We offer both standalone Belvapata sessions and session packages, and training and initiation in this modality. For current training options please visit our sister site www.theblazingheartfoundation.com

Sessions can be performed either remotely or in person; in the case of long-distance sessions there is no need to meet online as you will simply be lying down during a session in order to best integrate the frequencies. Belvaspata is also included within all mentoring programs, the Visionary Spirit program and throughout many other offers. If you wish to train as a practitioner yourself, we delight in offering this service to you!

Belvaspata can also be combined with Spiritual Counselling according to the specific needs and preferences of the client, and in many cases it is beneficial for this to be done. In some cases further counselling may be suggested where some insight into the cause of disturbance needs to be provided in order that a situation is not simply re-manifested following the healing and this can’t be sufficiently covered within the scope of email. Sessions will be tailored towards your unique needs which can be discussed upon booking. Alternatively, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with any questions or queries, prior to arranging your session, or to discuss all available options.

Finally, to promote deepest healing, clients will be included in a 6 month ongoing maintenance healing program following their initial session. This is a priceless gift in itself, as it supports the establishing of newness without the old stuff simply pouring straight back in on top of what has previously been cleared – a major issue with other healing modalities.

What happens during a Belvaspata Session

  • Following an initial email consulation to discuss your needs and decide on the best approach to support you, we “meet” remotely at a pre-arranged time (unless you happen to be in my local area for an in-person session), with you lying down in a comfortable, warm and undisturbed place for a least an hour, preferably with no activities to rush straight back into for a while afterwards
  • You will have been given instructions to allow yourself to completely relax and intend to be receptive, perhaps even connect to and acknowledge the presence of the Angels if you wish, and the only thing you need to “do” is to surrender into allowing the healing to take place effortlessly
  • We will select the protocols that are most suitable for your situation, and once the session is finished will follow up with you via email to discuss to provide you with any relevant information that made itself available
  • You are added to an ongoing maintenance healing program for 6 months following your session to best support and promote deepest healing and integration
  • Additional sessions can be booked if needed, or additional support options may be offered. If required, further support materials may be provided depending on the themes that have come up in your session

Private Belvaspata Healing Session

3 Session Package

Belvaspata Training & Initiation (you will be redirected to our sister site)