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Beautiful Magical Being,

Are you ready to go on a journey to uncover and activate your medicine in service to the emerging New Earth?

You alone can fulfil your calling, the joy of soul fulfillment in finding what is yours and living it with all your heart is like nothing else. Not to mention, this is also the pathway to a flourishing life. 

Step out of the human paradigm and live higher timelines of joy, freedom, abundance and creative self-fulfilment where you wake up every day feeling inspired and ignited to play your part.

My special gift is in helping others to uncover their special gifts and mapping out a way to create a miraculous life around that, and I cannot wait to explore YOUR soul to this depth.

Experience the incomparable magic of full self-expression as you bring forth all that is uniquely yours to discover about the mystery of yourself and step into the life that beckons for you to answer its whispers of invitation to a higher world. 

Through The Vision Quest experience, we go on a journey into the deepest recesses of your being to uncover your true path, bring it forth into the present for you, illuminate the power that has always been yours, and catalyse your ability to create a higher life according to your heart in easer and joy.

You will learn to navigate higher dimensional realities and align your frequency with the reality in which the fulfiment of your calling already exists. Every level of your being – mental, emotional, physical, psychological, energetic, and your light bodies will be calibrated through the profound space-holding that occurs within this container, and I will be by your side throughout to guide you through every stage of the process.

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted – you will be initiated through doors of fire. I will walk beside you every step of the way.

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Past clients have said…

Dearest Ciara, I believe that this is a love story. Not only the love, respect, and wonder for Ciara as mentor and friend, but more importantly and wholly, for my own Being. For the empowerment, fulfillment, love, and embracing of the highest potential of my own unique journey guided by her clarity of truth and wisdom. I can’t say it’s been easy. Many, many times have I raged in my sorrow and devastation at seeing through those illusions that kept me warm and fed. Yet, I am emerging, and have emerged, a changed Being. A self-sovereign Being, filled with the brilliant light of perception. A Being united as a living expression of Infinite Intent. So much love for you, Ciara, that words can never express…

Nic Robichaud, Canada

My intuition led me to booking a coaching session with Ciara and I am so grateful that I followed those inner stirrings. I have found such profound resonance with her that it is truly awe-inspiring! Ciara is a spiritual leader, mentor, innovator, healer and visionary. Her depth of metaphysical understanding and mystical power are remarkable. It is astonishing how she is able to translate this practically to her clients. She was able to simultaneously “meet me where I was at” and connect to the vastness of my being, which enabled me to connect with a far greater sense of Self. Her wisdom and guidance have been invaluable to me on my spiritual journey and had incredible transformational effects in my daily life. There are no words which properly convey the depth of admiration, respect, and gratitude I have for Ciara and the work she does. I highly recommend Ciara to anyone looking to connect more lovingly and compassionately to their own being; and create more grace, insight, and ease along their spiritual path.

Em Cox, USA

Ciara is an impeccable healer, teacher, and mystic and has a unique ability to draw your depth of being out of you so you experience your vastness as well as feeling empowered that you have done your bit in the session. She has helped me uncover so much about myself and the role I have played and am currently playing in this work of art we call life. Ciara is a wonderful listener, a skill not easily mastered in the healing profession, and knows when to allow me to figure stuff out for myself and when to throw in a nugget of golden insight to help all the pieces fit.

Ciara is a trailblazer, a wayshower of wayshowers, a guiding light that can help you go further and deeper than you’ve ever gone before provided you are willing to put the work in. I have never finished up a session with Ciara in the last year without feeling clearer, brighter, stronger, and more enlightened than I did before the session and I can say with hand on heart that she has helped me to navigate some potentially rough waters with grace and poise. We have also been able to uncover the gems of these experiences which have brought some wonderful insights that have been put to use very effectively in my family life and with my clients.

I feel that working with Ciara on a weekly basis has helped us to synch up so we are ready to dive straight in at the deep end in every session which makes for some very powerful shifts and healing.  Anyone who is serious about uncovering their unique gifts, working with cutting edge healing modalities and spiritual teachings, or in search of a mentor to compliment your healing practice, get in touch with Ciara ASAP, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Shane Donohoe, Ireland

What can working with me do for you?

