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Do you dream of being free, truly free, to live life on your terms and bring forth all that you are meant to be during these magical times?

In Sovereign, Aisling and Ciara guide you through a 6 week journey of body healing and awakening of consciousness to enable you to land with depth and clarity in exactly what it means to be Sovereign, and what it takes to live a life that is genuinely free from the trappings of the matrix reality.

Watch our video introduction here to get a sense of what this program is all about

Our Journey Together…

Aisling and I (Ciara) have been journeying together as friends and sisters since 2011, and now we’re teaming up to bring you this multi-layered experience of walking the journey to becoming fully sovereign – a path we have taken ourselves and that is an absolute prerequisite for emerging New Earth Leaders to be able to fulfil what we’re really here to do.

Through this 6 week program, we will be guiding you through what we consider to be the 3 vital steps to creating a life of sovereignty:

  1. Adopting a cleansing plant-based diet to release density and de-program the body
  2. Establishing a foundation of wholeness within the psyche
  3. Aligning with the emerging New Earth Reality

Watch our short workshop on these 3 steps here:

This program will be delivered live for the first round, beginning on February 21st. You’ll be immediately welcomed into a private community portal (hosted on Circle, Facebook alternative) and the entrainment field of this space will begin working on you from the very moment you enter and even beyond. We are so excited to have you join us!

How the journey has been for you so far…

You know you want to be part of creating the new but you don’t know how to practically do this. You struggle to take the ideas you have in your head and bring them into physical reality, and often find yourself being pulled back by family, friends and others around you. You find it difficult to know how to eat to best support your body through the ongoing evolutionary changes.

How it can be after moving through this journey with us…

You feel fully equipped to be who you really are unhindered by the expectations of others, and unafraid to share your light unapologetically. You’ll feel your mental wellbeing, energy and vitality increase and experience a great feeling of ownership of your health. You’ll reclaim your natural body wellness and source responsibility for your life from deep within your own being.

What this is all about

Understand that we’re not fixing the matrix, we’re leaving the matrix and letting the matrix collapse reality collapse, while building the new to take its place. This is a fundamental awareness to have if we truly want to become sovereign and free to create our lives on our own terms, outside of the dictating standards of the crumbling society. 

Through this program we will be providing both practical support for care of the body to facilitate the emergence of new realities through us, and the establishment of deep foundational structures of wholeness within the psyche that allow us to operate mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in a truly free and uncontrollable state.

The evolutionary process is well underway, whether we willingly participate or not. We have the choice of aligning with the flow of the river (mysticism), or waiting for the tsunami to wash us clean. Naturally, the most powerful approach is to align – we will be supporting you through the Sovereign journey to do just that.

The release of density (old programs of illusion) is happening cosmically despite us, and the programming of the old dream is held in our very cells. Aisling will be assisting you with supporting the body to effortlessly release density in the most easy way possible by adopting a cleansing plant-based diet. A cleansing plant-based diet is by far the most optimal way to eat during these changing times that enables greatest ease of making shifts in consciousness through being more fluid in the body, which also leads to less (or no) unpleasant “ascension symptoms”. 

We are meant to recreate physicality so that it is less dense, but we cannot do that if we’re not even here (a common problem for lightbeings is to abandon the physical because it’s uncomfortable). A plant-based cleansing diet helps to make physicality a more comfortable place to be by shedding excess density and facilitating ongoing release of programming with ease and joy, accelerating the evolutionary journey exponentially.

Ciara will be providing support to first of all understand the massive changes that have occurred and are still occurring cosmically, the fundamental shift in the literal principles that govern reality, how we align ourselves with those, and how we become powerful manifestors of the new through a healed and purified heart. We’ll be diving deep into the metaphysical mechanics of the deep psyche to establish sovereignty from deep within, making us unshakeable. This is a piece that cannot be missed for true sovereignty, where we cannot be controlled by anything external, to be birthed.

The very physical part:

Aisling FitzGibbon, Holistic Nutrition Coach will guide you through a cleansing plant based diet step by step. Including how to transition from a standard Western diet and how to do a liver cleanse to awaken your body’s full potential and cellular energy.

You’ll receive video demos of healing recipes and meal plan guides so you can easily incorporate small changes into your daily life for lasting change you can sustain. This will awaken your body to a new way of nourishing that requires a deep commitment to your healing and awakening of your consciousness. This process facilitates deprogramming from the matrix that has you outsource your health to authorities outside of you. 

Due to the exposure of toxins in our environment our cellular energy and organs have been compromised from being fully functional on a physical level. A sluggish liver is at the root of countless symptoms and conditions, including skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne; weight gain; type 2 diabetes; chemical and food sensitivities; seasonal affective disorder; anxiety; depression; varicose veins; SIBO; bloating; and more. Learning to properly care for your liver is essential for your to fully presence your physical body with energy and vitality.

If you’re eating a clogging diet high in fats and proteins it can really bring lots of unpleasant symptoms like nausea, headaches, low energy, low immunity and other chronic symptoms, all of which can be healed by following a cleansing plant-based eating approach.

The metaphysical part:

Ciara Young, Mystic, Healing and Consciousness Catalyst will be guiding you through a radical overhaul of your spiritual experience and understanding of the new cosmic dynamics and where we’re going into the future.

You’ll learn to establish deep and lasting sovereignty within the psyche through establishing a foundation of wholeness through the Inner Family, release core wounds and traumas, create a safe playground for the Inner Child to heal and create a magical new life in alignment with your heart’s true dreams, as well as freeing the heart to create whole new worlds of beauty through an expanded heart field.

You’ll also deeply understand the foundational principles of a New Earth reality, and what is called for from us to play our part in creating an entirely new fabric of existence. This content will be delivered through a combination of live streams within our private community portal (later added to your program library) where you can ask your questions and receive support in real-time, as well as written materials to support the journey.

