturally connected to higher realms- particularly the angelic, plant, dragon and fairy kingdoms, indeed all aspects of my vast  multidimesional being.

I honor what it has taken many of us to get to this place – many of us again on an edge of newness in the fertile feminine depths of the unknown – it hasn’t been an easy ride but this is what we came for! If you are feeling a little bit battle weary, disorientated and are in a deeply healing phase of your self reclamation journey- I get it and we do this hand in hand – heart to heart-there is so much hope on the horizon!

 I have intimately walked this path of transition and know how much grace and self love and dignity and physical levels of support are needed. Be  it changes in relationships, family dynamics, work, health -it can be bloody and messy in the in-between while we birth a new tomorrow!

I think we have all heard the deep inner calls of the children  and young people they innately know why they are here but like us need such safety as these beautiful pure beings land. Their precious systems needing supportive parents and adults who are willing to listen and support the depths of their being-high standards of living on every level is vital, just like our own inner children need this huge holding right now too. So again we need to empower ourselves with supportive tools to anchor in deeply.

If you just need a nourishing sacred space to be held as you explore your own being or just need a deeply nourishing space to rest, I absolutely adore holding sacred space.

More recently I have done quite a few Belvaspata sessions for Light workers-practitioners, teachers and divine community leaders who are at the cusp of something profoundly new- up leveling and just need that extra nourishing  support that Belvaspata can offer while you move through this process or deep integration phase.

Many  beautiful ones before embarking on Belvaspata practitioner training often find it beneficial to have a few sessions-to familiarize themselves with this sacred modality. These sessions can incorporate a different flavour depending on your needs and meet you completely where your at.

We are currently in an accelerated destructuring stage on this planet and we need deep strong roots  and foundations to support ourselves and our families as we are the bridges and bringers of hope for a new tomorrow- it is of utmost importance now to join in oneness, deep interconnectedness  and support one another throughout this process

I believe in the true healing capacity and  magic of co-created space and I love nothing more than working with other women and the ripple effect of healing,  not only to those in that direct space but the deep alchemy created for all on Earth. 

I am all about innovative ways to build communities it has always been the cornerstone of my work, so if you are part of a community group, spiritual movement/ events, or wanting to introduce a cutting edge  miraculous healing modality do get in touch!

I so look forward to connecting with you!

So Much Love 

Michelle x

After booking, I will email you personally to arrange our next steps. If you have any questions in advance of booking, click here to send an email.