Working with me can help you to…

  • Heal your past and overcome the obstacles that unresolved past experience is producing in your current reality, freeing you up to move forward powerfully
  • Integrate the gems of inspiration that past experience has offered, fully internalising all the gifts that life placed in your lap for your expansion and creating the solid foundation upon which to build anew! Past is not as it seems
  • Transcend karma – no need to repeat experiences in a cyclical fashion any longer. I will help you to gain the insights from major life issues, which when understood, releases you to finally move on to higher levels of expression
  • Clear old traumas, wounding and limited belief systems that are weighing you down
  • Dissolve ancient contracts and alliances that are binding up resources in your life and keeping you stuck
  • Exponentially increase self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, self-honouring, self-valuing and knowing of your worthiness to receive all good things in life
  • Upgrade DNA to that of a being of radically higher consciousness
  • Learn powerful perspectives, attitudes, techniques and processes for manifestation of a higher reality of grace
  • Learn powerful tools for continuously increasing personal power
  • Radically overhaul your self-care routine to equip you with the daily self-supports needs to fulfil the purpose of each day fully
  • Understand and discover your unique gifts, abilities and strong suits on a much deeper level, and how to best utilise them to uplift your life and that of others

On an even more expanded level…

  • Get complete clarity on exactly who you are and what you’re here for on a massive soul level; no more messing around playing small and pretending to be anything less than your full authentic self
  • Become self-referring for approval, no longer needing affirmation from anything or anyone outside of you in order to articulate your fullest purpose
  • Establish mental, emotional and spiritual self-sovereignty of being and finally feel whole unto yourself – a priceless gift of self homecoming that is worth more than its weight in gold
  • Gain total confidence in your ability to thrive beyond society’s dictating standards, according to the inspired and resonant song of your own heart
  • Gain total clarity on the vision for your life and fill in any gaps where past belief may be causing you to dream smaller than is possible, feeling wholly equipped and ready to leap into the actualisation of your biggest dreams
  • Using my gifts of intuition, extra-sensory and inner-visionary abilities, we will lock onto a laser-targeted view of exactly what you need to catalyse the next level of your never-ending evolutionary journey, and how to implement that practically-speaking
  • See yourself within the vast context of an eternal being on an endless journey through cosmic existence, rather than a small speck of life having a single or even multiple lifetimes. This wide-angled view will change your concept of Self forever
  • Map out a direct course for unfolding your greatest destiny
  • Finally claim the majesty of all that you are and never look back!

More about your guide for this journey…

I’ve been on an accelerated spiritual journey my whole life, and I deeply know and understand the many challenges that come with walking this path. From a very young age I’ve known I was here for a very different purpose than what my environment led me to believe, and for many years this knowing was a source of great suffering. Through a process of lifelong initiation and really no real deviation from the spiritual path despite innumerable obstacles, I came to understand that my calling is to work with those just like me who are here for something truly massive and far-reaching in its implications, who simply don’t fit into existing paradigms, and who refuse to relinquish the knowing that a new world is possible – no matter how much of a pipe dream it might seem like from within the confines of mainstream realities.

I understand deeply your unique experiences, needs and challenges as a highly conscious multi-dimensional being. And I genuinely care about your journey… It’s impossible for me to put into words the honour I feel to be privileged enough to participate in even the smallest way in the lives of those who come to walk alongside me for any length of time, and I don’t take any of this lightly. You can be assured with me that I treasure you inherently in the way that is befitting of the divine being that you are. The preciousness of your existence is safe with me.

My approach to this work combines a fusion of ancient feminine shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, intuitive coaching/mentoring and metaphysical psychology with a deep understanding of modern challenges and is drawn from an absolute wealth of personal experience, plus professional training in several key areas. I’m continuously adding to my repertoire of tools, techniques, processes and understanding to benefit my beloved clients.

Why now? Because we’re in a time cosmically where awakened ones are being called to step up BIG TIME into all that they can be, in a way that just can’t be ignored! Do you feel it? Read more about all the possible ways of working with me here.


Potential questions you might have

Will this work for me?

If you are serious, committed, dedicated, profoundly devoted, willing to put in the necessary self-effort and ALL IN on living your higher calling, yes this will work for you! This is an invitation-only container, you will go through an application process where we access if the timing is right for this journey for you, and the timing is not yet right or you are not yet ready to embody fully, we will not offer a purchase option right now and can suggest alternative explorations to better support you right this moment.

What if I want a refund?

No refunds are provided for this purchase, you’re either all in or you’re not! If you do the work, there is no reason why your life will not be utterly changed. If you’re not ready to commit to the work, this offering is not for you right now. You will know if you are called – trust this.

How much support will I get?

This is a full 1:1 immersion! You will have extensive 1:1 contact for the entire duration of our time together.

What preparation or prior experience is necessary for this?

You need to have a fair degree of spiritual self-work and development under your belt and be willing, ready and able to make the necessary inner change followed up with outer action to step into the life you truly desire. Nobody can do this for you but you, and I will have your back the whole way through!

Apply now

This is a high-level offering, you will need to be fully ready to invest in your self-actualisation physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. If you’re not in this place just yet, consider one of my alternative offerings. If you’re truly ready, apply for a call below.