Ciara will be offering many different activations to align you with the emerging truth of your Greater Self, setting you firmly on the path of creating the sovereign life of your dreams.


Who is this program for?

This program is for the awakening souls who are ready to take up their full power, open up to their magic, fully let go of the old reality and play a joyful part in birthing the magnificent New Earth that is emerging on this planet right now.

What does it include?

  • We’ll walk together through a 6 week live journey, with the content stored piece by piece in your program library (to which you’ll have lifetime access) so you can revisit it any time
  • You’ll be held in a powerful coded entrainment to support you with stepping up to the next level of who you really are as a sovereign being throughout the duration of the program and even beyond – this container is a living field
  • Every week a remote healing and activation ceremony will be performed to assist with shedding old layers, releasing the programming of the old dream, and healing your precious heart (vital for manifestation in a new reality). We’ll be utilising the power light and frequency healing modality of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart for this. Read more about Belvaspata here
  • You’ll be invited to a private community portal where you can connect with fellow paticipants, ask your questions and receive support

How does it work?

We’ll journey together over 6 weeks, with some elements of the program being added week by week to your program library, and others offering the opportunity join live in real-time (and added to the library afterwards). On week three we’ll have a live ceremony and Q&A session hosted via Zoom, and on week 6 we’ll have a live closing and activation ceremony also hosted via Zoom. At any point, you can bring your questions and requests for support to the private community portal and we’ll be on hand to assist you.

Every week, we’ll have a powerful remote healing and activation ceremony to support you through this journey of shedding the old matrix and aligning with the New Earth in sovereign power, as well as daily support to keep you entrained to the new. The whole container is a powerful coded entrainment field to lift you up as we walk through this journey together side by side.

When do we start?

The program starts live on February 21st, and following that will be available for self-study at any time!

We’re offering 3 scholarship places for this experience to those who may not have the resources to participate currently but would really benefit, are deeply committed and willing to implement the materials to take themselves to the next level. The scholarship offering is by application, please only apply for a scholarship if you really need it, to give everyone a fair chance to participate!

Apply for a scholarship here

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Week 6

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A bit more about your guides for this experience

As a team, we have lifetimes of experience between us and have so much to bring to you in the form of wisdom, expertise and a whole lot of love and genuine care about your evolutionary process!

Aisling is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and runs an online Holistic Nutrition Coaching Practice and Health School. Over the past decade she’s studied holistic health and nutrition extensively and helps clients using plant-based nutrition to heal chronic illness including adrenal fatigue, autoimmune conditions, hormonal and liver health. She combines the physical and metaphysics for whole health and wellbeing flourishing. Read more about Aisling here

Ciara has been on a spiritual journey her whole life, training extensively through both extreme personal initiations and in-depth study within cutting-edge mystical schools. She helps highly conscious beings on the accelerated evolutionary journey to step into their full potential as luminaries at this most exciting juncture in cosmic evolution through teaching the metaphysics of newly emerging paradigms, as well as guiding those who are really serious about stepping up to their role as New Earth Leadership through deep and profound mentoring journeys. Read more about Ciara here.


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Enrollment options:

This program will be relaunching later in the year! Subscribe to the email list here to be kept updated

Read more about working privately with Ciara here

Read more about working privately with Aisling here

If you’re unsure if this is right for you, reach out to discuss before purchasing and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Might Be Asking…

How does this work?

For the first round, this is a live program that will be delivered to you via a combination of your program library located on this website, a private community space hosted on Circle, and email updates to inform you of new content and keep you posted on what’s happening when! During the third week we’ll have a live ceremony and Q&A session hosted via Zoom, and in the final week we’ll have a live closing ceremony and activation also hosted via Zoom. At any time you can request support or ask your questions within the private community portal, we’re here to help you.

Every single week we will have a remote healing and activation ceremony to help you to shift big as we move along through this journey, and you’ll be entered into a powerful entrainment field of higher life from the very moment you enter this space.

How much 1:1 access do I get through this program?

This program offers group support throughout the duration of our time together via our private community portal hosted on Circle (Facebook alternative). There you’ll be able to connect with fellow participants, request support and ask your questions as we go along. We’ll also have a live group Q&A session via Zoom during the third week, to which you can bring your personal queries so we can support you on your journey.

If you’re like more 1:1 support, we offer 1:1 upgrades that include a private session with Ciara or a private session with Aisling, or both. These are available for a limited time only.

Will this work for me?

Whether this will work for you or not depends on whether you’re willing to willing to put in the effort and self-work. This work isn’t a magic bullet, it takes courage and grit and your full commitment to the process is needed. If you’re unwilling to show up and do the work, please don’t purchase this program.

On the other hand, if you’ve tried different things and they didn’t work for you despite your sincere and very best efforts, it might have been that the material was not appropriate for your evolutionary level. What Ciara and Aisling share is suitable for the emerging New Earth Leaders, Ancient Ones, highly conscious Luminous Beings. Our requirements are different to those of the masses of humanity, and teachings from the human grid will only take us so far.

What if I want a refund?

No refunds are offered for this course due to immediate access to the materials and inclusion within the entrainment field (basically, as soon as you sign up we start working on you). If you’re unsure if this is right for you, get in touch before purchasing to discuss.

Terms & Conditions of Sale:

  • Program is non-refundable due to immediate access to materials and support container.
  • Support is provided within a group format and doesn’t include private 1:1 contact via email or chat. If you’d like additional 1:1 support, 1:1 upgrades are available.
  • Participants agree not to reproduce the content shared within this platform for commercial purposes without express written consent, or to share content publicly. Violation of this agreement will result in immediate loss of access rights.